In Love With Your Destruction

She never noticed him
He had his eye on her.
She fell for him.
He broke her.
Fifteenth year old Ny'dia grew up in a life of hardships and never knowing not what a bad day was. She had finally been able to overcome her depression and suicidal ways and become the happy person she dream to be: playing sports, having friends, great grades. Even though at home she face more chaos than any teen could handle. But she able to balance it all until she meets Dorian Mann. A buff, cocky player with a dark past and dark mind who sets his sights on Ny'dia. They fall in love in all the wrong ways but when he violates her in the cruelest way and breaks her trust. Will she be able to forgive him and move on or will she try to destroy the very pain he caused her?


1. Prolougue

Third Person POV

She screamed as she drew the blade across her small wrist with all her might, the third cut that was as deep as the last two. She switched the knife in the other hand and drew the knife harshly against her other wrist now identical to the bloody one she first massacre. The blood drips on the bathroom tile as she slumps down to the ground crying her eyes out staring at the wall waiting till she has her final breath.

 Why did he do it? why did he have to hurt me so bad? Why did he have to destroy me? I hate him! I wish I wasn't so in love with him. This pain is too much   I can't keep going anymore. Mom I'm so sorry I wasn't strong enough. Baby sis know I always loved you. Grandma I hope you forgive me. Pops it wasn't your fault. Viv you was the best friend anyone could ask for. Dorian I wish I never met you. 

 She groggily stands up and walks slowly to the mirror that covered in the derogatory terms she wrote in red lipstick before she saw the solution to her problems. 












 The final one being the solution she was desperately seeking. She doesn't see the blood pool around her sneakers as she cries her eyes out, her pretty little face marked by tear stains. Her full pink lips more prominent as she cries and her big beautiful brown eyes filled with dread and pain and love and anger and loneliness. 

" I just want to go away...I just want to be happy...I just want to be safe...I just want to be loved." She cries out. 

Her bloody hand shakes as she lifts her hand with the knife: it's blade spattered with red blood, her blood.

She holds it inches from her heart: her broken little heart. The one he  broke. 

" Please forgive me" She says to the dark figure that glares back at hard in the mirror as she drags the knife deep into her chest and falls to the ground. 

BOOM! The door opens and stumbles in the girl's mother, sister, Mr. Mann and him.  They all gather around her except him.  They drag the towels from the racks not caring that the weak rack falls to the floor from their strength. They pressed the towel to her bleeding heart and wrap her red soiled wrists.

 He  stands there with pristine diamonds falling from his eyes staring down at the little broken angel he destroyed. He doesn't know what to do but stares at her little face with the smile on it thinking how peaceful she looks. 

" No no no no no no BABY WAKE UP PLEASE!!!" Her mother yells clutching the little girl to her chest rocking back in forth crying hysterically. 

"Mom she's got a pulse!" Her sister yells.

" Let's go NOW!" Mother picks up her daughter and they raced behind her as she runs downstairs to her car. They hurriedly get her in the backseat. Ironically her head ends up in his  lap. As her sister and his father cry her mother too as she pulls a 90 mph through the residential area. He can't help but stare at the face he fell in love with. He gently touches her hair afraid he might break hurt more. 

 " I'm so sorry Ny'dia. Please wake up Baby Girl. Don't go. I-I need you. You can't leave me yet. Please wake up. Please!"  He whispers with tears rapidly traveling down his face pleading she'll open and show him those big brown eyes he loves so much. But they don't. 


A boy whose never known how to love falls for a girl who only wants to love him. Because he can't separates his needs from his love for her. He ends up doing to the very girl who loves him more than anything the very thing he promised never to do. He hurts her in every way mentally and physically emotionally and psychology. She never stops loving him even when he shows what a Monster he is. This is a story of falling in love and loving someone who doesn't deserve you. This is a story of why rape in relationships can destroy you. This is a story of survival and forgiveness as a whole. This is a story of finding love not in another person. But in yourself. This is the story of Ny'dia Morgon.



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