Bell could do find by herself. Shes done it most of her life...well all of it. She couldn't wait to leave highschool which only was a years away. Bell only wanted to focus on her studies to move as far away as possible. She took a chance, to tell her past and future, with a new friend who always seems to have her back. His name is Jay Mason


3. Jay Mason

It suddenly was Friday and lunch. It seemed like yesterday that I actually started school. Things could always get better I thought as I rubbed my leg. I had 'tripped' this morning and ended up having to limp to Chase's car. I didn't tell people about my dad because I knew the truth was a lot more painful then a simple lie. She had noticed which I replied I was a terrible klutz and she laughed probably remembering all the times I have proven I was a klutz. 

  "Where's Sam?" Hailey asked looking around.

  "He's right there and leading someone to us." Everyone turned to look where Matt was pointing. Sam was leading someone and had his arm wrapped around him like he was a very old friend. I've only known Sam for two years and the only person I've known forever was Chase. Sam was leading a tall boy to us. His hair was the darkest I have ever seen, I mean it looked like the sky on a moonless night. It was long and shaggy with a few bits of his hair hanging in his face. He was probably as pale as me but it was hard to tell. He wore blue jeans and an white shirt with a leather jacket. 

  "Holy crap, he's freaking hot!" Chase whispered to me making me smile. She swore to her self she would never ever say a curse word.

  "I guess" I muttered back and began reworking the math problem in front of me. If math wasn't useful I wouldn't study it. The boy coming toward us was cute. 

  "Hey guys this is Jay. I knew his back at my home town." Sam said smiling broadly. That's right, Sam moved here.

  "Nice to meet you guys." Jay said in a low smooth voice. I nodded concentrating on my problem.

  "This is Hailey, that right there is Matt. He's gonna be an NFL receiver one day! That one is Chase, careful she bites"

  "Do not!" Chase huffed. 

  "And the quiet and cranky one, at times, is Bell" I didn't look up but scribbled the finally correct answer. 

  "Nice to meet you guys." Jay said. I looked up to see both of them sit down. The only thing that caught my attention was his eyes. Every color possible seemed to be splattered in his eyes. His gaze turned to me and with a hot face I began the next problem.

  "Is he going to come to the movies with us?" Chase asked.

  "No, I didn't know you were going but seems like that was an invitation I'll gladly accept." Jay replied making Sam laugh. He was being too formal. Or maybe I was just annoyed at the stupid math problem.

  "That reminds me, guess who's coming to the movies with us?" Chase said excitedly.

  "Who?" Hailey pointed to a math error. 


  "She's finally coming?" Matt asked than realized I was glaring at him. "I mean you're coming with us?" I nodded. That's why my leg was going to be bruised for a week. Just then the bell rang. Gathering up my belongings I headed to class without another word. 


  "Two tickets to see The Hollow" Chase said as I pulled my fraying jacket closer. She was pulling off a lime green dress today and some bright red heels. Christmas was a long time away, Chase, I mused smiling at the joke. The thing was, she pulled it off. Every color possible Chase could pull it off. I've seen her wear a lemon yellow shirt with black tights and pull it off. To her she could wear anything she wanted because it made her feel empowered. I preferred dark colors to blend in with the shadows. We were polar opposites but she stuck with me and we were one hell of friends.

 "I thought Sam was paying for all the tickets?" Matt asked leaning on the ticket counter. He wore what normally jock wear. Basketball shorts, a muscle shirt, and high socks with flip flops. He had already complained that he had to rush over from practice to meet us here.

 "This is my treat!" Chase said batting her heavily mascara eyes. "However its only extended to Bell because she finally decided to come with us!" Yeah, I'm usually working. Instead of saying that out loud, I simple shrugged and looked back toward the parking lot. Sam and Jay were coming up to us. Jay seemed to have the exact same outfit as the day I met him. Sam, on the other hand, most likely just came back from a photo shoot. Sunglasses, scarf, fedora, and the highest fashion anyone can buy. That kid needed to learn to save money not spend it on clothes. 

