Risk it All


Luke and Maggie have been best friends since they were little kids. Maggie gets bullied all the time at school. Luke only gets words thrown at him on the rare occasions that he is bullied that's still bad but Maggie get punches and kicks. Luke and Maggie are practicaly siblings Ashton, Michael, and Calum all help her she has an awful home life. Her mum uses her as a human punching bag and her dad is in jail. But after Luke makes a drunken mistake what happens? (Originally on Quotev.)


11. Calum

Calum’s P.O.V.
     I woke up to my phone ringing. Fucking Michael. “What the fuck do you want its 7:09 AM right now I’m tried and want to sleep!” I snapped. “Well god Beyoncé it’s obvious that someone’s not a morning person.” Michael joked. “NO I’M NOT SO WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT!” I’m getting pissed. “Maggie’s over here and something really bad happened I’ll call Ashton later but get down here she’s balling her eyes out right now because of what Luke did.” Crap. “Oh fuck I’m going to fucking kill Luke!” “Trust me I think Maggie is first to kill Luke.” “True. So how long has she been there?” “Since last night she woke up screaming ‘STOP!’ and ‘No please I don’t want to do this’ and also ‘GET OFF OF ME!’ so she’s crying now and I’ve been trying to talk to her but she keeps on saying ‘I’m not ready to tell you yet’” He explained. “Okay I’m on my way leaving my house right now.” “Okay good hurry.” “Okay bye.” With that I hung up.
I got to Michael’s house his mum welcomed me I just ran into Michael’s bedroom. That action made his mum suspicious. She followed behind me with her eyebrows furrowed. We got to the room I didn’t even realize she was following me. I ran to Maggie I embraced her in a hug. I shushed her. “What happened dear?” Karen asked. “I-it’s n-nothing bad dream.” Maggie explained. “Well okay hope it didn’t scare you too much.” Karen obviously didn’t know what was going on here. With that she left. Thank god. “What was the dream about Mags?” I questioned hoping I could get some answers. “F-f-finding m-my s-sister d-dead m-my d-dad.” She explained breaking down more. “You mean when your dad got hauled off?” “N-no.” What else could she mean? A sudden burst through the door was heard.

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