Risk it All


Luke and Maggie have been best friends since they were little kids. Maggie gets bullied all the time at school. Luke only gets words thrown at him on the rare occasions that he is bullied that's still bad but Maggie get punches and kicks. Luke and Maggie are practicaly siblings Ashton, Michael, and Calum all help her she has an awful home life. Her mum uses her as a human punching bag and her dad is in jail. But after Luke makes a drunken mistake what happens? (Originally on Quotev.)


20. Michael

Michael's P.O.V.

Maggie can be crazy sometimes. Wait no all the time. This isn't the first time she has pulled me out of bed to go on some unknown 'adventure'. I love her but who the fuck is this person and why the fuck are they with Maggie and just what the fuck. "Okay so you must be wondering who this is." Maggie said gesturing to the unknown girl. "Yeah I am," I say almost jumping in the air to know. (A/N: Cause that makes sense.) "Michael this is Natalie, Natalie this is Michael." Maggie said gesturing in between us. "Nice to meet you now why the fuck are we here?!" I almost yelled at her. "Glad you asked young one, you see Natalie lives in my old house I don't know why or how I ended up there but I did and I met Natalie. She is super nice and sweet and goes through a few things like me." Maggie said. With how much that girl runs away she should join the cross-country team. Wait things like her is Natalie abused does she cut does she have a dead sister how would Maggie know she only met her today? "Wait how would you know," I asked. "I can tell I'm good at reading people, Michael." We were now whispering because we didn't want to hurt her feelings. "Okay fine- Hey Natalie what do you do for fun?" I asked walking over to her leaving Maggie smirking in the background. "I listen to music sometimes write you?" Natalie asked me with a small voice. "Listen to music, play guitar, hang out with my friends, nothing new.'' She gave me a small smile and looked at the ground I thought she was adorable honestly. Maybe she could hang out with us more.

A/N: I know I'm sorry I haven't updated in forever. Also this was a bit of a sucky Chapter. But it will get more interesting. Bye love you lovelies. Talk to me when you need to I'm always here.

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