Diary of spongebobninja

For Dear Diary Competition


7. March 3rd

Dear Diary


Let's hope todays diary is longer. So today I got my bottom teeth retainers. I was literally bouncing up and down when the lady said it was only for night time. If I had to wear two retainers for morning and night, I would've died really, they feel annoying and taste and smell so bad no matter how many times I wash it! I feel like vomiting lol.


Anyways, I handed in my maths assignment that I finished all yesterday, and thank god that's off my back. But we have an Economics internal starting tomorrow so yipee!! *note the sarcasm*

Nothing else interesting happens. Nothing in general happens in my life, really! Let's just see how the rest of the month goes on.


- SpongeyStarrrr.

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