In Love With Your Destruction

She never noticed him
He had his eye on her.
She fell for him.
He broke her.
Fifteenth year old Ny'dia grew up in a life of hardships and never knowing not what a bad day was. She had finally been able to overcome her depression and suicidal ways and become the happy person she dream to be: playing sports, having friends, great grades. Even though at home she face more chaos than any teen could handle. But she able to balance it all until she meets Dorian Mann. A buff, cocky player with a dark past and dark mind who sets his sights on Ny'dia. They fall in love in all the wrong ways but when he violates her in the cruelest way and breaks her trust. Will she be able to forgive him and move on or will she try to destroy the very pain he caused her?


6. Chapter 5


Dorian POV

 Life is great. It really is man. I think o myself as I walk through school to my third period before the bell rings. I had just walk Ny'dia to her class and I'm feelings pretty good. The last few weeks we've been spending a lot of time together: I been over to her house quite a bit. We don't do anything sexual: just chill and talk that's about it. She tells me about her problems at home. Her granddad crazy as fuck: she told me how he hit her last year. I felt for her, you should never put your hands on a female. She's been confiding in me a lot and I got to say it makes me feel good I'm earning her trust. I talk to her on the phone almost every night if I'm not at her house. We chat about anything and it's crazy because by now I'd be fucking her. Even though I want to and I REALLY want to I don't just want to do that. Like I actually want to talk to her all day and night. She's the reason a nigga been feeling real groggy in the morning, keeping me up all night long :D

I didn't think a female could have me feeling some type of way but she really do. I love hearing her talk, I love being the first person she texts in the morning and last one she talks to at night. I like she talks to me at school and always seems so happy when I come and visit her. When I wrap my arms around her, it's feel different. Like she already mines, we comfortable. But she not mines, yet.

Sadly as much as I like her. I don't think she has a clue. The closer we've gotten the more relaxed she is but she still calling me 'Buddy.' I prefer Teddy which I also don't like but at least I don't feel friend-zoned when she call me that.

Like damn.

I've never been friend-zoned by a girl. Usually at the least we start off fucking or friends and then fuck before the week end. But Ny'dia, I never knew a female could be so oblivious! Like how much clear can I be lol. We played wrestle in her room and I threw her on the bed and climb on top of her. I was trying to lean in to kiss her you know what she did. She giggles and slap me and giggled some more. I was more confused than mad. I wouldn't let anyone hit me, even a female but it was like that shit was some type of foreplay to hurt. The girl is aggressive.

And it's not just that time! We were chilling on her couch at her house and I was talking to her about some niggas on the team. Some horror movie was on, she loves them but she got scared during one scene and buried her face in my chest grabbing my shirt with her small fists. Man she looked cute and when she whimper my dick twitched. I grabbed her chin and tilted her face up to me. 


"It's okay Baby Girl I'll protect you." 

" You promise" she says in a small scared voiced that was adorable.

"Of course I promise" I say smiling at her, I stare deep into her eyes.

I push some of her hair behind her small ears and cupped her right cheek softly while biting my lip. She glances down at them biting hers back, I slowly lean in as she looks up into my eyes. Just as I am about a centimeter away from those lips.

" What are you doing?" She says and jerks back with her face scrunched up and her head tilted.

I jerk back to but less harsh and more smoothly. "Um,nothing my back hurt and was trying to crack it. " I say coughing hoping she believes my crappy lie.

"Oh okay! Can we snuggle some more?" She says smiling asking me.

I stare at her in amazement. Did she really buy that? Woooow.

"Yeah boo, we can snuggle some more"

"Yay!" She squeals and snuggles into my chest while we watch the movie and I sit shaking my head. 

End of Flashback

How much more can I show her I like her? Like that was pretty obviously I was trying to kiss her. I want to believe she knows what I'm doing just shy so she acting like she's dumb. But than I really think she that clueless. I shake my head thinking about her. I feel a buzz in my pocket, I look up and noticed Mr. Patterson at his desk typing away and I pull my phone out. On the screen I see Babygirl:3  and I smile tapping on it. 

(Ny'dia is in bold and Dorian is in italics!)

