In Love With Your Destruction

She never noticed him
He had his eye on her.
She fell for him.
He broke her.
Fifteenth year old Ny'dia grew up in a life of hardships and never knowing not what a bad day was. She had finally been able to overcome her depression and suicidal ways and become the happy person she dream to be: playing sports, having friends, great grades. Even though at home she face more chaos than any teen could handle. But she able to balance it all until she meets Dorian Mann. A buff, cocky player with a dark past and dark mind who sets his sights on Ny'dia. They fall in love in all the wrong ways but when he violates her in the cruelest way and breaks her trust. Will she be able to forgive him and move on or will she try to destroy the very pain he caused her?


7. Chapter 6

Ny'dia POV

NO..NO...Oh fuck no.  I think to myself tearing through my closet and drawers looking for something reasonable but cute to wear tonight. Were going over to Dorian's house to watch movies since it's Saturday. I know it's not a date hell our parents are going to be there but I feel I could try to put in a little effort. I look in my closet more and I see my red knitted sweater that stops above my hip, I decide to pair it with some black leggings and some light tan boots. I do my make up: applying concealer, some chap stick, light coffee eye shadow with a dark coffee smokey eye to make my eyes pop more, topped with black eye liner with a wing, and mascara. I make sure I lotion my body thoroughly, we don't want to be ashy xD. I spritz just a little bit of Vanilla and Brown Sugar perfume and straighten my hair so it falls past my shoulders. I don't put any jewelry I don't want to seem like I'm trying too hard. I grab my phone after brushing my teeth for a third time and popping a mint. I was pretty nervous, I hadn't hung out with a guy at a house other mines since I was with my ex Jordan when I went to visit him after he was released from the hospital upon having minor surgery. 

I trudge down stairs into the kitchen where I see grandma making some tea. I grabbed a cup from the pantry and get some ice from the our touchscreen fridge and dispense it into my cup. I pour some water into it and take a sip.

"Hey baby" My Grandma says to me.

"Oh you look cute!" 

"Thanks grandma, what you up to?" I asked her smiling leaning against the counter opposite of her.

" Oh just making some tea, I'm going to make some fried chicken tonight with mac N' cheese and greens." She says and I moan.

" Mmm, that sounds good, save me a plate grandma, I love your greens." I say " Don't tell mom, but yours are better." I saw whispering grinning. 

She laughs, "Girl!"

"What y'all talking about?" My mom says coming down the stairs in a a white pullover with a grey beanie and some denim jeans on with dark brown boots and no make up. She looks at me." You look cute, who you dress up for?"

Dorian.  " Can't I look cute when majority of the week I look bad?" I say turning around sipping my water hoping my face isn't red. 

"Mhm, okay Momma we about to head out we'll be back after awhile. Tell Imani, I want her room clean by the time I come back."

" IT IS CLEAN, YOU JUST DON'T SEE IT!" I hear Imani scream from upstairs. Man sometimes she has great hearing. 

" No it isn't but it better be! And how come out can hear me down here but not when I called you this morning!?" My mother calls back to which we hear no reply. I laugh. 

We walk out the back door to the garage where mom's car was parked. She opens the door to the driver seat and I open the door to the passenger seat and climb in as we both shut our doors close. I buckle up as she does and she puts the key into the ignition and turns bring the car to life. She puts the car into reverse backing out and turns the radio to the old hip hop station where  Ms. New Booty.  She blasts the volume and we starts bouncing singing along to the song as she drives off . We make it to the condominium and pull in front of Mr. Mann's, we find as sparking spot and get out walking towards his door. I feel nervous hoping I still look and smell good.

Wait, why am I tripping it's just Dorian. We're strictly friends I don't need to impress him and he don't need to impress me.  I think to myself and try to appear confident but i an feel my stomach doing back flips. Mom rings the doorbell and Mr. Mann comes to the door beckoning us in and giving us acknowledgement. He's dressed in some sweat pants and a nice sweater with some black socks. Mom and me take our boots off and I look around at their place: neat, clean, well-put together is how I define the place. Mom puts her bag on the couch and they go to sit down as we all have a conversation. I hear foot steps so I turn and look as I see Dorian come down stairs in some grey sweats and a black short sleeve T shirt with a black beanie and some black socks. I can't help but check him out, his muscles budging out of his shirt and he looks clean and his lips look so full. 

