Risk it All


Luke and Maggie have been best friends since they were little kids. Maggie gets bullied all the time at school. Luke only gets words thrown at him on the rare occasions that he is bullied that's still bad but Maggie get punches and kicks. Luke and Maggie are practicaly siblings Ashton, Michael, and Calum all help her she has an awful home life. Her mum uses her as a human punching bag and her dad is in jail. But after Luke makes a drunken mistake what happens? (Originally on Quotev.)


6. Maggie

Maggie's P.O.V.

We got to Luke’s house after everyone else was dropped off. Once we got in we got met with Liz’s ‘where the hell were you’ stare. “We were at a friend’s house don’t worry.” I said hopping Luke will keep his mouth shout luckily he did. “Mhm well get to bed you two.” “Oh uh Liz I’m going home tonight.” “No! Don’t, don’t leave don’t go because I will go with you I hate the idea of you in that house.” Luke pleaded. “I’m going my mum is probably passed out drunk right now and I can leave before she sees me plus why would you care about me you obviously don’t care and if you don’t want me hurt stay away from me.” I said so I wouldn’t wake up Andy. “Okay what happened at ‘your friend’s house’?” Liz knew something was wrong. “Nothing. Thank you so much for letting me stay here but I should go the longer I wait to go home the worst the punishment will be bye see you around.” I said just to mad at Luke to see what would happen to me.

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