Just Experimenting (Lisara)

Victoria is part of prom committee and in order to impress her best friend, Lisa Schwartz, she makes it a gay/lesbian prom. Jenna Marbles wants to help Victoria come out of the closet. Victoria, Lisa, and Jenna will get crushed throughout the year and will crush on each other.


7. Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Connor (Franta): Prom! It was prom day and everyone was getting ready. Whitney and Megan were doing their makeup. Bria and Chrissy were putting on their dresses. Shane and Joey were just snapchatting the whole thing. Shane and Joey: SELFIE TIME! Lisa walked into Victoria's room. Victoria: Hey, prom queen. Lisa: Hey. So, about this whole prom thing... Victoria: Yeah, I'm really sorry about our last conversation. Lisa: Me too.
Lisa leaned in, and before Victoria knew what was going on, they kissed. What the hell?!?! Victoria is straight, isn't she? Victoria looked away, confused. Lisa got up and walked away.

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