N: Hey Teddy Bear! What are you doing? I'm bored and no one entertaining me. :(;(

I chuckle

D: Hi Baby Girl, I'm well thank you for asking and yourself? Aww why you so bored? Yo lil ass need to be paying attention in class. :D ;p

N:  I'm good! :D! And I am paying attention!Well I was but I already finished my work and no I'm doing nothing but everyone still working so there no one to talk to or anything to do. Plus I miss you already. D:;(

Aww, my Baby miss me already. She's too cute.

D:  Baby Girl I just saw you not even half an hour ago lol. How can you miss me already? 

N: Because I just do;( Half an hour is too long!! :CCCC

D: Hmm, okay, get up and go to the bathroom down on the left side on school boo.

N: Why?

D: Do you not want to see me? I thought you miss me huh?

I smirk to myself when I immediately feel my phone buzz and pull it out, unlocking it. Chuckling at what she text me.


I get up and walk up to the teacher, asking for permission to go to the bathroom. He let's me, I grab the pass and walk out. I head towards the left side of school and sit on the bench over there waiting on her to show. About a minute pass and I sit scrolling through my phone looking at my messages when I feel two warm small hands cover my eyes. I smirk when I hear her.

"Guess whoooo?" Goes the girly cute voice I've look forward to hearing everyday.

"Hmm, Michael?" I asked amusingly.

"Nope try again" I hear giggling.

"Ummm, Joey?" I asked and almost bust out laughing when I hear her huff impatiently.

"No! You're not trying hard enough!" She groans annoyed with me.

I smirk, " Mia?" I asked

"Who is Mia?!" I hear her asked a little loud as she stalks in front of me with a frustrated look on her face. 

" My mom's pet fish." I say laughing.

"Oh" She says looking embarrassed and slightly relieved.

" I knew it was you Baby Girl" I get up towering over her small frame to give her a hug which she gladly accepts. "I just wanted to mess with you." I laugh when she pushes me away smiling.

" Guess what?" She says as we started walking slowly.

"What?" I ask her smiling down at her.

" You suck" She says giggling.

"Worst joke ever " I say laughing at her.

"I tried give me a break." She says smiling. Man she's beautiful.

"So why you miss me huh?" I say smirking, she could not think I was letting her get away with that one.

" She blushes looking down at her shoes than looks back up at me with the cutest face.

" I just wanted to see you and I wanted to talk to you." She says looking back down like she said something terrible.

Awwwwwww she's so sweet! God, I can't get enough of her. Man if I don't make her mines soon, a nigga oooh I don't even know. I just want to kiss her right now for saying that cute shit.  But I can't so I just grab her little ass in a hug.

"Awww boo I wanted to see you too, I was thinking about your silly ass in class" I tell her as she buries her face in my chest embarrassed.

She pulls away, " Can we hang out at lunch today if you're not busy?" She asked me looking down playing with the bottom of her shirt.

" Of course we can Ny'dia. Aye why you keep looking down, what I tell you about that?" I tell her picking her chin up.

" Always keep my head up." She says smiling like I love her too.


Ny'dia POV

After I come back to class from hanging out with Dorian, I sit in my seat and can't help but giggle as I read the passage my teacher assigns to us. I just feel so weird every time I'm around Dorian I don't think I like him but I defiantly eel something. I was so embarrassed when I told him I missed him but he made me feel better by hugging me so tight I felt like a princess the way he was talking to me. I always feel like a princess when he talks to me. 

But he's just my friend. That's it. I promised myself no more guys, no more drama anymore. Calvin still looks at me occasionally and I can't forget what he told me after school last week.


I was walking around the side of school on my way to practice with my ear plugs in my ears. As I round the corner I could see Calvin and another dude I've seen on the football team leaning against the wall talking. I roll my eyes and keep walking like I don't noticed them. As I pass I feel someone grab my arm, I turn around and I see Calvin had grabbed me. I tug my arm away and pull my ear plugs out of my ear.

