The Dead Arise

You think you can survive the zombie apocalypse. Fucking think again.
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4. The Journey Begins

          “Mom? Can you hear me?” I say into my phone.

          “Yes, I can hear you. Oh, sweetheart, I’m glad I was able to get your call. I don’t know when, or if I’ll see you again,” my mother’s voice was like an angels.

          “Don’t say that. We will get together. I don’t know when, but we will meet up. I’m taking seven other people to the cabin. Since it’s up north. Meet us there.”

          “We will try our hardest to make it there. If we don’t, tell Mikey that we love him. That he’s going to grow up and the world will be normal again.”

          “Mom, please, I can’t cry again. Not now, we are about to head out.”

          “Then don’t cry. Remember that your father and I love you very much and that we are so proud of you. You are going to survive this terrible thing that is happening, and when the world gets better, you will thrive with your art. Right now, you need to get out of town.”

          “I’m going to. We are going to make it. Do not worry about us. I love you so much mom. Tell dad the same. I hope to see you soon.”

          To this day, I don’t know what became of my parents. I like to believe that they are still out there somewhere. That we haven’t run into each other because the odds of that are very low. I know that they probably aren’t alive anymore, but a girl can dream. Can’t she? As long as I never see them as zombies, I will be fine.

          The line goes dead, and I pull my phone away from my ear. The last time I talked to my mom, and I didn’t get to say a whole lot.

          I take a deep breath before walking out of my room and heading to the garage.

          The van is packed with supplies and the seven people that we’ve decided to save.

          In the passenger seat is Monica. In the middles seats are Bella, Michael, and Arin. Lastly, in the backseats are Oliver, Joey, and Mark.

          I guess now is better than ever to explain the other people that have yet to be mentioned. Without more awkward author intervention, I’ll dive right in.

          Bella is the cutest girl I have ever laid eyes on. Her hair is platinum blonde and slightly wavy. Her eyes are the brightest blue in the whole world, but they seem sunken in because of how tired she is. Her nose is perfect, her lips full, and she is just a few months younger than my brother. Her skin is kind of pale and bruises litter all over her small frame. She’s smaller than Mikey by quite a few inches.

          Oliver has been one of best friends since middle school, and I’m glad he’s stuck by my side for so long. He has short, black hair, that when he grows out is very curly. His eyes are grey with specks of blue in them. He has a sort of big nose, thin lips, and about six months older than me. His mom is from Japan, so he has many Asian features, including tan skin all the time. He’s just over six foot, and sort of skinny.

          Arin is another one of my brother’s friends. His hair is shaggy and a lovely natural red. His eyes are unnaturally blue, and I wonder how genes work in such a strange way. His nose is a little small, lips chapped, freckles scattered over his face, and really close in age to my brother. He’s half black and half white, so his skin is a beautiful caramel like tone. He’s also close to my brother’s height.

          Joey is Monica’s crush since eighth grade, and a huge jock. He has blonde hair always styled to reach for the sky. His eyes are dark brown, and he has to wear glasses to read. His nose is kind of wide, slightly thin lips, and a month younger than Oliver. Joey and I have been in the same neighborhood since preschool, and it makes me feel better that he has such a hard time to tan, so he is usually pale like me. He and Oliver are the same height, but Joey is way more muscular.

          Mark is the oldest person in our small group, and hopefully going to be the most helpful. He has grey-white hair that is very short and thin. His eyes are weirdly bluish purple, and he wears glasses for effect. He has a slim nose, plump lips, and twenty-three years old. His parents were born in Mexico, and they moved to America just before he was born. He is one of the smartest people I know, and does lots of nature classes at the state park. He is around five foot ten, and probably won’t be much help if we have to fight.

          I climb into the driver seat, and start up the car. “Is everyone ready to go?”

          “As ready as I’ll ever be,” Oliver speaks up.

          “I can’t believe this is happening,” Joey says. “What do we live in? A damn TV show?”

          “I am just glad to be leaving,” Bella’s voice sounds so small. “I never want to see my mother ever again.”

          “Well, I guess we are heading out,” I put the van into reverse. “Next stop, the cabin in Michigan.”


I really hope you liked it! It will get more interesting, probably in the next chapter! If you have any thoughts, please leave them in the comments below! A new chapter will be out next Friday! :D

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