The Test

Right when Valentina's world seems to crash down due to another failed relationship, her world flips again when she begins to realize that there is more to reality than meets the eye.
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6. Chapter 6

Chapter 6

"I am Allen. Your mother and I are the rulers of the Reapers." He says taking my hand "now that we have been formally introduced we will take the test. You and I will go into this room over here. I will see how you manage your powers against fighting a virtual demon. Being a reaper is all about control." He says to me.

"Ok I am ready." I say determined.

"Oh. You're confident. That's good." He says.

He leads me into the room. The room is empty with a key pallet beside the door. Allen types in a code and I hear the machine start. I hear groaning.

Allen stands in the corner and observes me like I am a lab rat.

I tap my scar and the axe comes in my hand. I stand strong and confident.

I feel breathing on my neck. I turn around to see the demon behind me.

"Dad?" I say under my breath.

The demon has my fathers face. But the demon has large muscles and is two times my height. The demon is a forest green colour and drools all over the floor.

I back up a few steps and take in my surroundings. I take too long. The demon picks me up by the neck and stares into my eyes and tilts his head to the right. Tears build up in my eyes but I fight them back.

"I'm strong. I'm strong." I repeat in my mind.

I drop my axe and grab its hands. l grip it's wrists and pull them away from my neck. The demons hands let go of my neck and I fall to the ground. I land like Zeus would. I grab my axe and run back a few steps.

I turn back and look at the demons wrists. It looks like I broke them with my grip. It's hands are dangling. I smile because I am proud. I am not afraid of this thing because I know it's fake.

The monster runs towards me. When it's a few feet away from me I strike it with my axe. I keep striking until I have no power left in me. When I strike the demon it helps me take out all my frustrations.

After striking the demon about 20 times I stand up and look at Allen. I smile and give him a bow.

I walk out of the room. There is no blood on me since it was a fake monster.

Allen walks out of the room and looks at me.

"What was that in there? With no training you killed the thing! That's impossible. This machine is meant to make the demon win. You were... You were fearless, strong and manipulative. That... That's rare; to have more than one power..." He says stunned "what are you?" He says to me.

"I don't know." I say to him.

"Let me see your palm." Allen says.

"Hmm. It's seems like you have four powers and a perfect future but with a dangerous twist. Your powers are the traits which are: fearlessness, manipulating, and strength. And also you can shoot a blue deathly beam out of your palm." He says with his eyes closed.

"She is powerful. And the one." Leo says.

"She is. Isn't she? I am very pleased to be your leader." Allen says shaking my hand at 120 miles per hour.

"Do you mean I made it in?" I say surprised.

"Yeah. I know it's unusual but you are special. It was a pleasure to meet you. Have fun training." Allen says smiling at me. He walks away.

I turn to Leo.

"How'd i do?" I say. I may sound cocky but I don't mean too. This is the first thing I'm naturally good at.

"Amazing. You are... I mean you were amazing." He says to me. He touches my shoulder but doesn't ever smile at me.

"Thanks. It's the first thing I am good at." I say laughing. "What did you mean by 'the one' when you said that to Allen?" I say curiously to Leo.

"I meant the next fearless leader. Since Allen is getting older you can take his place. With that first impression, that many powers, and your fighting skills; we need you as a leader." He says to me while playing with his pocket knife.

"Wow. I am actually useful here? That's a first." I say looking down.

"Don't be so down on yourself. You're not worthless." He says smiling at me.

"Is that a smile I see. That's a first!" I say laughing at Leo. After a second he joins in with me.

"What do I need to improve on?" I say after I'm done laughing.

"You're speed. Hit faster which equals to an even more powerful strike and you should begin the fight right when you get the chance too." He says to me. "Come. No one should be in the training room. This will be our time to train every day." He says looking at his watch then me.

I look at the clock on the wall. It's 3:30.

"Okay. Thanks." I say.

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