The Test

Right when Valentina's world seems to crash down due to another failed relationship, her world flips again when she begins to realize that there is more to reality than meets the eye.
Copyright © 2014 by xxSuperWomanxx

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11. Chapter 11

Chapter 11

I wake up remembering nothing of my dreams. Leo is snoring. I try to get up without him awakening but he does anyway.

"How are you?" He says in his raspy voice.

"I'm.. Ok?" I say not mowing to my answer. My house blew up, my family and friends are kidnapped by a demon so everyone knows that the answer isn't good at the moment.

The phone rings. I look at Leo and he puts it on speaker.

"Hello?" I say.

"Clue number one. I am where no one can hear me. If I were to fall would I still make a noise. The bridge is near but I cannot enter." It's Lauren's voice. He sounds hurt. "Val of you hear me help! I'm at the mmmhmmm..." All I hear is what sounds to be Lauren's voice get cut off.

"Uh-oh you didn't stick to the script!" Pete says and I hear him whip Lauren.

"No!" I scream. But all I hear is the tone of the phone. He hung up.

A tear rolls down my cheek. I begin to cry.

"I'm sorry." Leo says as he holds me to his chest and strokes my hair.

"I-I'm sorry." He says. It sounds like he is holding back tears. I let go of his warm embrace and stare up at his eyes. His beautiful blue eyes are filled with tears.

"Don't be upset.." I whisper in his ear while stroking back the hair that's in front of his face.

"You don't deserve this! I have had enough with this crap. I hate seeing the ones I care about most get hurt. I-I want to KILL him!" Leo says letting out a crake in his voice.

I cup his head in my hands and kiss his forehead gently and softly. He looks into my eyes. And this time I don't look away when he does.

"Stop it. Thank you for everything but this isn't your fault And stop blaming it on yourself." I say with a tear rolling down my eye.

"Back to reality. She used the riddle about the tree falling in the forest and she said something about a bridge. She must be at the entry of the reapers headquarters." I say.

"Nice work. Get into the car." Leo says running at the door. I quickly follow him.

As we enter the car the only thing that is going through my mind is saving her.

"How are you holding up?" Leo says to me while keeping his eyes on the road.

"Better now that we are steps closer to finding Lauren." I say.

He nods.

It takes us a half hour to get to the entry. As we approach the bridge Leo slows the act down and comes to a complete stop. Right when I feel the car come to a stop, the thought of my best friend in my arms again gives me and adrenaline boost. I jump out of the car. When I step out of the car I here the cries of a girl. It sounds like Lauren.

I run full speed to the railing, with Leo trailing behind me.

"Oh my god!" I say to myself as we get closer to the railing. I see Lauren's hands strapped to the bottom of the railing by handcuffs and she is dangling on top of the river.

"OH MY GOSH! Val help me!" Lauren says with tears rushing out of her eyes and down her cheeks. Just by looking into her eyes I could tell she was terrified.

Leo steps closer to find away to set her free.

"We need a key." He says to me.

"Here! Reach into my pocket and grab a note Pete left!" She says rushing us. Leo reaches through the railings to grab the key. As he tries to fit through I get nervous because I don't want him to fall and I don't want Lauren to fall. A tear rolls down my check. I close my eyes and take a deep breath. As I open my eyes I see Leo staring at me.

"I need your help. I can't fit and since your smaller can you reach through?" Leo asks. But when he asks he makes it sound like a statement.

I nod and I start to bend down. I fit perfectly between the two rails. I grab the bottom of the rail for balance. I reach out my other hand and perfectly slip through the rail. Half of my body is dangling between the two rails as my hand reaches in to Lauren's pocket. As my hand enters my other hand that's helping me keep balance slips and I start to fall. But as soon as I do Leo grabs my hips and saves me. My heart pounds because I thought I was going to die but I would have fallen into the headquarters. I quickly grab the note and get back up.

"Good job. What does the note say?" Leo asks.

I unfold the paper which has red ink all over it.

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