Just Experimenting (Lisara)

Victoria is part of prom committee and in order to impress her best friend, Lisa Schwartz, she makes it a gay/lesbian prom. Jenna Marbles wants to help Victoria come out of the closet. Victoria, Lisa, and Jenna will get crushed throughout the year and will crush on each other.


4. Chapter 4

Justine Ezarik (Ijustine) and Marzia Bisoginin were putting up a poster for prom in the hallway. Victoria absentmindedly hold Lisa's hand. What the hell was she doing? Lisa looked down at Victoria's hand, she didn't mind it, she actually kind of liked it. Victoria than remembered she had to go to a prom committee meeting, so she left the hallway. Everyone else was already sitting down waiting for the meeting.

Kalel: Let's get drag makeovers and invite someone from "Ru Paul's Drag Race"!

Joey: Oh my god! SHARON. NEEDLES. 

Victoria: No. It's way over budget and the expense is unnecessary. Plus, it only benefits a certain group of people.

Kalel: Bitch.

Victoria: Ok, I think we're all wrapped up for now if anyone has any other questions, let me know.

Everyone gets up to leave.

Victoria: Jenna? Am I mean?

Jenna: Bitches get shit done

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