Diary of spongebobninja

For Dear Diary Competition


3. February 25th

Yo Diary

Wow, it's been over a month! This shows how unorganised I am *cough cough* Anyways..today our Economics class went to the chocolate factory to get information for an internal. It was amazing! There was this one part where you have these mini dispensers and a cup and you can fill it up with either milk, dark or white tempered chocolate! Then add whatever sprinkles you like! It was probably the best thing that happend to me that week. Apart from that, it rained a lot but I wasn't too fussed over that since I was busy eating chocolate. Oh yeah and we are starting our first Maths Internal tomorrow *shivers*.

I write really short diaries but I will make sure I write one every day!

- Captain Spongey

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