In Love With Your Destruction

She never noticed him
He had his eye on her.
She fell for him.
He broke her.
Fifteenth year old Ny'dia grew up in a life of hardships and never knowing not what a bad day was. She had finally been able to overcome her depression and suicidal ways and become the happy person she dream to be: playing sports, having friends, great grades. Even though at home she face more chaos than any teen could handle. But she able to balance it all until she meets Dorian Mann. A buff, cocky player with a dark past and dark mind who sets his sights on Ny'dia. They fall in love in all the wrong ways but when he violates her in the cruelest way and breaks her trust. Will she be able to forgive him and move on or will she try to destroy the very pain he caused her?


4. Chapter 3


Ny'dia's POV

BEEP!BEEP!BEEP!BE- I press the snooze button on my cellphone groaning I wake. Ugh, time to get up for school but I really don't want to I complain to myself. I drag my self out of bed and groggily go to the bathroom, even though school as been in progression for two weeks now. I still subconsciously feel like it's still Summer break. After I take my shower, I brush my hair that is straight for the moment till practices continues and start applying my makeup. Nothing to heavy, just some eyeliner on my bottom lid and on my top, some mascara, a little eye shadow and a bit of concealer and I'm good to go. I get dressed in some shorts and a flowy crop top. I slide on some sandals looking in the mirror I think I look nice today. I run downstairs where grandma and mom are making their coffee. I see that nigga, I mean my grandfather Jack sleeping on the couch looking like he about ti be buried in a coffin. I shake my head and greet my mom and grandmother. My sister comes down groggily in some jeans, a graphic tee, and some biker ankle boots with her bangs brush to the side and her hair down as usual. She has her glasses on today: Tony is trailing behind her our male full blooded chihuahua who sleeps with her every night.

" Ugh it's you" Imani tells me.

"Ugh, it's you" I tell her back.

"Hurry up we need to go before that traffic gets too bad." My mom says.

My sister and me grabs some snacks from the pantry and put them in our bags. We walk out the door and our mom follows. We climb into her car and she pulls out the garage en route to school. It takes us only five minutes to get up into the traffic that leads into Red Valley High School. One of the top notch public schools in our district, big on sports and academics as well as littered with ratchets, hoes, players, jocks, misfits, and every other cliche stereotype ever conceived. After being in traffic for an extra twenty minutes we get dropped off in the front of he school. My sister goes the opposite direction to her friends and I go into the commons where liters of tables are occupied by an example of every single type of person at RV. You got your jocks, your hoes, the weirdos, the quiet nerds, the lazy people who do nothing, the Mexicans, the blacks, the Asians, the whites. Basically everyone, I find the table where I see Janice, Ashley, and Lisa.

Janice is my closest friend at RV: she's a dark skin girl with beautiful dark eyes, long lashes, a thickbody, and short kinky hair she has down today. She's 5'3, everyone taller than me, and she has a dry humor that keeps me cracking up. Next is Lisa, another thick brown skin girl whose crazy funny and all the niggas try to be her friend. She just go that something else. Than their is Ashley, she's a little ratchet but she's pretty chill and that's what I like about her.

"Aye bitch" Janice way of saying hi to me. She has on a orange crop top that sits right about her denim shorts, some brown converses and black eyeliner on her top lid.

"Hey Ny'dia" Lisa and Ashley both tell me. Lisa has on a pretty sundress that black floral print with yellow flowers, Her short kinky hair is also down but straighten and she has some silver eye shadow on with some clear lip gloss. Ashley weave is straight and looking very nice, she has some denim black jean shorts on, a white tank with a think yellow cardigan, some yellow sandals, and gold eye shadow with eye liner and mascara.

" How are you guys all doing this fine Tuesday morning?" I asked knowing they are not happy to be her at 7 in the morning.

" Bitch bye" Janice says and I burst out laughing as she an everyone else does.

" I rather be at home in my footsie than in this bitch" Says Lisa grinning.

" I was up all night finishing my chemistry homework-" Janice and Lisa groan " I barely any sleep" says Ashley.

" On the bright side, I got plenty of sleep last night" I say smiling.

They all looked at me like they wanted to fuck me up.

"How is that on the bright side please explain?" Lisa says amused.