 "Sam and Jay are here but where is Haily?" I asked

 "She had a last minute babysitting job. I mean her little siblings go through babysitters like I go through bobby pins." True, it did seem like every week Chase was buying bobby pins every week. Those suckers just disappear. Ah, the things that makes a girl struggle. 

 "Well, I had work...."

 "You work for my mom, Bell. I think she'll let you take off." Chase poked me in the shoulder.

 "Not every weekend! That's the busiest!" Chase's mom owned a restaurant. It was a huge hot spot for teens, kids, parents, and the whole town. Weekends it gets hectic. Just thinking of Chase's mom stress was making me stress. She gets really edgy when she's stress.

 "Yo, I didn't think you guys would make it before us." Sam exclaimed giving everyone a hug. Jay simple shook Matt's hand and leaned back on his heels. I just now realized how tall he actually was. Matt was at least five-eleven and Jay was at least six feet tall. Being five feet and three suddenly seemed like a midget. Even Chase was at least an inch taller than me, despite the heels. That made Sam the shortest boy here as tall as Chase. Was I just now realizing that I was the shortest in the group? Yes, yes I was.

 "Unlike you, we don't prefer to be fashionably late." I muttered and a deep laugh made me lock eyes with Jay. His eyes still had every color in them. I gulped and looked away. Why was I nervous under those piercing eye?

 "Three student tickets for the Hollow" Sam said sticking his debit card under the glass. The old man behind the glass nodded and took the card. 

 "So Jay, ever think of trying out sports?" Matt asked nudging him.

 "Nah, I've never tried out." Jay shrugged "I mean I really don't care for sports that much. Not really a team kind of guy." 

 "Don't worry about that dude. A lot of sports players aren't a team player. Hence why we drill sportsmanship into their bones."

 "Oh, is that what happens in the boy's locker room?" I muttered as a joke. Again, Jay laughed and Chase giggled. I guess Matt didn't hear because he immediately began to talk about which teams he should try out. We walked into the theatre as Chase was asking Sam for some pointers, like she needed any, and Jay nodding along with Matt's spiel. I sat in the dark theater as the commercials began playing. I glanced over at Chase who smiled at me.

 "If you get scared, you're always welcomed to hold my hand." She leaned over and muttered. I smirked.

 "Let's see who's the bigger scaredy cat, eh?" I retorted.

 "Five bucks says you'll both be scared" Jay had leaned over on my right and held out his hand. 

 "It's on" I agreed shaking his hand. It's not like I have five bucks on me but ice cream after this sounded good.


 I took a huge bite of the extra large chocolate mint ice cream in front of me. As soon as it hit the roof of my mouth my whole forehead froze. Not like that mattered. I had won the bet. It was the most wonderful feeling. Chase was slowly sipping on her chocolate shape as she scrolled through her phone. Jay was stirring his vanilla ice cream listening to Matt and Sam. Both boys were too busy discussing the movie to actually eat their ice cream.He suddenly turned to me. His brow was furrowed in confusion.

 "Are you afraid of anything?" He asked silencing the conversation. Good question, I thought feeling the ice cream sit on my tongue.

 "No," Chase muttered. She had paled considerable. "Every time we take her to the movies or show her a scary movie she doesn't get scared. Sure a jump at a pop out is normal but that's it. She laughs at it later!" It seemed like Chase was scared of me or the movie hadn't left her system yet. I laughed and took another bite. 

"Now that I think about it, I have a hard time scaring her. Like jump scares are one thing, she'll just laugh it off. I have never seen her truly terrified." Matt said finally glancing at his melted ice cream.

  "Here's the new deal, Ms. I-can't-be-scared. If I scare you, I owe you twenty bucks."

  "Twenty bucks?" I laughed, "How about if you can scare me I'll come to more events."

 "Like what we're doing now?" Chase asked perking up. Why not? It's senior year. I held out my hand. Jay grasped it firmly.

  "Deal" We agreed together. What's the worse thing that can happen?


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