Adopted? Not Really.

Kaitlyn has been an orphan for about 8 years. She was taken to a kids home after the police found out that her parents abused her and her siblings. She falls in love with her best friend Ryan and he loves her back. what happens when one day she gets adopted, but one of the many people she doesn't like? Will her and Ryan last or will something go terribly wrong? Read to find out.


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1


Kaitlyn’s P.O.V:


    It’s June 2016, my friends Callie, Olivia (they're twins) and I are going to pick up our siblings from school. Today was their last day and now onto summer break. Outfit:


My other friend’s names are: Adriana, Taylor, Justin, Camila, and Luke. Our siblings names are: Kaden and Jaden, the identical twins(my siblings). Also Jack and Maddi, the not identical twins (Lia and Callie's siblings). Kaden, Jaden and I don’t look alike at all. I’m 9 years older than them, but people say that I look like Liam Payne from One Direction. My name is Kaitlyn but my friends call me: Kate, Kay-bae, Lyn, and Kiki. Callie, Lia and I are orphans because two couples wanted little kids, as usual. They asked if we were okay with being separated, but honestly we weren’t. It was their only chance and we didn’t want to take it away. So we let them go, sadly. Lia, Callie and I are 18 turning 19 in September. Which means off to the streets with us. At our care home we get to stay until 19 so our caretaker can make sure we’re ‘ready to face the real world on our own’. I mean we’re 19 I think we can take care of ourselves. Anyway back to reality. Today some adopter is coming so we have to get everyone ready. Miss Holley lets us help out and earn money doing so. Only because we are home-schooled, Miss Holley knows that I don’t do well with the sluts that go around judging people. I got kicked out of my last school because I punched some girl and caused a lot of chaos. Lia and Callie are just shy because they have never gone to an actual school. Lia and I are the only ones with a licences so we got into the car and are on our way to pick up Maddi, Jack, Jaden and Kaden, I’m driving. Lia and I take turns picking them up and taking them home. Callie always goes with Lia to pick up them up. Since it’s the last day of school we all agreed to pick them up together. The only reason we decided to is because we are only allowed to see them when we pick them up and drop them off at their houses with their babysitters every weekday.





    We were in the middle of a conversation when we hear our names being yelled out. We turned, the girls and I were tackled to the grass.

“Maddi! Jack! Hey guys. Are you ok?” Callie asked They nodded their little heads smiling.

“Are you ready for summer?” Lia asked. Jack nodded, but Maddi stayed quiet.

“Hey Kaden! Wait where's Jaden?” I asked really scared. Then they all started laughing and we stood up looking at them confused.

“Jaden is inside.” Kaden said laughing harder (they’re in 3rd grade)

“Yeah with a girl.” Maddie said wiggling her eyebrows.

“A very cute girl.” Jack stated. When we caught on we just started laughing and in no time the little children were laughing with us.

“Hey Kate, Lia and Callie. Why are you laughing?” Jaden said. We all stopped laughing and looked at him.

”Let’s get in the car. Then we’ll talk about why we were laughing.” Lia said trying so hard not to laugh.

“Okay.” Everyone said. Most of us trying really hard not to laugh as well.

-Car Ride-


“So Jaden, I hear you meet a really pretty girl, yeah?”


Jaden’s P.O.V:


“So Jaden. I hear you meet a really pretty girl, yeah?” Kate said. I’m going to kill Maddie, Jack and Kaden.

“N-No I-I d-didn’t.” I said trying to sound confident; but failed and felt my cheeks getting hotter.

“Aww, look he’s blushing.” Callie said.

“Shut up!” I stated loudly.

“Okay guys. I think we should drop it. Jaden will tell us when he’s ready.” Lia said, she was driving.


Maddie’s P.O.V:


I feel really bad that we told Kat, Lia and Callie about Morgan. Well, technically we didn’t. I didn’t answer Lia’s question because I knew what was coming after she dropped us off.




////////Author's Note////////

Hello! I'm thinking about updating later tonight so see how many people like it. But if you're liking it so far leave a comment. If I reach 5 comments I promise to publish another chapter tonight.



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