The Test

Right when Valentina's world seems to crash down due to another failed relationship, her world flips again when she begins to realize that there is more to reality than meets the eye.
Copyright © 2014 by xxSuperWomanxx

All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form.


8. Chapter 8

Chapter 8

After I hang up it finally goes silent throughout my house. I hear my stomach growl. I go to the fridge and pull out leftovers. I take off the lid of the container. It's spaghetti. I grab a fork, head to the table, and dig in.

My moms cooking is the best. Even though it is cold, the pasta still tastes amazing.

I put down my fork and look around. I'm alone. No one here but me. No one to judge me or make me upset.

I go to my cabinet were I keep my drawing utensils and iPod. I grab my iPod and go to the playlist which is labelled "Screamo". Black Veil Brides, Sleeping With Sirens, Pierce The Veil, and other Screamo bands start to play.

My favourite song starts to play and I bob my head to it, then start to dance. I am alone. No reason why I can't dance.

At the corner of my eye I see a shadow pass by the garden doors of my kitchen. I turn off my iPod and slowly start to walk over. I get scared so I tap my ribcage and the axe appears in my hand. I feel as powerful as Thor when I hold my axe. It feels good to be in charge.

I look out the windows and nothing is there.

BOOM! I here a loud thud behind me. I quickly turn around. My axe and I are ready to strike whatever is behind me.

A raven is sitting on top of a piece of paper. It starts to fly away and while it flies it disappears.

I run up to the note.

"So your the one? Better watch out.

-P" the note says. I am not the one. I know it's a mistake. I'm too weak and I'm not good enough. No one wants to be near me. No one wants anything to do with me. That's why I am alone.

I run to my bedroom with the house phone.

When I enter my room I place the note on my desk and sit on my bed. I stare out my window. I see Leo throwing a ball against his window. He looks at me. He reaches for a note pad and marker. He starts to write.

"My mom and sister went away for a few days. I'm alone :(" he writes and holds it up for me to read.

I grab my note book and start to write.

"Same. I'm alone my moms gone for awhile!" I write and show him.

"Wow. Isn't it boring?" He shows me.

"Yeah. I'm sleepy. See you tomorrow." I write and smile at him.

"Ok. Practice at 11:30am. Be prepared for the outside world. It's your last practice as well!" He shows me.

"Wow. Only two practices. Sweet I'll be there!" I write.

We both place our note pads down. I close my blinds.

I lay down and shut my eyes. I daze off.

I see myself. I'm in a jungle. I see Max, Lauren, and my mother trapped in a tree. I run for them but a big bear blocks me.

"It's just a dream!" I repeat in my head. I squint my eyes them open them. The bear is gone and my friends and family are out of the tree. I stand in the middle of the desert.

I look around. I see one cactus and Leo standing a few yards behind me.

I hear a loud bang then I see Leo fall. When he lands I see a pool of blood surround him.

"Leo!" I yell. I run up to him to see how badly hurt he is.

I kneel beside him. He got shot in the back.

"I am going to fix you." I say to him.

I feel his throat to see if there is a pulse. A tear rolls down my cheek. There's no pulse. He can't be dead.

"It's my dream. You aren't dead." I say.

Leo's head turns to me. His eyes open.

"It's your dream but my ending." He says in a low devilish voice.

His eyes turn red and he starts to cry. His tears are bright blood. His eyes close.

I wake up. It's morning. My heart races at 100 miles per hour.

What did Leo mean? My dream his ending. Kids he mean it's my dream but he does anyways? Whatever. It was just a dream.

I look at the time; 9:27am. I change into shorts that are a polyester, stretchy fabric, and a baggy t-shirt that ends just above my stomach. I out my hair in a messy bun and head to the bathroom.

I frag my toothbrush and start brushing. I wash my face, put on deodorant, then spray perfume.

I head back to my room.

Right when I enter my room the phone rings. It's Max's number.

"Hello?" I say.

"Hey. It's Lauren. Are you busy later?ax and I want to know." She asks.

"Yeah sorry. I have to hang... With my mom!" I say in a rush.

"Oh ok. So how are you?" She says.

"I'm ok, I guess." I reply honestly.

"Oh sorry I have to go my mom is calling me for breakfast bye sister!" She says to me.

"Bye!" I say back.

It's only 10:20am and I am not hungry. Since there is nothing to do I should experiment.

I hold my scar to see what would happen. A rush flows throughout me. I look at hands and body, and nothing has happened. I walk to my mirror. I look at my eyes. It's colour changed. It's now a swirl of different shades of blue and green. They are beautiful. I hold out my hand and a force beam surrounds me. Nothing can come in or out. How amazing.

I look out my window. I see Leo. He looks back at me. He grabs his notebook.

"Force beam. Impressive." He writes.

"Thanks. I try." I write back.

"Want to leave now?" He writes. Instead of writing something I run downstairs, grab my sweater and keys, lock up and head to Leo's house.

I walk up to his door and knock on it.

He opens the door with his sword in hand.

"Woah. Be careful. Sharp things are dangerous." I say to him.

"Thanks for the tip. Hold on a second." He says to me. "You can step in if you want?"

"Sure" I say to him.

I walk in. His house is like mine: open concept. Staircase on the right, back of the house is the kitchen, left is living room and dining room, then the laundry room and bathroom on the right.

"I just need to grab my cell." He says to me.

"No problem." I say.

He grabs it and holds the door open for me. I give him a slight nod and smile as my way of thanking him. He locks the door and we head to the car.

He starts the car. I wonder if he enjoys training me. J know it's only been a day but I still would like to know.

"Do you mind practicing with me or am I a pain?" I ask.

"Don't think that way. It's a new and fun experience for me. Do you like it?" He asks.

"I actually find it fun." I say.

We start to drive and it's silent the rest of the way. When we make it to the bridge we keep driving.

"What are you doing?" I ask.

"I told you to be ready..." He says to me.

We keep driving for around 5 minutes then he stops.

"We are here to fight real demons. No fake stimulation. No training. Just fighting." He says.

I look around. It seems really gloomy and different.

"Where are we?" I ask.

"Where the demons come from. Where there leader, Pete, stays." He says.

When he says that it reminds me of the note.

"I got a note last night. It said 'So your the one. Better watch out!' It was signed off by someone with the initial P. Was that Pete?" I say.

"Possibly." Says Leo.

CRACK! What seems to sound like a stick braking comes from behind me. Leo looks at me and gulps. I know there is something behind me. I am not afraid. I slightly nod back at Leo. I hold me ribcage so the force field surrounds me.

I get a rush and the blue transparent force field surrounds me. I quickly turn around to see what's behind me.

I see a 7 foot monster with drool dripping down its chin. It's hand is as big as my arm. It's muscle is exposed.

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