Diary of spongebobninja

For Dear Diary Competition


8. March 4th

Ello reader!


Today was a nice day. Sun was out and it felt so nice :D

I am writing this in Maths, I know I should be doing my algebra but yeah I did some! 


So I'm trying to read The Book Thief but for some reason it just seems kinda boring to me. I'm not really clicking into it like I would with some books. If you are reading this please do suggest some  nice, not too long books below! Anyways I'm trying to find books to read because I have this internal I need to submit 6 personal responses on books throughout the year. So I've got The Lie Tree which I won for Movellas (heh) so I'm gonna start reading that (oops I didn't even start) now. :)

Nothing else interesting as usual

Oh yeah and #TrumpForPres

Jokes! More like #PatrickStarForPres Because he will take the countries problems and push them somewhere else!


- Spongebobninja

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