The Test

Right when Valentina's world seems to crash down due to another failed relationship, her world flips again when she begins to realize that there is more to reality than meets the eye.
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3. chapter 3

Chapter 3

I walk up to my room after using the washroom like i do every morning. For some odd reason my window is open. I lean over my desk to close it. Something catches my eye. There is an envelope on my desk that reads, "Valentina" on the front of it. Maybe my mother left me a note?

I open it with curiosity and a picture of a raven inside. The raven was all black with bright red eyes. "BEWARE" the caption read below the picture.

Was this a joke?

"Mom! Did you leave the envelope on my desk?" I scream out to my mother. Maybe it was a prank just to freak me out.

"No sweetie. I have no clue what you are talking about." She yells back sounding a bit confused and worried.

"Never mind then!" I yell back. What the...? If she didn't place it on my desk who did? No one else lives in my house or has access to it except my mother and I.

"I'm going to the grocery store. I'll be home in an hour. Love you!" She yells at me.

"Bye. Love you too!" I say staring at the picture of the raven. Ravens are one of the most incredible looking birds out there. They look strong and fearless. My eyes linger on the piece of paper and make their way toward the writing on the bottom. Who ever wrote this used a red pen.

I pin the picture beside my desk. I stare out the window to my neighbours house which is now the McCalester house. In front of my desk is a window so whenever I sit at my desk I stare out of it.

The room across from mine in the McCalester's house is a room filled with boxes labeled "L.M". Maybe that was Leo's new room since those are his initials.

The door starts to open in his room. Leo walks in slowly. His eyes focus to the back corner of his room. I follow his eyes to where he is looking. A dog stands there growling at him. By the expression on his face I can tell that's not his dog. Determination fills his eyes and he looks excited.

I stare at the dog. The dog starts to transform from a German Shepard to a monster. It still has his dog face but muscle is exposed. The dogs legs are tentacle like. The tentacles are pink and slimy. The monster is huge. It's around my height and that's big for a dog but small for a girl my age.

My attention turns to Leo. He holds out his hand and a flame appears from his palm. It takes it's shape to a sword. The sword is blue and long.

When Leo takes out his sword the monster pounces to Leo. In a split second Leo stabs the monster in the heart but the monster has a hold of his leg. Leo pulls out the sword from the monsters heart. The monster lifts Leo up by his leg and throws him against the wall.

I scream a bit because I was afraid that he got hurt.

Leo's eyes turn more blue then they were before. He says something to the monster. I could kind of read his lips. He said something about a war.

The monster makes his way over to Leo and when he does Leo stands on his feet looking like he is ready. The monster runs full speed towards him but Leo sticks out his sword at him so it runs into the sword. He kicks the monster which sends the monster flying across the room. Leo jumps at least 3 feet in the air and lands with his sword through the monsters eye. Blood splatters every where.

He takes out the sword and cuts of its head.

The monster disappears.

His mother walks in and looks at the sight. She gives Leo a high five then leaves saying something to him. He nods back at her smiling. He says good bye to her when she leaves.

I stand in my room in front of the window with my hands over my mouth.

Leo turns and looks at me while wiping the blood off his sword. He stands there shocked that I saw what I saw. He ran out of his room.

I can't believe what I just saw. A demon dog attacking my new neighbour. What the heck is going on.

My doorbell rings. Since my mother isn't home I go and answer it. I grab my phone and run down the stairs. I open the door and Leo stands in front of me. My jaw drops.

"Let me in we need to talk!" He says nervously at me. I let him in and close the door behind him.

"What was that? Was it evil or something? Why did you have fire coming out of your palm?!" I say yelling at him.

He looks at me. "Are you a Reaper?" He asks me.

"What the heck is that? I am a human being!" I say to him all confused.

"What do you mean human? How can you be mortal but see what I just did? No mortals are able to see what I can do. Not even if I want them to see it." He says scratching his head is frustration.

"I am from Earth... No where else." I say more confused then he is.

"Did you get the picture of the raven by any chance?" He says to me pacing back and forth.

"Yeah. How did you know?" I say surprised.

"Show me it now." He says to me.

"Um ok. It's in my room. Follow me." I say nervously. How did he know that I got that picture? What trouble have I just got myself in?

We walk into my room and he automatically sees the raven on my wall.

He runs up to it and looks at it.

"Beware." he says looking relived.

" Why does it say beware?" I say still confused.

"You are a Reaper. There are very few Reapers in the world today. Reapers fight off demons. No mortal can see demons only special people like you and I." He says pacing back and forth.

"Oh. That makes complete sense." I say sarcastically.

"Your mother must be a Reaper. I should start training you as soon as possible." He says to me. "When your mother comes home we need to talk to her. What is your last name?." He says curiously.

"Manacini." I say proudly because it's not my fathers last name.

"Your mother is Rachel Manacini. She works as the head of the Reapers and is a huge target for the demons. This is not good. If your mother doesn't accept my requests I will still protect you." He says touching my shoulder.

A shiver runs down my spine. My heart is racing. I am sure he can tell I got a rush just by that touch.

"Why would you still protect me? You don't even know me." I say trying not to sound starstruck.

"I am a good guy and I can tell that your a good person. I protect people. It's my job." He says still smiling. We lock eyes.

"Your top suits you." He says to me.

I stand there smiling at my top.

I need to remember no boys, no boys. "How did you become a Reaper?" I ask.

"My dad was a Reaper. I got to go. Text me when your mom comes home here's my number. " he said handing me a piece of paper with his number on it.

He runs out the door towards his house. I put his number in my phone as I am walking up the stairs. I text him "Hey it's Valentina." Just so he has my number.

"Hi." He texts back.

I start to wonder why he tensed up when I asked him how he became a reaper?

"Do you have a scar or birthmark in the shape of something different?" He texts me as I enter my room. I remember having a scar on my ribcage since I was 3. I fell down the stairs and landed on my ribs. When it healed I had this scar. I pull up my shirt making sure I am not in front of the window and look at the scar. The scar looks like a feather of some sort.

"Yeah. It looks like a feather. It's on my rib cage." I text him.

"Oh wow. You possess more then one power. I have the lightning bolt which allows me to shoot a lightning bolt out of my palm that takes shape into a sword. You on the other hand have a feather meaning you are strong, fearless, and can manipulate anything and anyone." He texts me.

Wow. I thought i was just some short worthless girl. It turns out I am a powerful immortal. Who would have known?

"That's amazing." I text back.

"Keep everything I tell you a secret. Whatever mortal finds out will mean the death of you. Do you understand?" He texts back. When I read the text I can imagine him saying it to me with his stern voice.

"I understand." I text back walking to my bed. I sit down on it thinking of everything that just happened. I fall asleep with my cell phone on my chest.

My dream was about me being attacked by a demon. Since I can control my dreams I take out a gun and shoot it in the head. I fall to my knees and start to cry. I just killed something with a gun. I am not a Reaper I can't handle killing things.

I wake up to a vibration of my phone. I unlock my phone and read the message from Leo.

"Be calm and turn around slowly. Use the powers I told you that you possess." He says to me.

I follow his instructions and turn around slowly

How are you liking this movella? This is the first story i have ever written and i wanted to share it with you guys! Tell me what you think:)


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