The day I met the man that stole my heart

ugh today's the day I get to move to the other side of the planet leaving behind my wonderful friends and my gorgeous boyfriend. Why did dad have to accept that job I mean Australia! That's a huge leap from the cold and dreary days in Ireland to the scorching hot days in Australia. Anyway enough.


2. Puppy love

"Jess baby please don't do this I'm sorry okay we can  make this work please just don't go." Charlie was a sweet kid he was loving and kind but some how I just didn't wanna keep it going, it wasn't fair on him he needed to move on while I was away."Charlie it's not your decision, I don't wanna get into a long distance relationshi, so I think that we should say our goodbyes and move on." I turned to kiss his cheek knowing that would be the last time I see him. 

"Flight EF2017 to Sydney boarding now"

This is it... goodbye sweet Ireland 

*skips plane journey* 

"Mum is this blindfold really necessary?" "Yes Hun it is we want the house to be a surprise." Mum was always trying to cheer me up that's why I loved her so much.

*Arriving at the new house* 

"Are you ready baby to see your new home?" My mum asked the exicitment flowing out of her. "Sure mum" I said dryly. 

As she removes my blindfold my mouth drops "ITS FUCKING HUGE HOLY SHIT OH DEAR LORD THIS IS MY NEW HOUSE!!! MUM ITS SO

PRETTY.""I knew you would like it wait till you see your room, you're daddy bought you a present its in your room." He bought me a present?!?

He knows I hate surprises. As I bounded up the stairs I didn't know what

to expect. A million thoughts rushed through my head as I opened the

door a little pup ran out slipping and sliding. OH MY GOD THEY GOT ME A PUPPY AGHHH!!! I grabbed the collie pup and brought him downstairs "mum look at this little guy!" I squealed in awe" we thought you might like him." My mum said kissing my forehead. "Where is daddy I wanna thank him?" I asked curiously. I hadn't seen him since we landed.c"your dad had a business meeting but he'll be Home soon baby." Daddy always works, too hard I believe, he's rarely ever at home. As I grabbed the leash that I saw hanging on the rack I shouted that I was gonna go take a look around the neighbourhood. As I put the leash on and headed out the door the sun hit me its its warm powerful waves of heat. "Jesus it's warm dont ya think boy!" 


AUTHORS NOTE: Sorry for such a crappy chapter please like comment favourite and all the rest thanks ❤️👍🏻



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