Risk it All


Luke and Maggie have been best friends since they were little kids. Maggie gets bullied all the time at school. Luke only gets words thrown at him on the rare occasions that he is bullied that's still bad but Maggie get punches and kicks. Luke and Maggie are practicaly siblings Ashton, Michael, and Calum all help her she has an awful home life. Her mum uses her as a human punching bag and her dad is in jail. But after Luke makes a drunken mistake what happens? (Originally on Quotev.)


8. Maggie

Maggie's P.O.V.

I found myself at Michael’s place. Michael’s mum, Karen, opened the door I realized that they were in the middle of dinner I felt kind of intrusive but she realized that I had just cried and she asked me if I was okay I had never met her but Michael talks about her a lot she means a lot to him. “Are you okay honey?” She asked I almost forgot we had never met. I just shook my head and asked “c-can I see M-Mikey p-please?” “Of course dear. Michael you have company.” She called for her son. “Who mum?” He asked confused like he doesn’t get company much. “Um… I don’t know let me ask. What’s your name hun?” she asked so kindly like when Liz wants me to eat but doesn’t want to be too pushy. “M-Maggie” I said feeling stupid. “She said her name was Maggie.” She said but it sounded like a question. “Kay I’ll be right there.” He said confused. “Hey Maggie what are yo-“He stopped once he notice I had red eyes and was sniffling. “Mum go in the kitchen and I’ll finish up here kay?” He said wanting to have some privacy. “What’s wrong Mags?” He asked so concerned. “M-mum k-kicked m-me w-wrist s-slitter n-no w-where t-to h-hide n-need a-a f-fr-friend.” I completely broke down. “So let me get this straight your mum kicked you out of the house she found out you cut and you have nowhere to go where she can’t find you so you ran here and you need a gigantic bear hug.” Michael can always make me laugh I nodded my head and let him embrace me. “Hey is everything alright between you and Luke because he slapped you pretty hard.” “No we aren’t talking at the moment so I would say he is the biggest fuck wad on the planet right now besides my dad or mum.” I said wishing I was out of this conversation.  “Yeah Luke was weird tonight I don’t know what got into him. Hey you want to eat some dinner?” “Well my mum said I can’t eat but what the hell she won’t find out.” “Come on let’s go.” We walked into the kitchen. “Hey mum can Maggie stay for dinner and maybe the night she’s having problems with her mum right now so I was just wondering.” He asked and pulled a puppy dog face. “Of course dear grab a seat Maggie.”
Later on after I joined dinner they just asked me questions about myself. “So Maggie how did you and Michael meet?” “Well I’m best friends with Luke well more like a sister to Luke well was but anyway I was at Luke’s one day about to leave but then Michael came in Luke introduced us and then Michael hit on me and I slapped him and Luke slapped him upside the head.” I explained. “You have no manners do you son?” His dad asked. “He takes after you” Karen smart assed back. “The aftertaste to this is different than normal mum it’s good.” Michael said jokingly. “It will leave you with the memory.” I started to crack up at my own joke as well as Michael. “What’s so funny?” Karen asked confused. “Aftertaste is a song by Shawn Mendes and I said a line from the song.” I explained. “Oh okay that makes since.” She realized.
[A/N]: This wasn't the best chapter at the end I was just out of my mind but I wanted to mention Shawn Mendes sooo... idk.

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