The Test

Right when Valentina's world seems to crash down due to another failed relationship, her world flips again when she begins to realize that there is more to reality than meets the eye.
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4. Chapter 4

Chapter 4

When I turn around I see a crow. I know it isn't a raven because ravens are smaller then crows. This crow reached my knees.

I turn to the window and I see Leo staring at me. He nods slightly and signals to touch my scar so I do. I feel a rush roll through my body and an axe is in my hand. I look at the crow and it starts to transform into a demon.

It has bright green eyes that are haunting. It's hands are as big as my head. The legs are bony and shine because of the slim. The mouth looks like it was cut into the face and the nose is stubby. The wars point out and the faces color is pink. The arms are like the legs bony and slimy. The demon is almost two times my size.

The demon starts to walk towards me. It touches my face with its palm.

"He will be happy to know you're not a myth." He says with a low raspy voice. He begins to tighten his grip.

I aim towards the demon with my axe ready to strike. I as I get closer I raise my axe and strike the demons arm. Blood splatters all over my room and myself. The lower half of the demons arm lays on my floor. When I see the arm I drop my axe in fear. I look at its arm. The limb starts to heal itself and grow another arm.

I look at its face. It gives me an evil looking smile. I stand there in shock. It's arm rises to my neck. It grabs a hold of it and lifts me off the ground. As I begin to choke I look out my window to Leo. He bangs his hand against the window and begins to run.

I look away and look into the demons eyes. He stares right back at me and throws me to the other side of the room.

"You possess fearlessness, strength, and you are able to manipulate anyone and anything." Repeats in my head. It's Leo's voice when he told me about me being a Reaper.

I stand up. I look into the demons eyes.

"You are fake!" I yell. It looks at me and tilts it's head. It gives me a devilish smile. It starts to come at me. I stick out my hand with all the strength I have and a light beam comes out of my palm. It strikes the demons chest and it flies across the room. I look at the demons chest and it has a hole through it. I look at my palm and it starts to sizzle I stand there in amazement.

My bedroom door flies open. It's my mother and Leo. They see what I have done and run toward me. My mother wraps her hands around me.

"As I said the other day. My brave little girl." She says to me.

Leo stares at me.

"Wow. You are powerful." He says. He almost sounds proud of me. That's a first he is usually only stern.

I look at him and smile. "Thanks. It's about time that if finally have something to like about myself." I say holding my arm.

"Stop being so down in the dumps. I'll be downstairs. When you are less in shock come down and you, Leo, and I will talk." She says. She kisses my forehead and walks out of the room.

"Why don't you like yourself?" Leo says looking at me with his arms crossed.

"I am short, weak, worthless, useless, ugly, and an over all awkward person." I say counting out the adjectives on my fingers. I try to avoid eye contact with him but I just can't contain myself. I start to stare at his beautiful turquoise eyes. He looks at me disgusted.

"How would you describe yourself as a person?" He says to me curiously.

"I have a strong mind, I'm a good manipulator, pretty smart, trustworthy, honest, and loyal." I say to him proudly.

"Everything about your personality was true. Even though I have only known you for a short while; I can tell you are all those things and more." He says "but, you are short but I like that about you, you aren't weak because you just killed something that is 2 times your size, you aren't worthless or useless because the the Reapers only chose the most important people to become Reapers, and you are far from ugly and awkward." He says to me. He gives me a little smile. I am shocked by everything he just said to me. That was the biggest compliment I have ever really got by anyone.

"Th-thank you. That was the best compliment anyone has ever given me." I say to him. I really want to hug him right now but all I can do is cry. I start to cry because of all my mixed emotions.

Leo reaches out to me and hugs me. He holds me tight against his chest.

"I know I know. Sh... Just think about calming things." He says to me.

I start to feel his heart beat. It clams me. I start to breathe at the same pace as Leo. He holds me for a bit and them let's go.

"We should go talk to your mother." He says.

"I'll meet you down. Just let me change my top because of the blood." I say to him as he walks out of the door.

"Okay." He replies. I shut the door behind him. I take off my shirt and wipe my face on it. I grab a sweater with my schools logo on it; a cheetah. My schools the Chantersville Cheetahs.

I start to walk down the stairs to the kitchen. My mother sits at the table with Leo. They talk. I walk in the room and sit beside Leo. He looks at me seriously and so does my mother.

"I am a reaper; your father is not," my mother begins " you got the gene from me." She lifts her sleeve and I see a scar of what seems to be a leaf "I have the power to control weather and plants growth patterns. As Leo already told you I am the leader of the Reapers. I have been since I was 20 years old. I control the training process and the wars. There is a war coming our way and we were looking for the chosen one to help us." She says pausing.

"What do you mean 'were'?" I say to her.

"You are the chosen one. Since you possess more then one power it shows that you seem to be the worthy one." she says to me.

"Me? There must be some mistake!" I say trying to make some sense of the whole situation.

"No. There is no mistake. With no training you were able to defeat a demon and use the powers you didn't even know you had." Leo says looking at me.

"He is right." My mother says to me.

"I don't believe any of this. This must be a dream." I say pinching myself.

"This is no dream. This is reality." Leo says.

"Sigh... When do I start training?" I ask.

"That's more like it," Leo says standing up and starting to walk to the door "Tomorrrow." He says smiling and shutting the door.

"He is a nice boy." My mom says.

"I guess. I need to sleep. Wake me for dinner." I say.

I head upstairs and go to my phone.

"Hey. I can't talk for long but guess what?" I send Max.

"What? WHAT?!" Max sends back.

"I have new neighbors and they have a 17 year old son named Leo. I met him and he is not that bad. But I will never date him or get too close to him." I send.

"That's good. Whatever your standards are you can follow." He says.

"Thanks for always understanding. Tell Lauren I say hey when you get the chance. I got to go. I am so sleepy." I send then turn my phone off.

I close my eyes and drift off.

In this dream I can only control my movements not my setting.

Leo and I are in the middle of fighting off a demon. My mother in the background watching us.

I stab the demon in the throat and Leo stands behind it. Leo trips the demon and stabs the demon in the back of the skull. The demon dies.

I turn to Leo with a smile in my face. He looks up to me. I start to lose control of my body and now I am just following everything that's happening. Leo walks up to me and presses his lips against mine. His gentle press fills my body with warmth and sends a shiver down my back. I wrap my arms around his neck. He wraps his arms around my waist.

I wake up. What is that supposed to mean? Even though Leo is attractive I will never get involved with another guy. Anyways Leo shows no interest in me. I just need to focus on training. Training starts tomorrow

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