Bell could do find by herself. Shes done it most of her life...well all of it. She couldn't wait to leave highschool which only was a years away. Bell only wanted to focus on her studies to move as far away as possible. She took a chance, to tell her past and future, with a new friend who always seems to have her back. His name is Jay Mason


1. Damn Mornings

  The vibration of my phone made me look down. The name that popped up was one of the few friends I had. Swiping the lock screen with my pinkie, I had make-up on the other fingers, I stared at her message. She couldn't give me a ride to school because her brother was being a butt and taking to long. Sighing I looked back up at the mirror. The only reason I was putting on make-up was so my friend, Chase. Only so that she didn't bug me about how I looked like a zombie. I mean, I never look like a zombie, but its how she saw me. Finishing the foundation I tied my hair in a high ponytail. Chase will probably change it at school but it was good for now. My brown thick hair glinted with natural highlights which I despised some much. My eyes seemed to become a darker brown due to eyeliner. Plastering a smile to my face I looked at my fake appearance. I can fool everyone. Sighing, my smile faded, once more I walked out of the bathroom. Creeping quietly down stairs I walked into the kitchen, peeking in just in case. He wasn't there. He probably actually went to work. I smiled at the insane thought. Opening the fridge I moved the many beer bottles to the side and grabbed a water bottle in the far back. I needed to clean this fridge tonight. There was more bottles than food.

  "I also need to go to the store." I muttered closing the fridge and jumping back in shock. A man leaned on the fridge. He hadn't shaved in days, or showered, and he wore the same dirty clothes. A plaid shirt and jeans with holes. His lumpy brown hair fell past his chin and his red rimmed eyes glared at me.

  "What did you say" He slurred. I glanced down to see a bottle in his hand.

  "I didn't know you were there, dad. I had said that I needed to go to the store." I said trying to hide shaking hands.

  "What's behind your back!" He roared ignoring me. I stepped back my legs against the table and showed him the water bottle. "Rubbish" He said and pushed me to the side like a rag doll. I somehow managed not to fall. He muttered something intelligible to my trained ears and staggered out of the kitchen. Taking a deep breath I grabbed my school books and shoved them in my bag. I heard something crash and glanced at a clock. I was going to be late either way. Clenching my fists, I swung my bag over my shoulder and headed out the back door. Sprinting to the gate, I ran along the sidewalk until I was blocks away from my house. 


  The second bell rang as I slid into my seat. My teacher glared at me but began attendance over the announcements. Great, almost late on the third day of school. Chase leaned forward from behind me. Her candy red hair made perfect curls and her big green eyes were tinted blue this morning. Plus I could tell she had a ton of make-up on. Somehow she pulled off a bright green shirt and ripped blue jeans.

  "Sorry" She whispered and I shot her a side smile. The teacher finished role and looked directly at me and Chase. I gulped but his eyes moved on. This was not going to be a fun homeroom. After about five minutes of lectures a crumpled up ball of paper landed on my desk. I stared at it then glanced up at the teacher. He was still talking to the whiteboard. I looked around to see a guy waving at me. I shot him a questioning look and he slapped his forehead. Pointing at the ball of paper in my hand then to the girl across from me then back to him. I nodded. This happened all the time. A note comes to me via someone miss calculated the shot. Glancing up at the teacher I passed the note to the girl across from me moving my head in the boy's direction.

  "Miss. Ackilson, would you like to answer my question. I ask when prohibition was and if it was effective."

  "Bell, sir, and prohibition was 1919 to 1933 and it was not effective as was hoped." Though I wish it was, I added in my mind. 

  "Thank you, as Miss. Ackilson was saying...blah, blah, blah" It was weird that I wasn't listening as much as I wanted to but it was senior year and under my books I had pamphlets of colleges. I wanted to go somewhere far away from this medium size town. This year seemed like it was going to be slow, very slow. 


  "Where the hell is your lunch?" Chase shrieked.

  "Um... good question. Attention lunchroom there has been a kidnapping of a lunch!" I said as if I cared. There were a bunch of chuckles and I looked around at my group of friends. Matt, on almost every single sports team this school had which somehow was physically possible. He turned bright pink in laughter. It really wasn't that funny but the guy hardly gets to laugh these days. Hailey snorted making her red rimmed glasses fall forward. Chase angrily searched in her bag for God-knows what. Sam ruffled his brown hair and smirked. What an odd bunch, I thought suddenly. I mean we have the jock (Matt), the model (Sam), the president of every nerd club (Hailey), and the could-be popular (Chase). 

  "Here" Chase set an apple and a sandwich on my homework I had started. "Eat it" She commanded looking proud. Not wanting to reject the free food, I munched on the sandwich brushing crumbs off my book. 

  "Sam, what are you doing?" Hailey asked ignoring Matt's newest story of being the best overlooked player. I glanced up at Sam who was standing looking around. 

  "Looking for someone, babe" He answered in his deep voice. It's a wonder that girls weren't crawling around him because I knew my group of friends loved him. Matt included. Sam could make a straight boy gay. That actually has happened. Last year a straight boy came out gay and immediately asked Sam out. Sam couldn't say no because that's who he is but they didn't start dating. Actually I believe Sam is dating some college girl. I don't know it was rumored. Nor do we ask about it. We could care less. By we, I meant me.

  "Who?" Chase asked clearly intrigued. 

  "A buddy of mine, he went to the same..." I tuned Sam out and tried to concentrate. Hailey kept butting in with her messy chin length dirty blonde hair that hit me with each turn of her head. Why she sat so close to me, I have no idea. 

  "Shit" I muttered seeing how my math problem was completely off by a factor of 100. I stood up gathered my books and left without saying goodbye. It' not like they noticed either. I had math tutoring anyways.

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