Coffee or Tea?

Louis Tomlinson works in a coffee shop, and likes to draw.

Harry Styles moves into the house next to his.

Will Louis try to make friends? Or we he just ignore him?


2. Chapter Two

Louis' P.O.V.

Once I had walked through the door, the little bell chimed, making the two idiots at the counter snap their heads over.

"Hey Louis!" Liam yelled, ignoring the girl who was shooting daggers at him. If looks could kill, Liam would've been disintegrated a long time ago. I gave him a small smile, and walked to the back of the shop to put my stuff away.

When I came back, the two were arguing again.

I cleared my throat at them, and they looked back at me.

"Oh! Louis, this is Annelisa, my girlfriend. Annie, this is Louis." Liam introduced.

'I guess she wasn't a customer, after all..'

"NIce to meet you, Louis."

"Likewise." I said, quietly.

She raised an eyebrow at Liam, almost as if asking 'Why is he so quiet?' He only shrugged.

I scoffed. They try to be subtle, but I can see them. They don't know, but I see. (That sounds creepy..)

When nobody was talking anymore, I took out my notepad, and started to draw a little. I made a petal, and kept drawing until I realized that I had created a flower; a rose, to be exact. It was just a measly doodle , but it still looked good. 

"Lou, what're you drawing?" Liam asked. I cringed at the nickname. You see, me and Liam aren't exactly friends... He's nice and all, I mean, I don't.. hate him. It's just, I'm not a very social person. I used to be a social person. Back when I was younger. When I was naive. When I was.. the old me, but that was in the past. The old Louis is gone, and I don't think he'll ever come back.

I was snapped out of my thoughts.


Liam was snapping his fingers in front of my face, he was trying to talk to me.

"Louis? You zoned out there.."

I only nodded, because, what was I supposed to say? 'I'm sorry I zoned out. can you forgive me?' No.

He smiled at me apologetically, before taking the notepad out of my hands.

My eyes widened. He couldn't do that! First off, snatching is rude! (Don't do it, kids, unless you want someone to cry, because someone will end up crying...)

Secondly, it's mine!

He's not allowed to take my things! 

We're not even considered friends!

I tried to take it back, but he held it tightly in his hands, plus, he was taller than me, so I had no chance.

I pouted, and sat down, while he laughed at me.

About five minutes later, he gave it back, and I quickly put it away; not wanting anything else to happen to it.

"You're a really good artist." He said.

I gave a breath of relief.


"I'm glad you didn't say drawer. I hate that word."

His eyes widened.

"That's the most you've ever said to me since you've moved here!"

I chuckled, because it was true.

The bell on the door chimed, and we both turned to look at the customer.

I'm not embarrassed to say that he was really attractive. The man had curly hair that went half way to his shoulders. He had these amazing emerald orbs, and very kissable lips. 

He had something else though; something I didn't like. He had a girl hanging off his arm.

She was pretty. Long blonde hair, blue eyes, rosy cheeks; maybe 5"10 (Which is taller than me..).. She was actually pretty beautiful...

No, don't look at me like that! I'm 100% gay. Everyone knows. Well, not everybody, know what I mean..

Blondie walked over and sat down at a table, while Sir Curls came up to the counter. He flashed me a charming smile, and I almost even blushed. Key word : Almost.

"Hi, can I get you anything?" I asked, with a normal voice. It's weird; I only use my 'regular' voice when I'm taking someones' order, or when I'm talking to someone I'm really used to.

"Uhh.. Yeah, can you get me a Peppermint Mocha, and just a regular coffee."

I nodded and grabbed two cups. I wrote the orders on the both of them, but I needed one more thing.. Well, two, if you want to be technical.

"I need your names..."

"Oh! Yeah, um, for the coffee, write Harry, and for the Mocha, write Taylor."

I  nodded, and wrote down the two names. "M'kay.."

While I made the drinks, I started to wonder where Liam was. Where could the lad go? S'not like he could just wander off on the job.. And where was Annelisa? Both of them were gone!


Once the drinks were done, I turned back around, and saw the couple arguing. 'I guess today was a bad day..' I mentally snickered.

I suddenly felt sorry for the poor lad, because the girl was red, and she left. I usually wouldn't feel this bad, but this guy had his head in his hands, and he just looked really upset. I looked back at the cups, wondering what to do with the peppermint mocha, and I grinned when I got an idea. It was a pretty stupid one, though. 'What the hell?!'  My mind told me. '

Don't do it!' My mind scolded me.


'BITCH, DON'T DO IT!' I didn't listen, though.

I crossed out Taylor's name, and wrote 'You seem sad... Text me?   *** *** ****   :))' beside it. I smiled warily, and gave him his drinks. He left, without looking at the cup, and without even looking at me. It left me a little upset.

And what, no thank you?

Whatever, maybe he'll come back again..


Well, this was... something.. Any questions?

Was Louis coming on to strong? 

Where did Liam and Annelisa go?

Blah Blah Blah

~ Pheap xx







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