Coffee or Tea?

Louis Tomlinson works in a coffee shop, and likes to draw.

Harry Styles moves into the house next to his.

Will Louis try to make friends? Or we he just ignore him?


3. Chapter Three

Third Person P.O.V.

When Louis went to bed that night, he couldn't stop thinking of Harry.. It was weird; missing someone you don't even know. 'Maybe it's just a crush?' Louis thought. He quickly shook the thought away, because, no, Louis Tomlinson doesn't do crushes anymore.

When he woke up, he instantly checked his phone and wasn't that surprised to see a message there. It was from an unknown number.

Unknown : Umm..hi?

Louis : Hi

Unknown : Can I ask who this is??

Louis : Yeah, i'm um.. I'm Louis. from the cafe 

Unknown : Well, obviously, you're the one who gave me the drinks

Louis : yeah..

Louis : it's.. Harry.. right?

Unknown : yeah, Harry Styles.

Harry : hey, i think i've seen you somewhere..

Louis : really?

Harry : your address 5808 Klay Street? (I'm pretty sure this is not a place...?)

Louis paled.

Louis: uuUummM?

Harry : I take that as a yes. then

Harry : if that was a yes, then i am proud to say that i am your new neighbor!


Harry : you seem happy

Louis : ?!?!

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