In Love With Your Destruction

She never noticed him
He had his eye on her.
She fell for him.
He broke her.
Fifteenth year old Ny'dia grew up in a life of hardships and never knowing not what a bad day was. She had finally been able to overcome her depression and suicidal ways and become the happy person she dream to be: playing sports, having friends, great grades. Even though at home she face more chaos than any teen could handle. But she able to balance it all until she meets Dorian Mann. A buff, cocky player with a dark past and dark mind who sets his sights on Ny'dia. They fall in love in all the wrong ways but when he violates her in the cruelest way and breaks her trust. Will she be able to forgive him and move on or will she try to destroy the very pain he caused her?


5. Chapter 4


Ny'dia's POV

" Why are they coming over again?" I ask my mom for the gazillion time.

" Because I invited them" Mom says.

" But whyyyy, I like Mr. Mann but his son is a douche." I complain.

" He isn't that bad Ny'dia" My mom tells me but he is!

" Look, when they come over I want you to be welcoming to Dorian he just moved out here. Try to be at least cordial with him. He doesn't seem like a bad kid. " She says going back to making potato salad. If only you knew how wrong you are Mom.

I woke up this morning excited because we're barbecuing and I love BBQ. Imagine my surprise when I found out Mr. Mann and Dorian are coming over per my mom's invite. And I have to be a good host and be welcoming to DORIAN. Come one! Luckily my cousin Katrice and her boyfriend Dante will be there. Today I have on my usual denim short shorts and another black v-neck with my hair up from washing it and just some socks to wear around the house. My sister luckily gets to sleep in because she pissed my mom off enough not to have to get up or else my mom be frustrated. Lucky Bastard.

As I help my mom prepare to BBQ, I hear the front doorbell ring. My mom walks to the door and opens it up to see my aunt Melinda" she's the same height as my mom but has a caramel complexion with reddish brown eyes, a potbelly, and short caramel hair she goes to the salon often to keep up as well as her red nails. Behind her is my cousin Katrice, her daughter and her boyfriend. Both tall ass good looking people: Katrice is about 5'11 with a super model body and brown skinned filled out and curved in all the right places. And her boyfriend Dante is about 6'5, dark skinned, and one of the most hottest guys I have ever seen. What a day to live in California.

" Where my niece!?" My rumbustious aunt comes in and peppers me with hugs and kisses that make me want t cute.

" Hey auntie, hey Katrice, sup Dante" I say acknowledging all of them.

" Hey cousin" My cousin Katrice says I noticed she has her shoulder-length dark hair up in a bun that's on fleek, she has on a flowy blue tank with a Asian-inspired cardigan and some reasonable white denim shorts with some silver sandals.

"Hey Ny'dia" Dante says, dressed in some white cargo shorts, a blue polo shirt with a black watch with a big face and some black Jordan's. Aww, their matching. I want that shit. I think to myself.

They all take a seat at the big table in the kitchen that has high chairs and in a deep cherry wood.

" How's school D?" Katrice asked me.

" It's good but I'm already wishing for the year to be over!" I say complaining while they laugh.

" Pshh wait till you're a senior than you'll wish you weren't saying that." Says Dante smiling.

My mom and aunt go out to the front and we all stay in the kitchen. " Where is your sister" Katrice says looking towards the stairs as if my sister will magically appear.

" Still asleep as usual, where Michael?" I asked about her brother my big cousin that plays college football at the moment.

" With Danny" She says speaking of his long term high school sweetheart that does track and field for UCLA.

" Coolio" I say than come over to have a seat with them as we start to talk.

Just then I hear the back door open and in walks Dorian.

Kill me now.


Dorian's POV.

I open up the back door of the garage that leads into the house after saying hi to Ms. Sandie and her sister Melinda. They're trailing behind me with my Pops, Ms. Sandie wants to give him a tour of their house which is pretty nice. . As I walk in I see Ny'dia sitting at a table with two other people.. A dark skinned guy wearing white shorts and a blue shirt and a pretty dark skinned girl wearing the same colors as him but shorter shorts, a crop top, and a cardigan. I'm guessing they're a couple.

" Hey" I say.

