The Test

Right when Valentina's world seems to crash down due to another failed relationship, her world flips again when she begins to realize that there is more to reality than meets the eye.
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5. Chapter 5

Chapter 5

It's morning. I open my eyes. I feel stiff like I do every morning. I stretch it out letting out a moan. I tie my hair and put it in a bun.

"My phone." I say to myself. I start to head towards it. Turning on I notice the time on my desk.

"11:37 like yesterday. What a coincidence." I say. My phone goes to my home screen.

5 New Messages it says. I go to messages. Four messages from Max and one from Leo. I look at max's messages.


"How are you?"


"Lauren is getting a new phone soon and I am going on vacation in two days." The messages say.

Max always worries about me. I have no clue why. But I know he doesn't like me. He told me that he only likes me as a sister and I only like him as a brother.

"Sorry for not replying. I was exhausted. But I am busy today so I can't talk. Bye brother!" I say.

I don't think I will ever be able to text. This reaper thing will probably be in the way.

I go to Leo's message.

"Hey be at my place for 1pm. Don't be late" he says.

Realizing i had little time to spare I put on my house coat and head downstairs.

When I reach the kitchen there is a note on the fridge from my mother.

"At work. Be at the McCalesters for 1. See you later.

Xoxo Mom" it says.

Knowing I need to eat fast I settle for some homemade chocolate chip cookies. I'm too short to reach them in the top cabinet. I grab a chair and stand on it. I take out 3 chocolate chip cookies. That will have to do for my breakfast.

I drink a glass of orange juice after. It tastes weird with the two flavors in my mouth but it's better than milk and cookies. Milk and watermelon are two of the worst flavors ever.

After my breakfast, I run upstairs and head to the shower. I go into the bathroom and strip off my pajamas. I jump in the shower. I let the water role down the scratches on my back from the fight last night. When I add soap it stings but I don't really mind. It doesn't really hurt. Maybe I am stronger than I think.

I'm done showering in about 15 minutes. It was a short amount of time because I have to be at the McCalesters soon.

I get out and dry myself. Slip on my clothes I use for running; which are my TNA leggings that end right under my knee and a dark purple tank top.

I brush my teeth and then put my hair up in a braid.

I check the time; 12:43. I let out a sigh and grab my phone, runners, and sweater.

When I am at the front door I slip on my shoes and sweater, grab my keys, and lock the door behind me.

I walk to Leo's front door but right before I get the chance to knock Leo opens the door.

"Bye mom!" He yells and shuts the door behind him.

"Aren't we training in your house?" I say.

"Ha! You are funny. We are going to the Reapers headquarters." He says.

"Okay. How do we get there?" I say nervously.

"It's quite fun. Just follow me." He says. We go to his car.

In the car it is silent. We have been driving for what seems forever in the forest.

At the bridge we stop. The bridge goes over a river that is 120 meters down. You can barely see it. It looks like and endless pit of doom.

Leo gets out of the car so I follow him.

"What are we doing?" I ask.

He doesn't answer instead he puts one leg over the railing then the other. He turns to me while holding the railing.

"What are you doing? Are you insane? " I say screaming at him.

"Nope. Reapers Headquarters is at the bottom of this." He says to me.

"It doesn't look like there is a bottom." I say stepping forward to him. "You seem nervous Leo."

"I am. Even though I have done this for a long time I hate the dark and and bodies of waters." He says it me.

"Well if there is a bottom I am up for it." I say climbing over the railing. I love heights. It makes me feel free. I am excited to jump. I get an adrenaline rush that goes in and out of me.

"I'm ready but are you?" I say to him excitedly.

Looks at me like I'm crazy. "You like this?" He says.

"Yeah. I love heights and the unknown." I say to him like he is crazy.

"Okay. Whatever. Jump on three." He says grabbing my hand. I feel nervous when he does. I feel another rush coming along.

"One... Two... THREE!" He yells. Right when he says three I jump and let go of his hand. I feel the wind go right through me. I feel alive. The cool air gives me a sense of relief. It reminds me of how nice it is to be alive. It makes me feel safe and warm.

I start to feel something slipping out of my pocket; it's my phone. It flies through the air and lands on an invisible force beam and breaks but Leo and I go right through it.

Leo and I start to slow down and come to a complete stop in mid air. It seems like we are in the river. I guess it's not a river because I am not wet and I am not drowning.

"What is happening?" I say.

"We are in a force field like beam. We have to fly the rest of the way." He says. He holds my hand tight and pulls me toward him.

We start to move northward into a little light. Flying is one of the best feelings in the world. I close my eyes for a bit. When I open my eyes Leo starts to move closer to me.

"Stick out your legs." He says to me.

So I do. I land on the ground but have to run for a bit to get to a complete stop.

"This is the headquarters." He says looking at the view.

The headquarters is a circular building that has large doors in the center. We walk through the doors and see a training room. The headquarters is like a cave. Boxing bags, targets, weapons like axes and guns, and people fill the humongous room.

The people shoot guns or throw axes/knives at targets. Everyone always hits the target perfectly. No one ever misses.

Other people are hitting boxing bags. The boxing bags swing at the force. Everyone in the room has a birthmark or marking. You can easily see that they belong here.

On the far right is a room marked with a sign that says "Authority Only". Leo pulls me over there.

"What are you doing? I am of no worth here and you are pulling me to a place where only authority is allowed. What goes on inside your head?" I say. I am getting afraid what happens if I get in trouble? What happens if they don't allow me in their district?

"That's exactly why I am dragging you over here. The leaders of the Reapers have to do some tests on you to see if you are worthy to train." He says.

"What happens if I am not worthy to train?" I say.

"They erase your memory so you forget everything about this place and about being a reaper. They will also strip your powers." He says looking into my eyes "so I would better try if I were you." Whenever he stares at me, touches me, or looks directly at my eyes I can't take it. If I look back at him I go off into space. I have never felt this way about anyone before. I don't know what to call it.

I nod slightly at him. We stand in front of the door that leads into the room filled with authority figures.

Leo knocks 3 then 4 then 2 times. We wait for a minute then someone comes and opens the door.

The person opening the door is a security guard. He is triple the size of me.

Leo and I walk into the room. The room is ginormous and has mirrors for walls. There are a bunch if computers and a fighting rink in the middle. There is a table in the far corner of the room where a male sits.

He stands up. "Who are you?" He screams while pointing at me. This man has dark skin and hair. Piercings cover both ears. He has tattoos all over his body. He is older looking. Maybe in his 50's but he is very fit and healthy.

"I am Valentina Manacini." I say. "I am here because I just figured out I am a Reaper!" I scream back. I am nervous on the inside but sound and look confident on the outside.

"Ah. Very well then. Would you like to start the test?" He says to me.

I look at Leo.

"I don't get to train first?" I say to him.

"Nope. Good luck." He says back.

"I'll take that as a yes." The man says.


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