The Silent ~ l.h

Where a mute boy meets a quiet, shy girl, who shows him that actions speak louder than words.

Book #1 in the Spectrum Series


1. Prologue

I don't fit in, he signed miserably, tugging at his hair.

"What do you mean?" I asked and signed at the same time, confused.

I'm not normal, and society doesn't accept people like me.

"So what? I accept you. It doesn't matter why they think of you."

But there are so many of those moments, when I just wish that more people could understand me. That more people could love me. I want to be normal, not disabled, he signed before burying his head in his hands in despair.

"You don't to have to be loved widely, Luke. You just have to be loved deeply. Like I love you."

He looked up at me, his eyes shining.

"Oh, and Luke?"


"You're not disabled, or normal. You're special."

A/N-Hey guys! So, this is part of a series, this is the first book. It's about Luke Hemmings, obviously (who, might I just add, is perfection). There is gonna be no smut, but probably lots of fluff. Also, Luke is mute in this, as in he is born mute. He can't speak, and never has. I just want to show that your physical abilities don't define your chances of falling in love.

Vote, comment and stuff to keep me going!

Sunny <3

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