My 2015

This is going to be corny and sentimental. Viewer discretion is advised if you hate that sort of thing. It may make your eyes bleed, as a side effect. We're looking into why... Call 999 if they do start to, and I take no responsibility. Thank you.


1. This is My Year

2015 has been one I've been very fond of. One I will cherish. It may be very cliché, but it was a year I found myself. Honestly, it's true! I haven't had the best of times as a teenager, believe me. I was terribly sad in this decade. Back in 2010, I was in a very sorry state. Some of you may not know, but I was bullied to a relentless state back then. I didn't have... proper friends back then. They said they were my friends, but they used that to painfully back stab me to laugh at me. Many days spent in libraries and many tears. 

But this year, 2015 (some of 2014 as well - I didn't forget you either buddy!) because this year has been a joyous one. I have made some amazing friendships with people I feel comfortable around, and lost some friendships as well; but those were for the better I feel. Become immensely more close with certain people (They know who they are.) for the greater, and I have most of all, become comfortable with Aldrin. Me. Simon. Man of many names. 
Yes, yes, yes. This is all making you gag with emotions, blah, blah, blah. Yet if some of you are genuinely moved, thank you. I have wanted people to feel some care towards want I went through, if you couldn't tell. But Simon is now solid with who he is. I'm a straight male. I have a good sense of humour when people make fun of me. My body image is good. My mind is set for what I want for the future. I know what fandoms I most adore. I know what music I love. I know what opinions I have on society and the world. I know what clothes I like to wear. I know what games I like to play. I know who are my friends, and who are my enemies. I know who to trust. I know who to support. I know who Simon William George Wheeler is. He is and knows all of the above. 

But I want to still thank you all. You appreciation of me, my work, my good humour or support truly touches me. I would've never have thought I'd be so important to people, even if it was just a little. Because remember, just 5 years ago I was begging for someone to at least say a friendly greeting to me when they saw or talked to me. You've all been tremendous. I'm going to do tributes, and if you're not there, know that if I have communicated with you and had a laugh with you, you've been part of the reason I have gained so much confidence. 

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