Calvin Lords is jerk I unfortunately had an affair with last year. Standing at nearly 6 feet with light brown hair and green eyes, he mixed raced and extremely attractive. He was also one of my girlfriend's boyfriends last year. Yeah pretty fucked up but it's more to the story. He led me to believe my friend was doing his wrong and he had nobody to talk about his problems with. At the time I didn't mind being his friend because I feel everyone needs one plus he told me my friend knew we were becoming friends and texting. But yet I never understood why she always seemed tense when I was near him or him near me. But he said she knew we were friends, I didn't think he was lying and my friend didn't say anything to me. Imagine how stupid I felt when he kissed me one night. I felt horrible I ended up telling my friend and he denied everything. I also learned she never knew we were talking. It was a crazy day at her place she beat the shit out of him but I guess because I didn't hide it and was real about it. She couldn't hate me, she was hurt which I was understand but she tanked me for not hiding it. I lost a friend which I always am regretful for but I learn a valuable lesson. Don't trust niggas and don't get close to boyfriends of your friends.

"What do you want Calvin" I say already feeling a migraine coming.

"I just wanted to say wassup. How you been NeNe?" He says using his old nickname for me.

"First off don't call me that, second I'm well thank you for asking. Have a good day." I say turning to leave.

" hey is it true?" 

" Is what true?"  I ask as I turn back to look at him.

" That you and Dorian like each other? Everyone seen y'all two around campus and y'all look like y'all dating." He says with a dark glint in his eyes.

I roll my eyes. " We're friends and that's all you and anyone else needs to know." 

"I'm just asking because I don't want to see you get hurt NeNe." 

I laugh, "yeah sure you don't Calvin. Get to the point, just tell me what you want to tell me." 

"I'm just saying you need to be cautious, that nigga Dorian been messing with a whole bunch of chicks and he just not good for you NeNe." He tells me actually looking serious, I almost believe him and later wish I listened.

" Whatever Calvin, you know it's kind of foul you trying to tell me some shit about Dorian but you seem to be real buddy buddy with him earlier. I'm not going to listen to you about Dorian, and I appreciate if you don't try this again." I say turning around and hastily walking away pissed he actually tried to pull that stunt.


But thinking back now, was he just pulling a stunt or telling me the truth. Maybe I should be wary of Dorian but then again we're just friends so I got nothing to worry about. 


II hear the bell ring as I gather my things into my bag and walk out of class. Dorian texts me and tell me he meet up with my in front of the library after fourth period. I walk to class while texting Janice I won't be hanging out with her today.

It's lunch now and and I am waiting for Dorian in front of the library. I see him walk up to me: Today he has on denim light blue jeans, a light blue pullover with 'OBEY' in white, a silver dog tag, a black fat face watch, and some blue and white converse. With a graphic silver snap back and diamond studs in his ears. 

" Hey Baby Girl, you been here long" He says giving me a hug in which I sniff his neck discreetly almost moaning at the Burgundy men's Cologne I know he's wearing today. 

"Naw, I've only been here for a minute, can we go get lunch now?" I asked pulling away smiling.

He nods and we walk away talking about our plans for the weekend, I'm supposed to go over to his place with mom so we can watch movies. Dorian tells me about the large collection of movies they have and about the scary movies we're going to watch and I can't wait.

After we grab our lunches, we head to the back of the school were the tables are also at and find an empty one under the shade. We sit down, him next to me. He starts messing with my food and I whine.

"Doriannnnn nooooo that's mine you have your own." I say pushing him which does nothing, he's as heavy as a boulder. 

" Naw I want yours, plus you cutting weight anyway." He says eating my fries and I pout knowing he's right.

" I know I'm fat I have a pound to cut by tomorrow." I say sadly.

"You're not fat! Hell if anything you're a little too skinny!" He says with big eyes.

I look up at him gasping, I could feel tears prickle at my eyes. Too skinny, does that mean I look gross. Oh my God.  I think to myself looking down and my body feeling embarrassed.

" No I didn't mean it like that! You're a great size for your height but I just don't like you to cut! You're beautiful I don't think you need to gain a pound. I mean you got a great body-" I look up as he says this and turn to him.

" You think I'm beautiful?" I ask quietly.

He stops rambling and stares at me and looks down than looks back up licking his lips. " Yes, I think you're beautiful Ny'dia. " He smiles at me. 

I look down sniffling and rubbing away my tears. " Thank you." 

I feel a finger on my cheek. " Please don't cry, I hate seeing pretty girls with their heads down crying. What I always tell you?"

I smile. "Keep my head up."



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