" Hey Dorian" Ny'dia says with the fakest smile I have ever seen her wear.

" Hi Mr. Mann" she gets up and walks to give my Dad a hug and not me. I can see she has on those little ass shorts I love her in that shows off her nice ass and sexy legs and thighs. She has one a plain v-neck shirt that demonstrates no cleavage at all. Her hair is up and she has no make up but she couldn't look any cuter to me.

" Hey baby how are you?" My dad says to her what I wanted to.

" I'm good! This is my cousin Katrice and her boyfriend Dante." She says introducing the two unknown people. Tiny bit of me is glad their dating, I didn't want her to tell me that big tall dude was her man. I'd have to make her cheat on her boyfriend with me then.

" Hello how y'all?" My dad says making introductions with Katrice and Dante and introducing me.

" We're going to show them the house, you want to come or stay down her Dorian?" Ms. Sandie asked me.

" Nah, I'll stay down here with Ny'dia if that's okay." I tell her.

" Okay" She says as they go upstairs.

I take a seat on the right of the table near Ny'dia who sits between me and Dante. The table like a square so she in between us. I can tell right now her cousin and her boyfriend are not the most welcoming people.


Ny'dia Pov

"Soooo what's up guys" I say trying to make conversation because it's so quiet now that Dorian is down here with us. Whom is also on his phone, rude.

" Hmm" he says looking up at me with his bottom lip caught under his teeth. God he needs to stop doing that.

" So where you from?" Katrice nosy ass asked Dorian.

" Lake Fontail." He says she nods not really caring.

Feeling suffocated by the quietness I blurt out. " Dorian goes to my school, he's on the football team, Dorian Dante is on the basketball team at his school. Him and Katrice are seniors, she dances on the team there." I say with my hands clasps together on the table pushing my lips tightly together which makes them pucker and nod my head to the tunes that is not playing.

" You play ball?" Dante asked.

" Yeah I do."

" But are you any good though, you don't look it." Him and katrice giggle.

I stare at him like that's kind of fucked up. I mean you don't know him like that and do you not see how big this guy is, he's pretty fucking big dude.

Dorian raises his eyebrows and chuckles quietly looking down at him phone. " I believe so otherwise I wouldn't be on varsity. Hey Ny'dia how's wrestling?" He turns to me asking.

" Oh it's going well. How's football, I know it's Saturday did you guys have practice today?" I ask him.

He smiles. " yeah we did, early this morning wasn't too bad or that hot."

" That's cool." I say smiling, we're actually having a conversation and he hasn't pissed me off, wow.

" You know the game is next Friday, you going?" He asked me.

" Yeah probably, I like the games." I say smiling.

" What else you like?" He asked me.

" Oh lots of things..." I ramble off talking about everything I like and he listens intently which I take notice of.

The whole time his dad and him were there we kind of just talked. My cousin and her boyfriend did they own thing and when they left with my aunt. My mom, grandma, and Mr.Mann sat in the kitchen talking while Dorian and me sat on the couch int he Den just talking. We talked about music, sports, TV shows, hobbies, school, and played games. I learn he wasn't so bad and when it was time for him to leave I actually felt a little sad we had to stop talking. I pouted a little and I guess he noticed because he asked for my number which I gladly gave. I think we could be friends, he is pretty cool!!


Dorian POV

So usually I don't asked for a girl's number, but I gladly asked for Ny'dia.

And she gave itto me which I was super happy about I swear I thought she was going to say no. But we connected a little when we were talking, she's pretty chilled. I don't think she noticed, but I saw how her face fell when My Dad told me we about to leave. She look disappointed I was leaving, aww I just wanted to hold her shit I didn't want to leave either I really enjoyed talking to her. She's an interesting young lady.

After we said goodbye, we walked outside with Ms. Sandie and Ny'dia accompanying us. Ms. Sandie hugged my dad and me goodbye: Ny'dia went to give my dad hugged, I didn't think she give me one but then she gave me one longer than my Dad's. And I gladly wrapped my arms around her, she smelled so good I didn't want to let go to be honest. But I didn't want to seem thirsty on her when I barely just got her number. Pops and me hop into the car and he pulls off from the curve.