"Well imagined if I was as tired as you guys, that'd be bad" I look down sadly.

"Nigga fuck you!" Janice yells out laughing

"OMG you lucky I love you!"

"Don't hate, appreciate." I say with the most serious face before I bust out laughing.

They all start laughing, out the corner of my eye. I see Mr. Popular. Coming down the hallways is Dorian: today he has on some tan denim jeans, a brown red and tan checkered flannel shirt, a black snap back and some orange Air Jordan. That nigga always colorful but he defiantly looks good today, it looks like he just got a haircut but I can't quite tell under the hat. He laughing with some guys from the Football team, damn his voice is so sexy I hate it. I can see his biceps through his flannel man I wish I could take it off-

" Ny'diaaaaaa helloooo" I hear Janice say to me cutting off my not so innocent thoughts about Dorian. Eww.

"Sorry girl what you say"

" I said are you going to the first football game next Friday? I think I might go"

"Oh, yeah probably" I say I love going to the games I just don't care for the guys on the team.

As I say that I turn and see Dorian walk past our table, he looks over at me and smiles.

"Hey Ny'dia" That voice, Lord.

I stiffened, than roll my eyes and look the other way acting like I don't care. Because I so don't he such a hoe. He just chuckles and walks off with his friends but I can't help but stare at his ass. Why the sexy ones always got to be players? I think to myself shaking my head and going back to talking to my girls. 


Dorian's POV

I really don't get that girl sometimes.

All I did was say hi and smile at her and she roll her pretty ass eyes at me like I annoyed her. The attitude sometimes is cute but girl really? Come one. Don't bother me I know she got to be feeling a nigga, otherwise she wouldn't of blush the way she just did when I said hi. She not fooling nobody, it's cute she tried though.

" Aye D, wassup with you and Ny'dia" De'mai asked me.

"Nothing, she a family friend." I say. I don't need them up in my business, I don't know these niggas like that.

"Well I'm just asking, she something else" that peeps my interest.

"How, what you mean?" I asked him.

De'mai looks at Trevor another nigga on the team and Corey from the basketball, they all share a look.

" Look man, she got a record. "

"Nigga get to the point, stop playing" I say smirking. Seriously I don't like suspense just tell me. I anxiously wait for him to tell me about whatever about the girl I'm into.

" Okay, so you know Calvin? Well he went out with Sabrina right and you know how she can't stand him?"

I nod.

" It's because he cheated on her with Ny'dia. And Ny'dia and her were best friends since middle school. It happened last year, it was crazy bro. Because we didn't Ny'dia was like that she chilled but than that shit happened. "

" I heard they fucked and she gave him top. " Says Trevor laughing. Corey chuckles.

" But the cool thing was that Ny'dia actually came and told Sabrina. She told her what happened and all he said and what they did and all that shit. She didn't try to hide it. She told her at Sabrina's house. "

"Let's be honest she was trying to break them up my nigga" Says Corey.

" Naw man, I gotta disagree if she really wanted to break them up and get with him, she wouldn't have gone and dated senior like two weeks later. I think she was just keeping it real. It's not like she tried to be friends with her. She apologize and they don't talk now."

" Yeah, it was that nigga Calvin. Can't no female make you cheat on your girl. You doing that shit. I don't dislike Ny'dia because she kept it real and didn't try to seek support from nobody she just kept to herself and went about her business." Says De'mai.

" Whatever man, that was still fucked up" says Corey laughing.

" High school fucked up nigga" says Trevor. So true.

So Ny'dia did some grimely shit? Damn, that's cold. I can't say shit though because I fucked a few of my friends' girls too hell some girl's girls. But aye that's different, they let me do it to them and wasn't thinking about they men when they let me laid down the pipe. But somehow I don't feel Ny'dia like that She just don't give me that impression. Besides that nigga Calvin is messy so whatever. I still wanna know more about her.

" Wait what y'all mean she dated a senior" I say trying to find more out.

" She started dating this senior dude on the wrestling team a few weeks after it happened. That nigga was on her like white on rice my nigga!" Corey says laughing while we look at him. He stops and coughs, straightening up. Um yeah, weirdo.

" They were together till like a month or so before school ended, than she and her crazy ass home girl started chilling with the other niggas, I think they were seniors too. Shit I don't know." Trevor says.

