My 2015

This is going to be corny and sentimental. Viewer discretion is advised if you hate that sort of thing. It may make your eyes bleed, as a side effect. We're looking into why... Call 999 if they do start to, and I take no responsibility. Thank you.


2. Tributes

I can make some tributes... really. Yeah, why not. I'll make some tributes to people, whether they read this or not. Not all are on Movellas, and some may a bit explicit, but if I'm going to open up, I might as well now. 


Poppy (Madouc - you lot should know her). How could I not start this with you? You are... just... wonderful. A jewel that is unlike any other. You are basically the Arkenstone, and I will treasure your love in my heart like Thror treasured it's perpetual glow. And I'm so sorry for causing you hurt in the past, that was my own fault of being so blind. But I am not so blind any more. I see perfectly. I see you as so perfect to me. I love you Doodle, and let's get 2016 off to a better start then how it was in 2015.

Midnight. You are... such a good friend. A definite sister to me. We've had each other's backs through such hard times over and over. My long lost sister. When my back was under threat, you certainly blocked the knife. And I did whatever I could for you, either trying to block the machete or simply bandage up your wounds. But I'll still have your back, because I know you have mine. 

Andrew. Andrew my girl, you are certainly... certainly an odd one. But dude, that's what is we are as friends. I wake up in the mornings to some of the weirdest and most humorous offensive names to call me ever, and for me only to bounce them back. We've played endless amount of games for endless amount of hours, where we have both opened up to each other. And I've done what I can to stand up for you against others, even know you may not have noticed it.

Linton 2523 Squadron. Now this is an curve-ball, but all of you, down at my Air Cadet Squadron, deserve a place on my list. My confidence in myself has been boosted tenfold thanks to all of you. Sure, sometimes I get annoyed at all of you when you may not do what me or the rest of the NCO Team have told you to do, but nonetheless to see you all love me, accept me and would happily have charisma for me, is heart warming. And to the staff as well... Pilot Officer Young, Sir, you have definitely helped me with my confidence boost. You show your value for me, say that I am a key asset on the team and you go out of your way to get me on courses and do paperwork for me to keep on the squadron. So thank you, Sir. 

Skye S. (This is not sucking up, this is truthful!) Although you may not have seen it, Skye, but you boosted my confidence towards the end of this year. You first of all allowed me to share my knowledge of art to a wider audience, and not only that, but you then wanted me to co-host an ART competition! Me! Helping a Web Community Manager of a fairly big site do an art competition! That's something that blew my mind, you have no idea! It got me to think that maybe I am good at art, and that I should do it more! So thank you... Your recognition of my work truly blew me away.    


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