Diary of spongebobninja

For Dear Diary Competition


4. February 28th

Dear Diary,


Dang, I forgot 2 days! I really should set a reminder on my computer to write this. I'll do it later. *procrastinate*

Anyways, nothing much interesting happend other than the fact that I cut my  finger. My mum was making quiche and wanted me to open the can of salmon to put in. So I was opening it with the can opener, then went to grab the lid since it wasn't coming out and BAM I sliced my thumb on the edge of the lid. Oops. So I silently went to grab a plaster.....

I'm also getting my braces off tomorrow morning. I've had them on for about a year and a bit. Can't wait to see what my teeth would look like, but to be honest, I quite liked having the braces on, they feel/look nice after a while! 


Well I'd better get back to setting up that reminder on my laptop to write this diary everyday....eh.


- Spongey

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