Diary of spongebobninja

For Dear Diary Competition


21. March 29th

Helloooooo Reader~

Ooopsies, it's been exactly 10 days since I've posted the last entry. I guess I've been busy. Busy, not doing my work. We just had a 5 day holiday (Friday to Tuesday) due to Easter. So at the start of the holidays I  brought all my school books home so I can do my homework and study. And now, it's the last day and I haven't done as single bit of study. I should listen to myself more. I just like planning so much but I can't use the plan well!

Anyways, 2 more days left? Or is it 1 more day of March...hmmm....I think it's 2. Oh well I'll check the calendar later.

I also just finished writing a film review for English for the film Remember the Titans. It is such a good movie if you haven't watched it already, really touches the heart.


Okay goodbye!

- spongebobninja

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