In Love With Your Destruction

She never noticed him
He had his eye on her.
She fell for him.
He broke her.
Fifteenth year old Ny'dia grew up in a life of hardships and never knowing not what a bad day was. She had finally been able to overcome her depression and suicidal ways and become the happy person she dream to be: playing sports, having friends, great grades. Even though at home she face more chaos than any teen could handle. But she able to balance it all until she meets Dorian Mann. A buff, cocky player with a dark past and dark mind who sets his sights on Ny'dia. They fall in love in all the wrong ways but when he violates her in the cruelest way and breaks her trust. Will she be able to forgive him and move on or will she try to destroy the very pain he caused her?


3. Chapter 2

Dorian's POV

" Later Big Mann!" I hear some of the guys from the team say to me on my way out the locker room. I chuck up duences and nod a few some ways and i exit out to the entrance of the school.

I see my dad's sleek car pull up and I get in the back seat seeing my sister Vicky in the passenger seat. Right as I sit down I hear pops go.

" Uh Uh partner , put that bag in the trunk you already smell like shit as it is. " I laugh and so do Kevin my little brother and Viv.

" Pop, come on I can hold it beside I don't smell that bad." I say too lazy to get back out and put my bag in the trunk.

" Nigga to who, please let me know. When you get your own ride than you can say that, but for now put it in the trunk. "

I get out and put my sports bag in the trunk after it opens up. Once it closes shut I get back in the back seat of the car, closing the door behind me gently. I pick up my phone and start scrolling through Instagram as Pops pulls off.

" How was practice man? " Dad asked.

" It was good. The coaches told me I had a good stance, but I gotta get lower. " I tell him.

" Good, the team here is pretty good..." My Dad rambles off about the team as I semi-listen and scroll through Instagram looking at all the baddies liking the ones who were worthy enough for a like. :D

As I sit there chatting with Kevin, we pull up into the parking lot of Walmart. We all get out and walk up into Walmart: I swear every female in there stop to look at me. I mean damn I know I'm fine but ladies you can try to act like you not dying for a taste. I can't help my grin though cause my ego big and I know it.

Dad grabs a cart from that cart area and we all walk through Walmart picking up stuff for the house. Vicky talking about something she did in her choir class, I'm not really listening cause I see this two cute females down the shampoo aisle and I nudge my brother. He looks and me and I tell dad we going to go pick up some air freshener for him. He tells me a'ight.

We walk down the aisle to where the girls at, they turn around and see us: of course. They both pretty and I think one of them go to my school . They both got on short spandex shorts, some sneakers, and sleeveless t-shirts. The one on the right is brown skinned, she got a long weave but I don't care. Her eyes are brown but small, she had some make up and her nails done in blue and white. But I was staring at her chest, nice and big just like I like them. The other girl on the left was a little lighter with short hair with beach waves I guess I don't know girls being doing they shit with they hair, well some. She had brown eyes too and some make up, she had fake lashes on but she was a little thicker then the other. I can tell they both had some hips on them too, some I also like. And they were both short.

" Hey ladies, how y'all doing?" I say to them grinning.

" Hi" " Hello" they both answer me.

" My name is Dorian and this my little bro Kevin"

"Hey wassup beautiful ladies" Kevin says, he smooth like his big bro what can I say.

They both giggle, the light skinned one says " I'm Trina and this my girl Shontelle"

Shontelle says hi, I see she shy from what I learn, it's the shy quiet ones that freakier in bed :D

" Hey, aren't you on the football team for RV?! I swear we saw you earlier at practice." Trina asked me smiling.

" Yeah I am, y'all see me how? " I asked them.

" We'll we both on the cheerleading team but I think you were on the very far end so you didn't see us. You're pretty fast and big." She tells me giving me them eyes. You know the ones.

" Ohhh, yeah I didn't see y'all" We all laugh " My bad ladies I was putting in that work, but now I met y'all I'll be sure to say hi next time." I tell them both.

" Do you go to RV too?" Shonetelle ask my brother.

" Naw I go to Crescent Hills High school, I wish though. " He says.

They giggle at him, I don't know why this nigga ain't say nothing funny but I swear girls laugh at whatever he say. That nigga blessed with skill and he don't know it.

