Just Experimenting (Lisara)

Victoria is part of prom committee and in order to impress her best friend, Lisa Schwartz, she makes it a gay/lesbian prom. Jenna Marbles wants to help Victoria come out of the closet. Victoria, Lisa, and Jenna will get crushed throughout the year and will crush on each other.


1. Chapter 1

Lisa and Victoria were in Lisa's room talking about prom.

Lisa: So, who do you think is going to win prom queen this year?

Victoria: I don't know, probably some straight bitch.

Lisa: Ew. Do you want to make it a gay prom? There could be two prom queens or kings.

Victoria: Yeah, I could make gay prom an official thing.

Lisa: I don't want to hear it from the principal of the prom committee, but we would look so good together.

Victoria: I could convince everyone to make the school a gay prom because fuck straight people.

Lisa: Yeah, fuck the patriarchy.

Victoria: You get me. Fuck the patriarchy!

Lisa takes a selfie and puts it on tumblr with the hashtag #fuckthepatriarchy 

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