The day I met the man that stole my heart

ugh today's the day I get to move to the other side of the planet leaving behind my wonderful friends and my gorgeous boyfriend. Why did dad have to accept that job I mean Australia! That's a huge leap from the cold and dreary days in Ireland to the scorching hot days in Australia. Anyway enough.


1. Leaving


"Mum I'm 15 please let me stay with Gracie she said its okay her parents allow me."

"Jessie I'm not having this discussion again your coming with us and that is FINAL!" Today's the day I leave for Australia, I leave behind my beautiful boyfriend and my amazing best friend. I didn't want to go I never wanted dad to accept that job offer but of course my opinion doesn't matter. Let me introduce myself my name is Jessie Tate I'm 15 and today's the day I get to start a fresh be a new me a new person. 


*arriving at the airport* 

"Jess baby promise you won't forget about me, I love you don't ever forget that I'm only a phone call away" my boyfriend charlie said with tears in his eyes "Charlie I love you too but this, us isn't going to work I'm moving to the other side of the world. I think it's best to end it now before any of us get hurt. I won't ever forget about you ever." I get up and hug him tears rolling down my cheeks. Damn why did I have to go why did my asshole of a dad have to do this to  me to us.


AUTHORS NOTE: I apologise this is my first time writing 😁It's New Year's Eve and my friends ditched me so I decided to write this hope you enjoy😊

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