Just Experimenting (Lisara)

Victoria is part of prom committee and in order to impress her best friend, Lisa Schwartz, she makes it a gay/lesbian prom. Jenna Marbles wants to help Victoria come out of the closet. Victoria, Lisa, and Jenna will get crushed throughout the year and will crush on each other.


6. Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Victoria walks into the GSA meeting room, which is actually just a random classroom. Everyone is chatting like old friends. No one notices Victoria. She saw words on the chalkboard such as "coming out" and "gay". She also noticed all these couples. Whitney and Megan (a YouTube couple) were sharing a lunch. Shane and Joey were talking about prom. Bria and Chrissy (another YouTube couple) were eating brownies. Jenna was reading an LGBT book. Victoria left, deciding GSA wasn't for her. Jenna looked up from her book and noticed Victoria walking away. Victoria walked into Lisa's room, just simply wanting to talk to her.

Victoria: So now I have to find someone else to take care of all the food.

Lisa: I knew she'd do this.

Victoria: Yeah, so did I actually, now that I think about it.

Lisa: You're really angry.

Victoria: No, I'm not.

Lisa: So this whole prom thing, you can't fight fire with fire.

Victoria: I'm done with basic bitches, with like, no understanding of how the world works.

Lisa: And you know better. Just drive everyone away and see where that takes you.

Victoria: Do you think that a pretty, rich, white girl like her actually gives a shit?

Lisa: You don't have to be so resentful!

Victoria: I'm not.

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