Bell could do find by herself. Shes done it most of her life...well all of it. She couldn't wait to leave highschool which only was a years away. Bell only wanted to focus on her studies to move as far away as possible. She took a chance, to tell her past and future, with a new friend who always seems to have her back. His name is Jay Mason


2. Bottles on the Wall

  "Need a ride home?" Chase asked as we walked to her car. I always walked her to her car then headed home. I really shouldn't ask her but I needed a lot.

  "Yeah, but not home." I mumbled. Chase had gotten her license over the summer. Her bright red BMW looked cleaner then my house. 

  "Where to? I need to make it up to you for skipping this morning." She said leaning on her car. 

  "I need to go to the store."

  "For lunches?" I nodded. "Get in" she jerked her head to the car. As I got to the passenger side, Chase's brother ran up. "Your walking home boy" Chase said getting in. I slightly smiled at the excitement spreading into the boy's face. I got into the car and took a deep breath of nonalcoholic air. 

  "So, does your parents care if he walks or not." Chase laughed

  "They only care if I do" I chuckled wishing for freedom like that. "Say, the guys and I were talking and I'm gonna pick you up at six on Saturday to go see a new movie."

  "Sounds good" I said wincing at the thought. But that's me I technically agree to everything. 

  "Awesome!" The rest of the conversation was what normal people had. Talking about movies, music, and the latest news. When we got to the store, Chase immediately went insane by putting food in the cart that I knew I wouldn't eat. As a health nut, Chase thought she knew everything about health and which food to eat. She was also a nut about cheapness. After getting a month of groceries I hesitantly held out my father's credit card. 

  "Put that silly thing away!" Chase said and I glanced at her. "It's on me because you're coming to the movies." That's right, I rarely go because of excuses I make. I put it away and watched as Chase paid for the food. I owed her big time. As we were heading home I noticed the sky was changing colors. If it's dark by the time I get to the house I was going to be in trouble. However Chase got to my house with light to spare. 

  "Thank you so much." I said gathering all the bags. 

  "Let me help" Chase said but my smile made her stop.

  "You've helped to much." I said and hurried to the door. She smiled, waved and drove off. Sighing heavily I opened the door and headed to the kitchen dumping the bags on the table. I could hold so many bags at once due to much practice. A sudden image of a small girl walking home with groceries in her wagon sprung to mind. Shaking that away I began unpacking. As I began putting stuff away I noticed that there were more beer bottles in the sink then in the fridge. Sighing I placed all of the bottles into the recycling. Throwing all the old and moldy food away I tied up the trash bag. Tossing it over my shoulder and picking up the can for recycling I headed out the back door to the bigger cans. 

  "Today's Tuesday which means the cans need to go out." I muttered throwing the bag in the trash can and the recycling in the bin labeled recycling. Pushing the recycling down the driveway I heard a bottle move. Not from in the can which it consisted mostly of but like a bottle across asphalt. Looking around the floodlight from across the street lit the empty road. No one was there. Shrugging I placed the can at the end of the driveway and headed back up. As I closed the back door, locking it up, the fridge opened. I pressed my back to the door seeing the man from this morning. 

  "What's for dinner?" He grumbled slamming the fridge door shut. Flinching, his sudden appearance rendered me speechless. He pointed his middle finger at me while holding another beer bottle. "Answer dammit!" He roared.

  "I'm not sure, dad, but there..."

  "Why the fuck did you buy this shit then?" He roared.

  "We're having steak!" I whimpered like a dog but moved over to the sink. He lumbered over to me as I gripped the counter. 

  "Why is it not done then?" He said inching closer to me.

  "I haven't had time to start it, dad."

  "You piece of..." I didn't hear the rest mostly because being slapped in the ear renders you death a few minutes. Suddenly he disappeared and I awkwardly walked over to the fridge to prepare dinner. I knew why he was angry. Technically he had to sober up for the next few days to work and he hated being sober. It reminded him of all the pain our family has endured. He hates it and I hate it when he drinks. His anger came out violent and masked his pain with anger. 


  Exhausted I flopped onto the bed. I ear still rang but it was slowly fading. Dinner was a steak, green beans, and homemade potatoes. He had burst into my room to hit my ear again for a horrible job because the steak wasn't as raw as he wanted it. I always made it medium raw for him then cooked the rest to well done. He like pink, I didn't. It was lucky that I finished homework early as the clock read eleven. After dinner, I noticed how dirty the house was and clean the whole house. I took a shower as he downed about three more 16 oz bottles. My damp hair soaked the pillow. On the beside table next to me was a broken picture frame. The picture had my mom and I. People said we could've been sisters even when I was really little. She died when I was seven. Lost the battle to cancer. After my mom past my father became stressed and lonely. He had seemed to have forgotten about me or didn't care. Both my grandparents were dead, a house fire and a plane crash. Literally my dad and I were the only people alive in our family. I turned away from the frame. It pained me to look at my mother's face. Did she also endure this abuse? I will never know. 

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