My Love

Louis Tomlinson FINALLY asked Lake out, and is ready for her to meet his family, except for his step-dad, Mark. He hated him for reason he couldn't explain, but does she actually meet him? Does everything work out with the couple? Will Louis's family like Lake?


2. Meeting Some of The Family

He lived in a richly populated neighborhood. Everyone had nice cars and nice houses. There were lots of kids outside playing on every street, which was surprising for a gated community. It was pretty though, and I liked it. 


When we finally got to Louis's house, there were two small girls, looking identical, playing on the porch. 

"They're so cute!"

"Sometimes.. wait till you meet them." He said, chuckling.

I giggled, and got out of the Mustang. The two girls' mouths dropped. I immediately got nervous, did I look bad?

"Lou! You brought a GIRL home!" one of them yelled.

"Yea Lou! Is that your girlfriend?" The other yelled.

Louis motioned for me to follow him, and he walked up to them.

"Yes. She's my girlfriend, and she wanted to meet you all. Lake, This Is Phoebe and Daisy." He pointed to each.

"Those are pretty names. I'm Lake Smith, and I'm your brother's girlfriend."

"You're really pretty." Said the one in blue, Phoebe.

"Prettier than his other girlfriend." The one in pink, Daisy.

"T-Thank you. You're both very beautiful also." I said smiling, but surprised

"They're twins" He whispered to me, and I nodded before walking into the large mansion like house. It was quiet, and it didn't look like anyone was home.

"Ugh! Mom's at Mark's house again." He growled, and I hugged him.

"It's ok. Meeting some of your sisters is an improvement! It's fine."

He nodded slightly, and sat me on the couch, grabbing 2 cans of cokes, a bag of popcorn, and a large pizza.

"We have a personal chef. He finished making it a few minutes ago." He said, answering my look of confusion.

I nodded, and he handed me a coke, and the popcorn, putting pizza on four plates, and handing one to each of us.

"Thank you Louie" All three of us said together.

"You're welcome." He said, and he kissed Daisy and Phoebe's heads, and kissed my lips. I smiled at his touch, and he plopped beside me, and put an arm around me, while eating his snacks.

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