The Test

Right when Valentina's world seems to crash down due to another failed relationship, her world flips again when she begins to realize that there is more to reality than meets the eye.
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All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form.


7. Chapter 7

Chapter 7

As we enter the training room it looks even bigger than the way it did before because there isn't anyone in it.

"First thing you need to know is how to fight properly. Let's head over to the mats." He says leading me to the area. As we walk I can't help but stare at his birthmark. It's so incredible but it almost looks like he wasn't born with it like how mine is a scar.

"Is your marking a scar or birthmark?" I say.

"Scar." He says back but making no eye contact.

"How did you get it? I got mine by falling down the stairs when I was 3." I say to him.

"Can we not talk about this right now please?" He says to me.

"Sure." I say in a calm tone.

He walks to the middle of the mat.

"When you start off in a fight you have to look for your opponents weaknesses." He begins. "Ask yourself; where is it open to hit? When you see an opening use it. React quickly so your opponent doesn't have time to think. Your second hit should be to the face. Than the fight will take whatever course from there." He says to me.

"Ok. I think I got it." I say.

"Good. We will be doing another simulation to see if you really did understand." He says to me.

Instead of going to the room to do the test we do it right here in the open. He presses a button on the wall.

A demon from the right of me appears.

"Do exactly what I said than the demon will die. If you don't the demon automatically wins." He says to me.

"Openings." I whisper to myself.

I see an open space at its ribcage. I swing with all the power in me at the demons ribs. One step down another to go.

When I hit it's ribs I see that it leaves it's face unblocked so I strike at its jaw. I remember Lauren taught me that if you punch upward at the jaw you can send the nose through the brain so that's what I tried to attempt.

When I struck I had to jump a bit to reach its jaw. I hate being short.

When i look at the beast it is in pain. I feel happy. I don't know why but seeing these things suffer makes me happy.

Since it is bending over I can reach its head perfectly. I keep punching its head and ribs. When I take my final punch Leo turns off the stimulation and looks at me.

I start crying into my hands. Killing the monster reminded me of all the hardships in my life: single mom not always around, dad who left me, no one who understands, failed love, and confusion about being a reaper.

From the corner of my eye I can see Leo starting to walk up to me. It looks like he is uncomfortable and not used to consoling someone. I stand up and walk out the big doors. There is a crowd of reapers who walk to tubes with symbols on them. They walk up to the tubes and open the clear door in the centre. When they enter the tube they disappear.

I feel someone's breathe on my neck. I turn around and see Leo behind me. I stare into his eyes. I wipe me tears and suck it up.

"What are those tubes for?" I say to him.

"They transport you to the demon you are assigned to. Your birthmark is on the tube you are assigned too." He says to me.

"I wanna go home." I say to him I hold in my tears.

"Ok." He says.

"I can't call my mom or text my mom and tell her I'm coming home because my phone is broken. Stupid force beam." I say.

"Say thank you to that force beam. That's what keeps us from the demons." He says to me.

"Thanks, I guess." I say.

"Why say 'I guess'?" He asks me like I am stupid.

"I don't really want to talk about it." I say

"Ok I understand let's get you home. Let's find your tube." He says to me.

There are two divisions of tubes; scars and birthmarks. Leo and I walk to the scar section.

I find my tube and it's right next to his. Mine is a feather and his is a lightning bolt.

"Walk right in. Let the tube do the work." He says opening the door for me.

I nod. I stand in the tube and close the door. A bright light shines from the right side of my tube. I look into it. I feel like I am in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by white.

The light starts to fade and I am in my room. "Thank God." I say to myself. I head downstairs. I walk to the kitchen. There is another note from my mother.


I have to go to your grandmothers because she isn't feeling well. I'll be home in 3 days. I love you and be safe. The McCalesters will keep an eye out for you.


Mom xoxo"

"Are you serious? I am alone!" I say.

I start to cry. I have no family member to talk to but I do have friends. I call Max.

I dial his number.

"Hello?" Max says into his phone.

"Hey Max. How are you?" I say to him.

"Oh. Hey Valentina. I'm here with Lauren." He says.

"Hey" I hear Lauren says.

"I am sorry but this summer I'm busy I have a lot of things planned and I won't be able to talk as much and hang out." I say to them.

"Like what?" They say in unison.

"I can't really say. It's family stuff. And I also broke my cell." I say. I want to tell them but I can't. It hurts me to keep the secret from them.

"Oh. Ok! If it's important to keep it a secret, I understand. And how did you brake your cell?" Lauren asks.

"I dropped it down the stairs and it didn't turn on after that." I say rushing.

"Oh wow. Good job!" Max says sarcastically "Got to go. Be careful. We love you!" Max continues. It sounded like he was rushing out of the conversation.

"Love you too!" I say. I hang up.

What am I supposed to do? Love isn't in my future. Friendship has secrets. Family leaves me. I have no one when i need them most.

What about Leo? Should I call him? I want to call him. But what do I say? I don't know why I want to hear his stern voice. I need to make up an excuse to why I am calling. Well I was an idiot for crying at practice so maybe I should apologize for that. I should also tell him I made it home ok from the Reapers Headquarters.

I get out my friend phone book and I go to 'M'. I see Leo's name and I start to dial his cell number.

It rings for a bit.

"Hello?" He says into the phone.

"Hey. It's Valentina." I say hesitantly.

"Oh, hey. Are you ok? You kind of wanted to leave quickly at practice?" He says worried.

"I'm ok. That's why I was calling. I wanted to apologize for the whole scene." I say.

"It's no problem. There must be tons of feelings trapped inside of you and now confusion was just added." He says. He totally get what I am feeling.

"Thanks for understanding. And also thanks for..." I say stuttering "...for not laughing at me." I say.

"Why would I laugh? That's just so stupid. I was more worried than anything!" He says.

When he says that I smile. Oh no... I might like him. This can't be! I knew it would happen. I am not going to date him. Not at all. Only friendly get togethers and practices. That's it!

"Um... I was just wondering would you like to go for coffee tomorrow after practice." He says. "As friends. I just want to talk to you about practice."

"Yeah sure. It's not like I have any plans." I say. A since of joy fills me.

"Got to go. And Valentina do me a favour. Stop being such a downer and know that you are worth more than you are think." He says to me.

"I'll try. Bye! Thanks again." I say before hanging up.

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