Adopted? Not Really.

Kaitlyn has been an orphan for about 8 years. She was taken to a kids home after the police found out that her parents abused her and her siblings. She falls in love with her best friend Ryan and he loves her back. what happens when one day she gets adopted, but one of the many people she doesn't like? Will her and Ryan last or will something go terribly wrong? Read to find out.


7. Chapter 7

Kaitlyn’s POV:


    Me and Simon were sitting down filming to prove that I was adopted by One Direction. (K: Kate, S: Simon)

K: Ok guys. So this is Simon Cowell. And he’s here to prove that...I was adopted by One Direction!

    Me and Simon started dancing in our seats.

S: Ok, now that we got our jiggles out. You are the many people are watching this.

K: Around 1 million.


K: Yeah.

S: Wow...congratulations.

K: Thanks.

S: Anyway you are the first 1 million people to know this exciting news but you have to keep quiet. When it’s in the headlines then you can say that you already knew for how ever many months before the headline comes out.

K: Also this video will only be up until 10 pacific standard time or at least california time. Ok that’s all for today. Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and if this video gets to...pick any number Simon.

S: 200,542

K: Ok if this video gets to 200,542 likes than I’ll post a cover video because you guys have been asking for one of those for a while now. But that video will be one of next week's videos because I already have this week’s video planned.

    I ended the video and I have a lot of editing to do tonight. Simon said that I could record a video with the boys and post it. I was thinking a Q&A. That should be fun. I walked down stairs when I heard yelling.

“Wait, I have a third sister?!”

“Damn It!”


“Yay, Niallers got a girlfriend!!!”

I walked to the door of the living room and opened it slightly. Niall and Louis were smiling, Liam was angry, Zayn and Harry were glaring at each other. Niall told them, thank god I didn’t want to tell them.

L: Wait she’s your girlfriend too?

N: Wait too?

L: Yeah. When we were leaving this guy came and broke up with her.

H: I’ll be back. I’m going to the bathroom.

    Harry was walking towards the door. I sprinted towards my room. I got there grabbed my laptop opened it, unlocked it, opened editor and sat on my bed. The chip was already in there. I had downloaded my video to my laptop before I left. Then Harry walked in and I was ‘casually’ editing a video.

(H: Harry, K: Kaitlyn)

H: Hey Kaitlyn can I talk to you?

K: Sure. What’s up?

H: So it...was what Niall said true?

K: Um...I don’t know what you’re talking about.

    Play it off, just play it off. I swung my feet over the edge of the bed, put my laptop behind me on the bed and sat next to Harry.

H: Niall said that you guys are dating. Is it true?

    He had hope in his eyes, does he like me?

K: Yeah….

    I hate that I’m agreeing to this because technically the answer would be no. I have a boyfriend and his name is Ryan.

K: Harry, just in case you were going to tell me that you like me. I would have to tell you that I don’t think of you like that. No offense, but you’re way too flirty and handsy.

H: Wait who told you that?

K: Taylor told me.

H: Taylor... as in Taylor Swift? You know her?

K: Yeah. Did you not know that?

H: No, didn’t know that.

K: Oh...

    I turned my head towards my closet. When I turned to Harry again he smashed his lips to mine. I pushed him away from me. I was jogging to the living room, but he was catching up fast. I sprinted into the living room running over to the corner, Harry stopped running after me when I ran into the living room with everyone else. Sorry it’s a habit, I would run over to the little corner whenever the girls said something that hurt me. Although I would never let them know it.

(L: Liam, N: Niall, Z: Zayn)

L: Kaitlyn what’s wrong?

Z: How do you know some things wrong?

L: Last time I saw her in a corner she was crying because her best friend was killed.

K: Liam I don’t know what to do….

L: Guys let me talk to her alone.

N&Z: Ok….

L: Kat, look at me what’s wrong?

K: This is all just so stressful. I have to keep up with a lie that could damage the most important relationship I have. This lie, this extension of the truth is always right behind me. No matter how hard I’m trying to leave it behind and move on, it always catches up with me. It ruins everything I’ve built. The walls I’ve put to defend myself and they come crumbling down every time….

L: What do you mean?

K: I never disappeared….

~~~~~~Author's Note~~~~~~ Hey guys I have some more stories that I thought of publishing , but I'm not completly sure if I should cause they aren't finished. But honestly neither is this one, I'm just writing as I go. Anyway I might not post another chapter for a while. Bye!
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