" Hey Ms. Sandie, Hey Ny'dia" He says giving me a side hug with space between us. Which I do not like. 

" Hey Dorian." My mom says.

" Hey Teddy" I say as he cringes.

" Teddy!" Both our parents say laughing.

" I told you about calling me that in public." Dorian says slightly annoyed. 

" Yeah, I don't do what you say so whatever. " I say smiling.

"So what are we watching? " I asked our parents.

" We'll were going to watch some Galaxy 2,  what y'all watching?" Asked my mom. 

I stare at her shocked. Wow, did she really. I thought this was a group thing. 

" Hey dad, is it cool if we watch our movie upstairs in your room since it has a DVR. I seen Galaxy way too many times." Dorian asked his father. 

" If it cools with Sandie." He says turning to my mom. 

"Yeah that's fine, don't mess with anything up there Ny'dia." My mom says to me pointedly. Somehow I don't think she just means about objects.

Dorian walks in front of me as we go upstairs. He shows me his room quickly, it's a nice sized with a big bed and few ornaments, I see his achievements and medals from sports on his walls and his dresser as well as closet: it's also pretty clean for a guy's room. I don't step into his room though, I don't think my mom would like that.

He leads me down the hall to his dad's room: it's larger with a big bed, dresser, en-suite bathroom, walk in closet, and a TV. Dorian closes the door a bit but leaves it cracked, he goes over to sit on the floor behind the TV and I follow sitting next to him. We lean back against the back of the bed and he shows me the movies he has out silently asking me which I'd prefer. Walking dead, The Exorcism ll, and Camouflage.  I pick the exorcist movie and he puts it in the DVR and turns the TV. He gets up and turns the lights off and I get a little nervous. I've never been up in a room with a guy like this, even a friend. I mean Jordan didn't count because he was bedridden and couldn't move so. But here I am in a room alone with a guy I find extremely attractive and have a good friendship with so far. Dorian comes to sit next to me, closely. I'm nervous but I don't scoot away, I pull my knees up to my chest and look at the TV then stare at him.

I gulped, "So how was your day today so far?" I ask, feeling dumb for asking in a weird way.

He laughs, "It's been good" he licks his lips, " how was yours Baby Girl?"

Oh God I think as I press my thighs closer together feeling my self get a little wet don there.

" It's been good. So what's this movie about?" I say my voice getting a little higher to which he raises his eyebrows at.

" It's about The Exorcists but it's older version, it's better than the newer ones." He tells me scooting down and leaning his head on my left shoulder staring up at me.

"Oh" I say not having much to say since his eyes are just so deep. I blink a few times and glare hard at the TV. He chuckles and presses play on the remote. 

As the movie progresses, I become more engross in it. It's more scary than the newer ones that's for sure. Damn that bitch flexible.  I think looking at the possessed chick, which she pops out of no where. I scream and climb onto Dorian's lap wrapping my arms around his neck clinging on tight. 

" Is everything alright?" I hear Mr.Mann call from downstairs.

" It's fine, Ny'dia just got scared!" Dorian called back down as he rubbed my back.

" Ugh I'm sorry I such a wimp." I say as I pulled back closing my eyes feeling embarrassed.

He chuckles," it's okay I already knew you a scary ass." 

I give him a blank lap and climb out his lap and sit next to him. " Forget you"

"Hey don't be upset, you know I'm playing." He says smiling.

" I know but you still suck." I say sticking my tongue out and he stares down at it.

" Stick your tongue out at me again and I'll have that mouth doing something other talking." He says intensely smirking.

My eyes widen and I face the TV again.

" Why'd you climb out my lap?" He says lowly in my ear in which I jump at his close proximity.

" Oh, um well I thought it was weird since I wasn't scared that much anymore and um-" I ramble not knowing what to say.

" Haha, it's okay I didn't mind, I kind of liked it. " He says.

" Oh, well than. " I say not knowing what to say, a little speechless.

" Come here." He demands pulling me back up onto his lap and wrapping his arms around me leaning back some more to get more comfortable. I make no moves feeling motionless he really put me in his lap. Having nothing to say I lean back in his chest feelings comfortable and safe. 