" You had fun with Ny'dia and her fam my man?" Pops asked me.

I look up from my phone. " Yeah, her fam was cool and so was she."

" Hmm don't see like it." He says while staring at the road chuckling.

" What you mean?" I look up asking him.

" C'mon man, I saw you with her. Y'all laughing and talking on the couch. You like her huh?" He states more than questions.

I chuckle. " Um, yeah I do. She's pretty cute and different. But she got an attitude though." I say smiling.

" Mhm, Ny'dia and her sister is good girls and her mother is a very nice lady as well. I met Ny'dia when she was in the sixth grade with your sister and she always been a sweet girl but she had a really tough time their eight grade year. She's good now."

" What do you mean she had a tough time?" I asked my dad perplexed.

" Nothing that's for her to tall if she wants. I'm just saying she is a nice girl and y'all be cute together."

" Haha, so you think we 'd be a good couple?" I ask him laughing.

" You don't want to date her?" He asked me.

" Naw, I do, that's what I'm trying to do. " I say.

I really do like Ny'dia. I know I just met her but I'm going to take my time getting to know here. She seems like she can be something good for me. And I only want positive people in my life. I reflect back on our conversation and I can't wait to get home so I can text her.


Ny'dia POV

I step out the shower after I finish and grab the towel from the rack and wrap it around my body. I grab the other towel from the rack and wrap it around my head to let my hair dry. I dry myself off and walk to my room, I apply lotion to my body and put on my PJ's and pull the towel off. I go back to the bathroom to hang the towels to let them dry and then apply leave in conditioner to my hair and put it in a bun. When I walk back to my room, I sit on my bed after pulling back the covers and climbing inside, turning on the TV to get comfortable. I grab my phone and unlock it, I go to my menu and find my wattpad app so I can read my stories seeing I got an update about one of my favorite stories.

As I am reading deep into Hunter's love scene with Mandy, a text pops up on my phone screen and I see Dorian's number. I smile and tape on it bring it up full screen.

(Ny'dia will be in bold and Dorian in italics)


N: Heyyyy Buddy! :D

D: What are you doing lil girl?

I am a little girl thank you, just little.

N: I am not a little girl thank you, just petite. And I am reading in my room, laying down on my bed. Wby?

D: Quiet lil girl and what you reading? I'm layin down.

N: On what? The floor? xD

N: And don't call me that.

D: You know what I mean, don't play lol. And why can't I call you lil girl?

N: I can't read your mind xp. And because I don't like it, if your going to nickname me it'd better be something not "lil girl"

D: Nah, you not as cool as me that's why. And okay how about lil kid than? :D

N: Oh Haha you're so funny!!Not :l. I don't like that. Call me something else please or just call me my name.

D: Lol okay. How about I call you Future?

N: Future? That's different, why Future? :)

D: Because you my Future wifey. :D Lol

Did he just text me that? Oh my God eeek!!! I smile jumping up and down then remember about my phone.

N: Lol, boy stop playing we just friends getting straight. I'm not down to be with your player ass.

D: How you know I'm a player? Maybe I'm not.

N: Not the way you be with girls. xD

D: Is someone jealous? lol. I was just playing with you, I'm not calling you Future yet. ;D

N: Nah, I'm never jealous and whatever little boy.

D: SURE lol. And I'm not a little boy Baby Girl, I'm a bad guy though.

OMG he called me BABY GIRL!!!

N: How are you a bad guy? You don't seem so bad to me. You seem pretty nice. :)

D: Lol. You'll find out Baby Girl. Though I don't think you can handle it.

N: LOL BOY QUIT. You not as smooth as you think. I can handle you lol.

D: Oh is that right? Baby girl I'm not about games. I'm real with my shit. And I don't think you ready for it.

N: Is that a challenge? Because if so, bring it on !

D: Lol, I warned you Baby Girl.

N: Bring it on Teddy.

D: Teddy really??D:

N:Yep :D. If I'm your Baby Girl, your my Teddy!!!:)

D: Lol Okay I guess so.


So Chapter Four was pretty good I think!Ny'dia and Dorian friendship is blossoming and they got nicknames!Dorian trying to put the charms on Ny'dia. :333



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