Adopted? Not Really.

Kaitlyn has been an orphan for about 8 years. She was taken to a kids home after the police found out that her parents abused her and her siblings. She falls in love with her best friend Ryan and he loves her back. what happens when one day she gets adopted, but one of the many people she doesn't like? Will her and Ryan last or will something go terribly wrong? Read to find out.


4. Chapter 4

Chapter 3


Kaitlyn’s P.O.V:


    Lia is on the floor and Gigi is punching her. Lia is slowing down and there’s a blood puddle growing by the second. No she can’t go!

“Stop get away from her!” I yelled, but no one could here me with all the yelling, crying and screaming.

“Holley! Come here and please hurry!”

    After calling Holley I pulled Gigi off of Lia and pushed her. Gigi pushed me back; it was a full blown fight between us and that’s when Holly came in and pulled me away from her.

(K: Kaitlyn, H: Holley)

K: What the hell Gigi?! Lia never did anything to you! What’s your problem?! Was she your way of getting to me? Because now you’re a murderer!

    I know that hurt her feelings, but she...

H: Kate. Lia... She doesn’t have a pulse.

K: You fucking killed her! Are you happy bitch?! You finally got me! But you had to go after my best friend. That was low, even for you Gigi.

    I said the last part quieter and ran out of the room crying and into the living room. I forgot Liam was there, but I ran straight to my corner. (L: Liam, K: Kaitlyn)

L: Hey are you ok?

    I shook my head ‘no’

L: Do you want to talk about it in the car?

    Wait a second is he adopting me? Oh god….

K: Car? What do you mean? Are you adopting me?

L: Yeah I am.

    I hope this doesn’t make him think I don’t want to go. I’m going to do it anyway. I ran out of the room smiling leaving a confused Liam sitting in my corner and straight into the room I shared with Lia. Oh poor Lia. I took out my bags and Lia’s bags. If i’m leaving than Lia is ‘leaving’ with me. I started with her things: snapbacks, clothes, shoes, sunglasses and both of our phone cases (we have the iPhone 5c in blue). Then my things: snapbacks, guitar, clothes, sunglasses, cameras and lets not forget my phone. I would pack Lia’s but there’s no need. I finished zipping up my bags when Liam came in with his head down so he couldn’t see my bags, I was half smiling.

L: Hey. Sorry I didn’t...

    I started laughing, he looked up and saw my bags. He smiled, ran to me, hugging and spinning me in the air.

K: I’m glad I’m leaving.

    I whispered in his ear while hugging back. I heard footsteps in the hallway.

K: Liam hid in the closet.

L: Ok.

He ran in the closet and right when he closed the door Gigi walked into my room with the other girls behind her. Some of them still shocked at what she did and the guys behind them watching confused because they don’t know what happened.(G: Gigi)

G: Kaitlyn….I’m sorry I killed your best friend.

    The guys stood up straight and Ryan looked at me with tears threatening to run down his face. Ryan was best friends with Lia and I, he told us everything. Ryan and I started dating about 1 year and a half ago.

K: I’m never going to forgive you. Lia was looking forward to september and know I have to break the news to her parents.

G: What are you talking about?

C: Our parents were going to take her back in and be real honest parents. The kind they thought they weren’t. Which is the reason we were all here. Blah blah blah….They also wanted me but I didn’t want to.

K: Now what? Lia had a life to live and you had to ruin it because of a stupid fight. That you happened to take way too far Gigi.

    After that Liam came out with tears in his eyes. The girls stood up straight fangirling hoping he would choose them. Ridiculous. Instead he ran over to me and hugged me, I was in tears again. I opened my eyes and Ryan looked angry and jealous. I let Liam go, but I could tell he didn’t want me to.

L: Let’s go baby girl.

    I know he’s rubbing it in because he saw Ryan giving him the evil eye.

K: Yeah….

    With that we grabbed my bags and I walked out into the hallway first. The girls gasped and we laughed. I stopped at the door and turned around to Ryan.

