•finally found you•C.T.H•

A young 18year old girl was in a car crash when she was younger no one had told her ,she finds an Australian rock/pop band and starts to like them what happens when she bumps into calum hood and finds out more about him find out soon


1. prologue

Hi my name is Alexia I'm from Australia Sydney I'm a foster chid I was put up for adoption when I was four because my mom was caught smoking weed and got caught no one wanted me so they but me into a home and I got adopted by a girl called Christina and a man called Andrew. I have 2little brothers and three sisters my two brothers are twins called caleb and one called josh they are both twelve but caleb is older than josh by a second my two little sisters are not twins tho they are brats one named Sally and one named aleshea Sally is 13 and aleshea is 16. I don't really like my parents they always shout at me and sometimes they would abuse me I'm the most least loved in the 'family' but I don't mind it I have a friend called Cathy she is one year older than me and is my next door neighbour we met when I moved here she goes to my school she failed a grade so she is in my year group she is brunette and has green eyes she has also got a nose piercing and a tattoo on her back saying 'watch me' she listens to bands like slip knot and green day and all time low.

A/n new book out of nowhere Cabam tell me what you guys think of it and if you guys want more ily





Scary 🙆

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