As we watch the movie I can't help but feel like being with him is right. I just feel so comfortable and happy. I feel like I could be to sleep that's how good he feels. I squirm around trying to snuggle more deeply into him. I stiffen when I feel something hard poke me in my butt. I figure it's his phone so I think nothing of it. Then I feel his phone buzz a few times under me, I sit up. 

"Dorian, you're phone vibrating" I say with a serious face.

He bursts out laughing. I look at him confused. 

"Why are you laughing?" 

"Hahaha, you think...hahaha...that's my phone!!!?" He says still laughing like it's the funniest thing in the world. I don't understand.

" Oh man, you're so cute Baby Girl." He says clasping my waist and smiling.

Positive I'm blushing from his compliment and his touch, " I don't get it why are you laughing all I said was your phone is vibrating."

" Boo, that's not my phone." He says chuckling.

" Then what is it?" I say now more confused.

"Is it a toy? I say looking down to find the 'toy'.

" Haha, in a way. " He says smirking looking me up and down.

" Dorian I really don't get it, what is it?? I want to know!" I say now annoyed and impatient,  what does he have in his pocket!?

 " You sure you want to know Baby Girl? I think it might be too much for you." He says smirking like he knows something I don't which makes me angrier.

" Yesss just tell me!!" I say bouncing up and down being dramatic at which he groans and grabs my waist keeping me still.

He looks into my eyes and grabs my hand and pulls it down. I watch him place my hand on his crotch at which I gasp.  Oh My God! I am such an idiot, I thought it was a phone! I think embarrassingly to myself. 

"Still feel like a phone?" He says smirking staring at my face.

" um..." I quietly say not knowing whether to pull away and run away or remain motionless as he makes me rub him.

" Does this feel uncomfortable?" He asked me and and I look into his eyes mesmerize by them not knowing what to say. He stares at my lips and starts to lean in. I noticed and lean back a little at which he grabs my waist and pulls my forward. I tilt my head and look him in to eyes, his lips land on mines at which I close my eyes and don't move. I feel fireworks when our lips connect and I start to moan, he presses his lips more firmly against mines becoming ore aggressive. I wrap my arms around his neck as he pulls my flush against him. The way he moves his lips lets me know he knows exactly what he doing, I try to follow but I can't keep up. He lips and bite at my bottom lip asking for entrance, I deny him moaning. He lets out an annoyed sound and his right hand trails down and grabs my ass firmly. I gasp and he drives his tongue into my mouth tasting every inch of me. I moan louder and kiss him back more, out mouths complete for dominance in which he wins. He grabs my ass with both hands at which I moan louder and grinds my hips against him. It causes him to react, he turns us over so that I'm on my back on the floor and he's on top of me. He spreads my legs apart and wraps him around himself, placing one hand to the left to hold himself up so he doesn't lay all his weight on my small frame.

 I moan and run my hands down his chest as his right hand holds onto my  right hip. I can feel my panties getting wetter and my moans getting louder. I arch my body up trying to get more of him, I don't feel close enough. I can hardly breath, I pull away to catch my breath. He attacks my neck kissing and sucking on it.

" Mmm, Dorian wait no ugh we Oh shouldn't" I whimper out but still clinging to him.

" Naw Baby, you good. Just feel baby. " He says in a deep voice grinding into me at which I moan. 

"Dorian mmm don't..stop!" I groan out feeling breathless as he bites my neck and pulls my body against his. I whimper and moan surprised our parents haven't came. I grab onto his shoulders and tun to kiss him wrapping my legs tighter around him feeling his long hard dick pressed against my wet core. I feel my body getting hotter as I get more erratic. He's just as on edge as me but he has way more control which is driving me crazy. He pulls away and starts kissing down my neck again and pulls my sweater up exposing my flat tummy at which he rubs and squeezes.

"Mm Daddy more please!" I moan than gasps realizing what I said.

Oh Go I called him Daddy!He's going to think I'm a freak. Fuck! I think as he pulls away and looks at me with a perplexed look breathing hard like me.

" What did you call me?" He says lowly.

" Uh.." I look away not wanting to embarrass myself anymore than I already have. He grabs my chin harshly and makes me stare at him.

"Nu uh, what you just call me Ny'dia?" He says louder and more demanding.

" Daddy" I whisper.

" Fuck" He says sweeping in and kissing me hard. 


Pretty hot right! Lol no.

Hopefully you guys liked it!


Up Next is Dorian's POV after the kiss!!

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