Risk it All


Luke and Maggie have been best friends since they were little kids. Maggie gets bullied all the time at school. Luke only gets words thrown at him on the rare occasions that he is bullied that's still bad but Maggie get punches and kicks. Luke and Maggie are practicaly siblings Ashton, Michael, and Calum all help her she has an awful home life. Her mum uses her as a human punching bag and her dad is in jail. But after Luke makes a drunken mistake what happens? (Originally on Quotev.)


1. Maggie

A/N: Hey guys this is my story but I wrote this on quotev (another site.)

 Maggie’s P.O.V.
  Hi I’m Maggie me and Luke are best friends we always joke around together and we are like siblings. Ashton always jokes around with us saying that he should start making wedding plans because if you didn’t know us you would think that we were dating. He always jokes around with me in public and whenever he sees a guy “checking me out” as Luke puts it he kisses my check or holds my hand. He is very over protective of me because he know I have an awful home life and I get bullied at school not your usual hurtful words but punches, kicks, and a lot more. So he keeps me to himself. He acts like an older brother even though I’m older than him.
“Luke stop” I gasped between laughs he was tickling me to death.  “Why Mag? I’m not doing anything.” Luke was acting all innocent. “Fine you want to play it like that?” “Play it like what?” sounding a bit curious “uhum LIZ YOUR SON IS BEING A JERK AND TICKLING ME TO DEATH!” I yelled instantly Luke jump off and sat next to me on his phone. “You little bitch” Luke said jokingly giving me a joking glare. “Well Luke care to explain?”
“Yeah she’s a bitch”
Liz knows that we’re close and joke around a lot so she doesn’t take anything seriously with us. “Sure okay well Ashton, Michael, and Calum are coming over in a bit Maggie you can stay to if you want.” Liz being sympathetic since she knows my home life isn’t all that great. “Not spouse to eat mother’s order.” I said causally “Maggie I swear you will starve to death eat here or forever starve.” Luke and Liz give me the same stern look “FINE! I’ll eat” I throw my hands up in surrender “you two scare me sometimes ya’ know” “we know” they said at the same time “Good now would you like to spend the night again tonight?” “well…” “Mags pleeeeaaase you have cloths here and everything else you need quite honestly I hate the idea of you being in that house but I know you have to go back sometime but this is your safe place because school can’t be and home isn’t this is like your second home so this home is your escape I think you need one more day to cool off okay?” Luke asked with pleading eyes. “Okay I’ll stay here one more night but that’s it it’s only going to piss my mum off more if her punching bag isn’t there but oh well but Luke I’m a big girl I can take care of myself.” I gave in. “Okay I think the boys are here” Liz jumped in.


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