(R: Ryan, K: Kait, L: Liam)

R: So you’re really leaving?

K: Yeah I know baby. I’m going to miss you like crazy.

R: Do you have to go? Can’t you stay for the day or something?

K: You know I can’t….but tomorrow if you text me you can come over and we’ll hang out and go out together. Ok?

R: Yeah alright.

    He came up to me, put his hands on my waist and leaned his forehead on mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck.

R: I can’t wait for tomorrow.

K: Neither can I.

    He pulled me closer and kissed me. Fireworks went off in my stomach as his hands traveled to the small of my back. God I’m going to miss being around him all the time. Whenever I need someone to to comfort me when I’m down, tell my secrets to. He was my best friend and we promised to never leave each other. Now I’m breaking that promise. We broke apart because Liam started calling me.

L: We have to get going Kaitlyn.

K: Ok. I’m coming.

    I loosened my grip and slid my hands down his neck to his chest.

R: You have no idea how much I’m going to miss you.

K: I’m pretty sure I’ll miss you more.

    He laughed a bit and looked me in the eyes.

R: Kaitlyn….I love you….

    I smiled and kissed him. I’ve been waiting so long to hear those words and I love hearing them. He broke the kiss sooner than I wanted and expected.

R: But I don’t think this is going to work….

K: What do you mean? Ryan this is going to work. We can make this work. I’m willing to make it work as long as you are. I can’t do this on my own….

R: I’m sorry….it’s for the best….

    I stepped away from him and he looked hurt like the words burned coming out.

K: Don’t fucking tell me it’s for the best! I don’t believe you! First you were all I’m going to miss you can’t you stay for the day! Now you’re I think we should break up because it’s ‘not going to work’! What’s up with you?

R: Nothing….it’s nothing….

K: Clearly it’s not nothing if you can’t tell me….we are best friends. I can read you like an open book you were fine until Liam came….back….

    He looked up and at Liam who was looking away but I could tell he was smiling.

R: It’s not that easy….

K: I’m not walking away from you….or giving up on you….something’s wrong….I know it….

    I walked up to him and put my hands on his cheeks that had tears running down them. He put his hands on my wrists and held them there.

K: If you’re going to start pushing me away….then I’m going to give you the space you want. If you want to talk to me just text me.

    I had tears running down my face as well now and we just stood there until he finally whispered something to me.

R: Please don’t leave me….it wasn’t my fault. Liam wanted me to break up with you….I don’t know why. I regret everything I said….I promise on my life I do I really do. But you’ve got to pretend that I’m actually breaking up with you. I just hate seeing you cry. I’m sorry I didn’t stand up for us….I’m sorry I didn’t fight to stay with you. I’m not good enough for you….you can do so much better and you know that, but you stay anyway. I’m glad you do. I love knowing that even though you could do so much better you don’t….you’re always by my side and whenever I doubt myself….you always show me that you love me and you wouldn’t change me for the world….and….and for that….I love you….

K: I love you too….but you don’t ever have to think that I’ll leave you or trade you for the world….or anyone ‘better’ because I wouldn’t be able to see myself with anyone else.

    He let go of my hands and stepped back. It hurt it really did even though I know he doesn’t ever want to let me go. I felt my heart break a bit because he is falling under pressure, but not the pressure of the people he loves. The pressure of someone he’s never met until today. I turned around furious, I tried my best to hide it but it was hard because he told my boyfriend that he had to break up with me. I had tears running down my face, but they weren’t sad tears. No they are tears of anger. I walked to Liam picked up the remaining bags and walked out without a word to him. I put the bags in the trunk and went to the passenger side of the car while Liam was walking around to the drivers side. I put my hand on the handle and looked at Ryan who was now standing in the doorway. I smiled at him and winked.

K: Text me!

    I got in the car and stayed quiet not wanting to talk to Liam.




    We arrived at his house it was huge.

L: You like it?

    I was so shocked by the house all i could do was smile.

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