The Test

Right when Valentina's world seems to crash down due to another failed relationship, her world flips again when she begins to realize that there is more to reality than meets the eye.
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12. Chapter 12

Chapter 12

"The note says 'Finally you found the hardheaded one. Want to find the key? Look near the place you hate most, Leo!'" I say look up at Leo.

"Follow me and Lauren hang on!" He says

"No, really? I thought I should knit!" Lauren says sarcastically "Just hurry up and be careful!"

Leo starts running and I follow him. We run through a labyrinth of branches and greenery.

We finally end up at the entry to Pete's layer. Leo looks around frustratedly. His head turns so fast from east to west and back to east.

"Where is it?!" He yells.

"What should I be searching for?" I say.

"The tree... where my dad used to take me to get whipped." He mumbles. "He took me to a tree that was struck by lightning." I can tell he is hurt when he says these things. I can't take it anymore. He is gorgeous even when upset and I want to let him know that I am here for him as he is for me. I quickly walk up to him. I press my lips against his. He is shocked at first but gladly kisses back. I feel safe when I am around him. His presence gives me butterflies and a sense of relief. I do like him a lot.

"I am here for you." I say to him as I break the kiss.

"Thank you." He says and hugs me. Leo let's go and points to a tree. The tree was split down the middle because of the strike of the lightning bolt. I run up to the tree with Leo right behind me.

"Knock." Leo says as he reads the caption on the tree.

I do as it says and knock. I hear a noise which sounds like one of those buzzers on a game show when you get something wrong.

Then all of a sudden a score board like thing pops out and has a bomb count down from 60 seconds.

"Oh my god! What do we do?" I say.

"Pete.. Knocks... 3 then 4 then 2." Leo mumbles.

He walks up to the tree when it hits the twenty second mark then knocks 3 then 4 then 2 times.

The tree trunk opens and the key is in it. I grab the key and we run towards the bridge.

"Lauren are you alright?!" I yell at her.

"Yeah yeah. I'm fine. Did you get the stinking key?" She says back.

"Yeah." Leo begins. "Valentina, squeeze through and unlock her while I grab her hands and try to pull her through." He says. I nod and do as he says.

I slip through the railing and reach for her wrists. I slip the key in the key whole carefully. I unclip her. The handcuffs fall into the force beam. Leo's hands are big and strong as they lift Lauren up and over the railing. When she makes it over. I start to cry of happy tears and so does she. We hug.

"Oh my. Thank you so much!" Lauren says.

"No problem. I was so worried." I say. She let goes of the hug and hugs Leo. Leo awkwardly accepts.

"Thanks for saving me. You're really brave." she says.

"No problem." He says as they let go of each other.

"So you're demon hunter things." Lauren says.

"Yeah but who cares about that. What happened? What do you know?" I say worried.

"I don't know where Max and Rachel are. We were kept in separate rooms in his lair thing. When he transports us from place to place we get knocked out. I didn't see anything. And I didn't hear anything. I'm sorry. I'm of no use!" She says as she tears up. She has scratches all over her arms and legs. She also has a black eye. Even with all the injuries and scars she is still a beautiful teenager.

I touch her shoulder. "It's no problem. I'm just happy you're alright." I say to her.

"He should be calling us any minute now so we can find Max or your mom." Leo says looking in the direction of the lightning tree.

"You're right. Let's go in the car and rest for a bit." I suggest. I turn towards the car slowly. Leo's stare doesn't get off of that tree. His dad did traumatize him good. I walk up to him and hold his hand gently. I can feel him loosen up. He entwines his fingers with mine and looks into my eyes. I give him a wiry smile and he returns it with a crocked one. We head towards the car.

"You love birds hurry up." Lauren began telling from the car. She was using her hand motions for emphasis "I wanna rest and the doors are locked."

We quickly walk over and Leo pulls out the keys. He opens the doors and we get in.

Lauren goes to the back and lies down, Leo's in the drivers seat, and I'm in the passenger side. Both their eyes are closed. Sadly, I can't rest.

I sit there just watching the wind gently caress the leaves. It's so peaceful you almost feel like you're one with the flowing wind coming from the north. You could almost see the temp argue if the wind; cool. It's a cool light breeze. The wind takes me in a trance and I forget about my problems.

As I finally get comfortable staring at the wind I hear a vibration then Leo's cellphones ringtone.

He and Lauren quickly jolt up. Leo gets the phone out of his pocket. He puts it on speaker.

"Hello?" I quickly say.

"Oh hello there val. How's the airhead doing?" He says in his low raspy voice. He sounds a bit like a slug if a slug would have a voice.

"Excuse me? If I were you is shut my mouth. You are a low life, useless piece of junk!" Lauren yells at the phone. This is one of many reasons why I truly adore and respect Lauren. She speaks her mind and sticks up for herself.

"Oh shut up." Pete says. "Maxy, sweetie? It's your turn!" Pete says to Max.

"Round 2..." Max begins but stops to cough. I almost start to cry by the sound of his voice. He sounds like he's been tortured. It sounds like he is having trouble breathing. Poor max "What's more precious than gold;clearer than diamonds; source of life, it is told, and the purveyor of legends? It runs yet has no feet,

roars but has no mouth?"Max finishes.

"You have 1 hour to find him." Pete says before I hear the phone call end.

"Hmmm" Lauren said.

"What runs and roars and is a source of life?" Leo says.

I look down at my nails thinking. They were blue. It reminded me of water. It was soothing. They were colours of diamonds. Then it reminded me of the riddle.

"Clearer then diamonds.." I said out loud. "My nail colour is clear and the colour of diamonds. It's also the colour of water. Water runs and roars."

Leo grabbed my hand and kissed it.

"You are a genius!" He said excitedly.

"But where? There are 5 docks around here. Which one?" Lauren says.

Lauren is right. There are too many options for water. I start to think back to where in the crossroads Max and water meet.

My mind gets all fuzzy and I start to have a flash back.


"*sniff**sniff* why me? I didn't do anything wrong did I?" Max says to me while tears run down his cheeks. We were at the abandoned ship wreck. Max and I would always come here when we were 7 because he used to get bullied.

"No! They are just mean big kids. They want to be as cool as you but can't!" I say to Max while holding his hand.

He looks up at me and draws a weary smile. "I doubt it, but thanks!" He says to me.


"The abandoned shipwreck" I spit out right when I go back to reality. "I don't remember where it is though!"

"Blair Beach. I remember." Lauren says.

Leo turns on the car ignition and let's the engine roar. He hit the pedal.

"Go faster!" I yelled. "Max can't swim!"

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