These niggas seem to really know about her, that's not a good sign. Hmm, so baby girl likes older niggas huh? Well, that about to change.

The bell rang and it's time for us to go to class. Shit, I had zero period oh well, I walk with my friends to our next classes. I get to chemistry which bores me and take a seat at the back with my friends. We sitting there talking when I get a note slide to me.

' Hey Dorian, want to meet up behind the school on the left side after school today their something I want to tell you.' It read with a smiley face and heart next to it. I look up and see Tanya staring at me. Tanya sexy: she's about 5'5, brown skinned, small waist with a fat ass and some big tits. She got a weave with the ends tinted blue, looks good on her. She got on a grey dress with a deep v-neck that stops to the middle of her thick thighs and clings to her body. She got on a lot of make up I can tell but I'm just thinking about what her mouth can do. I smirk and nod to her letting her know I'm down. She smiles and looks away. I turn away and look up at the front where Mr. Kelf starts teaching.


Ny'dia POV


I think.


I also think.

I am in math science class bored out of my minds. Ms. Rodriguez and talking about something to do with cells but I really don't care. I look to my right at my friend Jake and he looks at me. He passes me a not. It reads ' I'm bored'

Well duh.

(Ny'dia will be in bold and Jake in Italics!)

'Well so am I, entertain me.'

'Nigga, I'm bored that's why I wrote the note.'

'Well your shit out of luck huh'

'You're not funny'

'And you wouldn't have a job at a circus. Horrible entertainment. Under qualified. '

He laughs quietly. BEEEEEEP!

"Yes! Save by the bell" I say too excited to go to lunch.

" Girl it was not that bad" says Jake.

" Um, excuse me. I was was about to practically die of boredom!" I exaggerate.

We both walk out of class saying our goodbyes. I walk to where the library to meet up with Janice so we could go get lunch. I noticed the cheer team and dance team out on the law in front of the library I guess were having some type of pep rally today. The pep rallies at RV are always really cool to watch.

" Hey" I say when I reach Janice.

" Hey we're having a pep rally today I think." She stays looking over to their set up.

" Yeah that should fun to watch, how was class?" I ask as we walk down the stairs to the outside cafeteria to get in the long line to get our food. We saw Lisa and Ashley.

" It was soooo boring I couldn't wait for the bell to ring." She says I laugh.

" Oh tell me about it, Ms. Rodriguez practically killed me with cells."

My friends and I continue to complain abut our classes. After gathering our food, we walk down to the back of the commons where the lawn began so we can watch the show. We take a seat on the stairs on the cement that leads to the stage. Where we also see our other friends. Kaysee, Alisha, Mya, and Sam. Kaysee is a tall girl with a pearl like body and brown weave that helps frame her face. She has on some high waist jeans, a small crop top, and a graphic cardigan with flowers on it. Alisha is a short small brown skinned girl with the cutest bubble butt and nice tits, small waist, long weave up in a pony tale, small lips and pretty deep eyes. Guys can't help but stop and stare at her little ass. She and Kaysee are comedy. Mya and Sam are cousins but look like sisters: they both have medium length light brown hair, light skinned, a little thick, and with nice busts. Mya has hazel eyes while Sam's are a coffee brown. They both have floral print dresses on except Sam's has a long cherry blossom tree on hers. They all have sandals on.

"Ayyyye" They all say and we greet each other.

" Oh I like your dresses Sam and Mya" I tell them.

" Thanks Ny'dia" they say at the same time chuckling, so cute.

" Oh my God it's too hot!" Says Alisha who has on short shorts and a red crop top that shows off her flat tummy and perfect chest.

" Says the girl who barely has clothes on" Kaycee say teasing Alisha.

" I have clothes on it's just too hot. I need something to drink. " Says Alisha.

" Here you can have some of my water Alisha." Says Ashley always nice.

" Thanks some people have hearts unlike others" Alisha says pointedly to Kaycee who starts laughing like all we do.

" Damn, whose that." Says Ashley.

We all turn to the right to see who she was talking about: Dorian. Fuck really, I already saw him four times today. Ugh. Dorian and his friends are walking down towards our way. He's talking with his friends and you could hear their loud asses from a mile away. Dorian turns and looks my way, he smirks and walks up to me.

