Just Experimenting (Lisara)

Victoria is part of prom committee and in order to impress her best friend, Lisa Schwartz, she makes it a gay/lesbian prom. Jenna Marbles wants to help Victoria come out of the closet. Victoria, Lisa, and Jenna will get crushed throughout the year and will crush on each other.


2. Chapter 2

Victoria just finished explaining gay prom and is earning a mix of disgusted and amazed looks from everyone else.

Victoria: So does anyone have any questions about this year's prom?

Joey (Graceffa): No offense, but are you a lesbian? Cuz if you are, you can tell me!

Victoria: What? No, no, I'm not. I'm not like that. I just think we should give an equal opportunity to lesbians and gays and all that...

Shane (Dawson): Isn't that segregation?

Victoria: No, people feel shitty all the time for being gay. This is like, the one way we can give back to the school.

Jenna (Marbles): Yeah. Just having this exist sends the message that we welcome all sexualities.

Kalel: Umm, excuse me. This one time in the third grade my mom made me get this really short haircut and everyone picked on me, for like, a REALLY long time. Like, I get it! And as last year's president and an ally, I think it's great we're supporting equality. Like, my best friend is brown and gay! I don't see color. No offense, but it kind of is like segregation. Like, we the straight people can't do anything to help.

Victoria: Um, but we can. It's exactly the same as normal prom, but there are two queens or two kings. Like, does anyone else get it?

*everyone else nodes*

Victoria: Cool. All in favor of gay prom royalty?

*everyone except Kalel raises their hand*

Victoria: Ok, I think we're good. See you guys at the next meeting.

*everyone except Jenna leaves*

Jenna: Hey, Victoria. The gay straight alliance is having a meeting this Thursday, we'd love to support you with this whole gay prom thing.

Victoria: Ok.

Jenna: You should come! You don't have to come out to come out to GSA.

Victoria: Um, o-ok...sure.

*Jenna leaves*

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