The Dead Arise

You think you can survive the zombie apocalypse. Fucking think again.
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2. It Has Started

          “If anything could happen so that I won’t have to go to school tomorrow, I would be so happy,” I toss my backpack onto my bed. Wait, did I not explain what I look like? That’s what they do in books, right? I haven’t read in so long, I can’t seem to remember. Regardless, I’m going to take a paragraph to explain my looks. Not that it matters.

          First thing first, I am not that perfect girl every fucking thing portrays. I don’t have blonde hair, or blue eyes, or have golden tan skin. I have black, stick straight hair that, at this point of the story, is down to my ass. My eyes are an uneven mix of green and brown. I am a pale as motherfucker for some reason, and can never tan. My nose is quite small, my lips are thin, and I have a baby face. I am somewhere around five foot four and it’s embarrassing because I am, let’s see, seventeen.

          “Was that a South Park reference to something Craig one said?” Monica plops down onto my desk chair. Is this the time to describe her?

          Well, my best friend is the most beautiful black girl that ever lived. Not saying that she’s dead or anything. At least, not yet, as she just talked.

          Anyways, her hair is so curly, and a very nice shade of dark brown. Her eyes are way prettier than mine; a lovely shade of dark green. I already said that she’s black, and I guess you could say she is a lovely deep bronze tone. Her nose is a bit wide, such plump lips, and looks a few years older than she actually is. If I remember correctly, she is close to six foot and at the time of this event, she is sixteen.

          “Fuck yeah it was,” I smirk and crumble to the ground. “So, what’s the plan for the road trip?”

          “It’ll be us, Joey, and Oliver. Is that too many?”

          “That will be perfect.”

          “Just us, the car, and the open road.”

          “I have the van all packed up with camping items, because I’m paranoid that I’ll forget something,” I begin thinking about all I have packed. “And now I’m trying to remember if I have everything packed away that needs to be.”

          “It’ll be fine. We can double check before the trip this weekend.”

          “Okay, okay.” I begin looking around for the remote to my TV. “Do you see the remote?”

          “Right here,” Monica holds up the remote that was on my desk. “I’ll turn it on.”

          This is the point where everything went to hell. Monica turning on the TV is what let us know that the world we were living in was fucked. Also, it was then that I wanted to take back my South Park reference.

          “Breaking News, there has been an outbreak,” the news lady seems panicked and scared. Her eyes look like she’s been crying for some time. “An outbreak of zombies. Yes, you heard me, zombies. The dead are walking around. I know it sounds crazy, but it is true. You need to go north as soon as possible. If you run into the dead, don’t try to kill them with guns, you’ll just attract more to you. North is the way you need to go. This is going to be playing over and over on every channel now. Please, don’t waste any time.”

          “Monica,” I feel my throat close up and my eyes blur with tears. “Tell me this is some fucked up joke. Tell me I am dreaming. Tell me that my little brother is home. Tell me the truth.”

          “No, no, no,” Monica chokes out.

          “How long do you think we have?” I try to wipe away the tears so I can see the map on the TV screen. The globe is scattered with red dots indicating where zombies are coming from. For the moment, we are okay and have some time to gather our thoughts.

          “At the latest, we need to leave in twelve hours to get out of here.”

          “That’s not a lot of time. What about my parents?” I can’t stop the tears from falling. I am going to break down any second, and I don’t really know why. “They aren’t going to be home for days.”

          “It’s all going to be okay. Everything is going to work about. Now, let the tears fall. Bawl your eyes out. You need to do it.”

          I don’t think twice. The tears stream down my face in waterfalls and strange noise slip out of my mouth as I just bawl uncontrollably. In just a few minutes my life was out of control. Nothing made sense anymore, and I was going to be living in the zombie apocalypse.

          If you remember, I said I bawled for an hour. I wasted an hour crying. Not that anything would have turned out different. At least, I hope not.


I think having Abigail intervene every now and again is going to be interesting, and it is so much fun. Anyways, if you liked it, please let me know! :D

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