" Hey Nina."

"It's Ny'dia." I tell him upset he still can't say my name right.

He puts his hands up in mock surrender. " My bad girl I'm sorry."

I roll my eyes. " Whatever"

" What's with the attitude?" H smirks to me.

" I don't have one, don't you have someone else to talk to?" I say annoyed he is still speaking to me.

" Okay whose your friends then?" He says turning his eyes and smirk onto them.

I wanted to hit him, like seriously? You were just looking at me, ooh I don't like him.

" None of your business" I tell him.

" Hey Lisa" He says I look at him bugged eye.

" What's up D" Lisa says smiling and they hug. I sit there feeling like a fish out of water.

When this happen???

" Um, Lisa how you know Dorian?"

" Oh we got a class together." She says like it's okay.

" Oh" I say having nothing good really to say.

" Hey ladies I'm Dorian and you all are." He says giving them a die hard smile.

All those bitches giggles. The fuck! You're all my friends! Nooo don't fall for his charm. He's an asshole don't do it. Oh shoot me now.

All the girls introduce themselves to Dorian happily except Janice. That my nigga.

" I'm Alisha" Alisha introduces herself to Dorian. She not smiling hard but she's not giving him a cold shoulder either.

" Hey beautiful, nice watch" He says complimenting her watch.

" Oh thanks I got it at..." And they they start having a full fledged conversation right in front of me like I'm no longer there. Staring hard at each other, okay if you guys are going to eye-rape each other please don't do in front of me!

" Hey Dorian, I think your friends are calling you" I tell him pointing over to his friends who are hanging behind the stage talking. He stares down at me smirking and nods.

" Well it was nice meeting you ladies, hopefully I see y'all around and it was nice meeting you Alisha. Hey Ny'dia can I talk to you for a minute." He says after giving each girl a hug, giving Alisha one that was a little too long for my comfort. Alisha

I look at him confused but walk away with him.

" So why you want me away from your friends, I think they all like me?" He says like he doesn't understand.

The fuck, how are you confused?

" Um, maybe because their my friends and I don't like you Dorian. I don't want you pushing up on my friends like that. Go chase some other hoes." I tell him.

" Are you sure you don't want me talking to your friends?" he says.

Than steps close to me, " Or is it because you only want me talking to you?"

I stand there with widen eyes, what did he just say to me? Is he implying I want him? That I'm jealous?

" Okay, first of all-" I take a step back and he chuckles titling his head " I don't want anything with you. You disgust me-"

"Hmm really" he interrupts me.

" - I am in no way interested in you. I am not jealous if you talk to my friends-"

" Never said you were" again interrupting me.

"- I just don't want you no where around my friends and me." I finish.

"How come? " He says crossing his arms over his chest smiling down at me.

" Because-" I start but then get caught up staring into his eyes, God he has nice eyes-

" Woohoo anyone there" he waves his hand in my face." Look I know I'm fine but-"

I snap out of it, " Look I don't care about you look I just don't want to-" he cuts me off.

" I like your hair today, you did it? It looks nice" He says throwing me off while looking me up and down.

" Whatever just stay away from my friends and me" I say turning around fastly walking away. Not noticing him staring at my ass. Or him seeing the blush I just know is on my face.


Dorian's POV

Wow, she realllllly is dramatic. Lol

All I did was come talk to her and her friends and she couldn't even handle that.

Initially, I was just going to irritate her but then she got smart so I decided to mess with her friends. They all looked at me like I was the last meal but her friend Alisha had me looking at her. She was a sexy little thing. Barely had any clothes on and I didn't mind, her being short made it easy to see the white lace bra she had on under her short red crop top. I knew I was irritating Ny'dia and I was enjoying it. I wasn't trying to start anything by flirting with her friend, I just wanted to get on Ny'dia nerves.

I really like her when she irritated, she has no idea how sexy she looks when she want to fuck me up. And now that I just saw how jealous she got just from talking to her friends I KNOW she like me. She just don't know she do. But that's okay, I'm a patient man.

I hear the bell go off and it's time for me to go to fifth period. Yay, math I don't have no interest to learn yayyy me. I sarcastically think as I head to class.hear





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