The Other World

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1. {CH. 1} Fallen To The Other Side

The Other World – Luke J.R – CH. 1 –

Fallen to The Other Side

FEMALE, (Teenager), Location: USA

I remember when I had my Laptop, it was shared at first with my little sister. She was always running around outside with my big brother. Not only would she sometimes take the Laptop from my own two legs, she would also talk to others, friends from school. Amazing, I never really thought about it like that before, having like this great relationship with friends over a Laptop?

Today, I look back on it all, the days with that squared out Laptop, a small computer back then. Today, I can still have a Laptop, a much better one, but I am now stuck with something from the makers of Apple. They create this great range of products; it’s taken the world by storm, for me, it’s a breath of fresh air. A real change in my life started with a Laptop, and it now begins further down the line with this beautiful special edition of an Apple Mac.

I just love the style, the beauty of this silver with the great tints that make me smile almost every day. The sunlight shines this beauty into my eyes with a great sense of relaxation kicking in. It’s not long until I just want to hold onto all of this greatness, and be the one who controls it all.


‘Greatness comes in this package,’ if it had ever told me that before opening that box. I really would’ve expected something much greater, but I know how to accept what I’ve been given as its own way of being great. Just imagine that, a chance to open something that already has the words of being EPIC on the back of the box. It really was a surprise the first time I opened my eyes to it. I got into the mood of wanting to jump up and down, but then I remembered that’s what the old me would do. She would be bouncing all over the place with father telling her to chill the F’ out. Ha, it really is quite something then. In a way, I’m kind of happy that I’ve matured, I’ve calmed down a little, I’m still this overall bottle of hype wanting to explode at any given minute or opportunity that I get. I just really need this cooler on me, like something to cool me down when I lose my mind with something awesome. It’s true, I am hyper, I am crazy with madness eating up at me every night. I do get sleep, I do be myself, but I love myself for everything she does.

1 Hour Later . . .

Last night was the moment where I really had crazy dreams, I lost my own self there. It was this whirlpool of craziness, madness, and a whole lot off strangeness put together in a world of being a real oddball. I wonder if myself just don’t understand me, like is it possible that my own body doesn’t like me? Sorry, my friends have weird thoughts which doesn’t help when a teacher is always encouraging them to be imaginative. Apparently, I just don’t have a great imagination like them put together, but they see me as this girl who just goes with the flow. To be honest, I agree, I think they are right to think that I am this girl with a huge heart, a real kisser, but at the same time- I’m this acrobatic teen.

It's funny when I try not to encourage myself to keep rambling through conversations. They taught me one thing, and that one thing is something I don’t quite remember. It’s always this oddball that gets me, though, I kind of lose myself to my own physical body. My parents say that it’s just a way of growing up, you’ll find your feet someday. I know where my feet are, and they touch the ground every time I wake up in the morning. Another crazy thought just hit me, I remember when my best friend told me she was going through her ‘time of the month,’ and that’s when I just thought ‘GIRL, you are one crazy MOTHER F- ‘she told me it was natural, and I figured that her mum was the one to say all this to her. No way did she just spit out all this with her own mind doing that work. Anyway, it wasn’t a big deal, I kind of got over it, she got over it, we all got over it, ugh.



H E Y, D O, Y O U, T H I N K, I, L O O K, G O O D?


Eek! It was like the first message I received after downloading the App that my best friend told to install on my new phone. It was so crazy, she told me this App would bring me some kind of happiness. I told her, ‘happiness doesn’t grow on trees,’ and she laughed at me. She even went as far onto mocking me, ‘you so got that from your own mother.’ I laughed, yeah, she is right, I did get that from her. To be honest, I’m always finding some kind of way to inherit mother’s words.



Do you ever think of your pictures as a little… slutty?


This was the next message I got, I got it without even trying to look for others this time. I figured it was a guy, I mean what girl would want to call me a SLUT? Then again, it’s not hard to believe that there is a jealous girl out there somewhere. Hormonal bitch, but hey, I’m not that kind of girl… not really, I do my best to stay away from that kind of drama. I distance myself with help from my family, and my friends just love to get involved, keeping me away from what I enjoy the most. This message didn’t just fly past my head like the other one. I kept it in mind, my own mind thought of a reply: ‘hey bitch, I know it’s you.’ I never sent one.



D O, Y O U, B E L I E V E, I N, M A G IC?


Jake, that stupid name keeps coming back to me. It doesn’t help with the digits that cement themselves into my mind. The whole seizure thing continues throughout my mind having this spasm. It just keeps thinking, asking questions, I’m like; ‘come on, give me a break, FFS’ but it don’t happen. I just don’t say a word; Jake didn’t send another message after that. I was stuck with the thought of him maybe being a Bot? My big brother told me that there are robots online.


FinnGiveSum (Canada)

Not expecting you write back or anything, but I found your pictures on here. I even went as far as checking out your location. Cool, you from US, ay?



Hey, I don’t really want you talking to me.



[2:30] You could have just told me to F’ off, most girls do.



[2:35] N, aw, I didn’t want to be rude…



[2:38] Too bad, I was hoping you would be rude ; )


I laughed it off, this one guy just got his Finn-like claws into me. Not sure where I was going with that, sorry. My mind took over me, my heart raced over like it was speeding on the valley. I didn’t actually think the guy was going to be all wink-like on me. What a charmer, not really, I don’t like guys like him. He sounded like bad news to my big brother, I always kind of listen to his okay-(ish) advice. Instead, I found myself just wanting to break away from these invisible chains around my ankles. I actually really wanted to say; ‘come on, let’s just go elsewhere.’


Ah, Ah, Ah, Hey, I saw ya on here, really love the tight dress… um, do you like it when you see comments like this? (sorry)



Yeah, I love it when I find someone like you. You just make me fall head over heels with… that’s not right, I like it when I see comments like yours. <3






I’d hate to invade on your own ‘private’ conversations. I really like it when you try to break up with me.


Woah, it was getting late, I almost drifted off for a second. It’s almost like everything that I sent to these guys was just a whole lot of lies. And the secret behind it all was me just being myself. I try not to get myself into situations like these, I always find myself wanting more from a guy. A single guy just doesn’t seem to do it for me. Mother told me that I just feel lonely and need a friend.


Is it always a joke to you? I messaged you like 30 freakin’ times!


That next message, I ended it for the night, I didn’t send anything to anyone. I think getting away from these stalkers was the best thing for me. A good night sleep is what I needed, and sweet dreams to all. I need a little break, a little relaxation to put my mind at ease. I hope I didn’t send anything too serious, too hurtful to anyone. I was just being myself, trying to make myself fit with what I know I am. That just don’t make sense to some, I get it, I love myself, get over it.

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