Adopted? Not Really.

Kaitlyn has been an orphan for about 8 years. She was taken to a kids home after the police found out that her parents abused her and her siblings. She falls in love with her best friend Ryan and he loves her back. what happens when one day she gets adopted, but one of the many people she doesn't like? Will her and Ryan last or will something go terribly wrong? Read to find out.


5. Chapter 5

Kat’s POV:


    When we got to the room and Liam told me where everything is, I noticed that my phone was lying next to the bag of letters Lia and I wrote for our celebrity crushes. Whatever. Lia and I shared a youtube channel so I decided I would tell the 1 million subscribers what happened. We have two cameras one for our vlogging channel and our main channel.

K: Hey guys I know Lia and I never post videos today, but I thought that I would tell you why Lia isn’t here with me right now and why I’m somewhere new. Not the place where Lia and I always film. So there is bad news and good news. Let’s start with the bad news, so today at the care home the girls literally killed Lia and guess who was apart of it...(pause)...(deep breathes)...Callie. Yeah, Callie as in Lia’s ‘sister’ Callie. Anyways to brighten things up the good news...I got adopted!! I know Exciting right! Yeah that’s until you find out who it is...I wasn’t too excited to leave because I don’t really like them, but hey! I was adopted! Yeah well if you guys want I can do a room tour. In a different video though because this room is huge. So yeah this video will most likely be up before the vlog. The vlog does have some clips from earlier today that Lia vlogged. Anyway I want you guys to meet some people. Boys! Can you come here?

    I heard footsteps up the stairs.

N: What’s up?

One, Two, Three

K: Where’s the other two

L: Downstairs

K: Well, this will have to do.

Li: What do you need baby girl?

K: I was doing a youtube video and was wondering if I could tell them who I was adopted by?

Li: I don’t know let me ask Simon.

Lo: I’ll call in case he doesn’t answer Li.

K: Niall?

    I just wanted to say sorry I was going to say it to all of them but one at a time works, too.


Niall’s POV:


    “Niall?” I turned to see Kat looking at me, then she patted the bed next to her.(K: Kat. N: Niall)

N: Yes?

K: I just wanted to say sorry.

N: Why?

K: Because of earlier when I ughed and rolled my eyes. It’s a bad habit of mine, back at the care home the girls were like in love with you so it got annoying.

N: I think Harry took it the hardest.

K: Oh I have something for you.

N: What?

K: Well, it was Lia’s but we made a promise to give these to our idols.

N: Is that what that big bag is for?

    She laughed. I love her laugh.

K: Here just read them.

    She gave me two? I thought she didn’t really like us. I read them anyway. Letter #1:

Dear Niall,

    My name is Lia, I know this letter may never get to you, but I believe it will one day. Anyway, I’m a huge fan I love all your music. I have three siblings two of which got adopted. I have a twin sister named Callie. As you may know you work for Simon Cowell. Well I’m happy to say that on September 15 (my birthday) I will be returning home. You are probably wondering why I brought up Simon in the first place. Well, my full name is Lia Marie Cowell. Niall if I don’t live long enough to even see my 19th birthday I was wondering if you could tell daddy for me,  please? I know you used to babysit Callie, Jack, Maddi and I. So I’m trusting you.


Lia Marie Cowell :)

    I was crying, but read the other letter. Letter #2:

Dear Niall.

    My name is Kaitlyn. I know I don’t really like One Direction,  but I like two of your songs, only two. My best friend Lia and I know where we come from and my file says I’m a Payne. If Lia ends up seeing you more often I hope you tell Liam that he has a third sister. Oh, and  just so you know why I’m trusting you, I knew Simon and you when on The X-Factor.



    I looked at Kat and she had regret and fear in her eyes. Then everything came flooding back. How could I forget my favorite and the best girlfriend. I gave her a hug and she started crying.

K: Hey Ni-Ni.

    I laughed, the nicknames we had were insane.

N: Hey Kitty-Kat. I missed you….I thought you were gone.

    I said that into her ear and she stiffened. Then someone walked into the room.


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