The Dead Arise

You think you can survive the zombie apocalypse. Fucking think again.
*On an indefinite hold. Sorry!*


3. Only Eight People

          “Only seven people,” I look at my dark blue van. “This van can only hold seven people.”

          “Actually eight,” Monica speaks up. “The middle row has an extra seat.”

          “We have to take Bella,” Michael pouts and grabs onto my arm.

          You’re probably asking yourself if Mikey is still with me. I’m going to tell you right now, so you don’t freak out the whole time you are reading this. Mikey is alive and well. In fact, he’s curled up next to me sleeping soundly for the first time in months.

          Ah, now, you probably want to know what my adorable little brother looks like. He’s got shaggy, sandy brown hair. His eyes are the brightest green and he has to wear glasses. Unlike me, his skin is a beautiful light bronze almost all the time. His nose is the perfect size, his lips are thin, and at this point in time is twelve years old. I think he’s around five foot something.

          “Why? Then that only leaves four seats for people,” I look down at my brother.

          “She would be so much better with us,” Michael instantly puts on his infamous puppy-dog eyes. “She’ll come to school with bruises, and she doesn’t eat lunch that often. I need her to come with us.”

          I take a deep and think over who else needs to come with us. Joey and Oliver have to come with us. That leaves two spots in the car for us to save other people. “Okay, we will pick her up.”

          “Yes,” he smiles real big. “Now, what do I need to do to help?”

          “Go start packing food into the boxes I have out. Only things that do not perish and can eat without preparing.”

          He nods and then walks off into the house.

          I take a deep breath and look at Monica. “We need to call Joey and Oliver. They need to get over her as soon as possible. They only get one suitcase.”

          Monica nods, “I think a suitcase each is fair. That will all fit in the back of you van. Even with the survival stuff already in there.”

          “You already got your stuff when I was bawling, so I’ll go up to my room and get my stuff. Do you think I could take a small backpack as well?”

          “I think you’ll be fine. You want to put your drawings and such in it?”

          “Yeah. No matter what, I am not letting that hobby die with the apocalypse.”

          “Okay. Now go and pack up. I’ll get the food and relieve Mikey so he can pack up too.”

          “I really hope the cabin is unlocked when we get to it.”


Hope you liked it! Sorry it's been a while since the last chapter. I've been quite busy, and now I think I may be getting sick. I'll have another chapter up super soon. :)

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