" Awe, if you went to RV we could all hang out together. Are you a sophomore too, you look older?"

" Haha, well you know when you this clean-" I shake my head. "- you don't look like the typical ma. But no I am a freshman, Dorian a sophomore."

" Well they do say younger is tougher." Says Shontelle looking my brother up and down biting her lip.

The fuck no they don't. Wait do they? I guess she not so shy. I think to myself.

" I just want to fuck every girl in the-" I hear go off.

"Oops, excuse me that's me." Says Shontelle who picks up her phone and steps away to speak into it to whom ever.

" So, where you from Dorian, I don't think I saw you at RV last year?" Ask Trina bting her lip at me.

" I'm from Lake Fontail, I just came out here." I tell her, don't need to tell her my whole life.

" Oh, isn't kind of dangerous out there?" She asked me looking worried.

I laugh, girl what?

"It's okay, it's not that bad. So what grade you in ?" I asked her not that I care that much.

" I'm a sophomore so we might have a class together." She says giggling.

"Yeah, hopefully maybe you can help me study more, you look like you can inspire me to dome things." I saw looking her up and down.

She giggles and blushes, hard. Damn, I'm smooth.

" Aye, my mom just called she waiting for us in the front." Shontelle comes back over after getting off her phone and tells Trina.

" It was nice meeting you guys maybe we can get together and hang out sometime?" She says looking at us hopefully and so does Trina.

"Yeah that's cool, sure" Kevin says.

" Here let's exchange numbers so we can link up" Trina says her and Shonetelle gives us their phones to put in our numbers.

Yep, when you a real nigga you don't have to asked for the number. ;p

We exchange numbers and give the girls hugs and walk off to go search for pops. We look at each other and chuckle like we just pulled game and we know it.

We find Pops and Viv in the greeting card aisle talking about college. I am not trying to hop into that conversation, I just left school. Kevin was showing me something on his phone when I hear a woman's voice that wasn't Viv's speaking to my dad. I look up and see this short light skinned woman who was a little on the bigger side but still attractive. She look like she could be a Mexican but I don't know.

"Donald is that you!? I ain't seen you in a long time" the woman says to Pops.

" Sandie how you been girl? It's been a long time?" Dad tells her giving her a hug.

" Aye, whose that?" I asked my brother staring at this woman I never seen before who was now hugging my sister.

" Oh that's Ms. Bates. She's Viv's friend's mom, they went to middle school together. I ain't seen her in awhile though." He says and then speaks a little to her when the lady turns and says hello to him.

I also noticed another short elder lady I never also seen before who talking to Dad now. Just as the lady is about to speak to me. I hear Viv let out her loud ass voice and hugging this other female.

Damn, I think when I see Viv pull away from the girl.

Now I've seen plenty a beautiful and sexy females, fucked quite a few. But the one I'm looking at is absolutely beautiful. She's really short. Taller than the elder woman speaking to my dad but shorter than everyone else. Which I like, she's also really tiny like does she eat but then I look at her body a little more I see she got some buff arms. She is really light: almost lighter than Viv, she has a yellow tint to her skin. I'm already imaging what it'd look like under my body. She has a really childish face, I hope she not like ten or something than I feel like a pervert. Her face is beautiful too: high cheekbones, full soft plump lips I wanna bite, long black lashes, small forehead, some cute freckles across her nose which is button but small, and big gorgeous dark eyes. Her hair is up it looks like she just wash it but I can tell she got nice hair you don't always see on black girls. Wait is she look black? She look mixed or at least white. I can't tell the way she dressed: she got some short ass denim booty shorts on and a blue short sleeved shirt. That girl got some thick thighs and some little ass shoes, why did I noticed her shoes? She also got some nice legs it don't look like she got any boobs at all which normally would turn me off but weirdly I find her sexy. And she got a nice smile.

" Vicky!!I hadn't seen you in forever!"Sexy girl says to my sister looking all excited. She looks so cute and she has a girly voice. I like that.

" Girl I ain't seen you in forever, how you been!? Aye Imani!" My sister says as they pull part from their hug and I then noticed another girl: another light skinned girl but she looks more like a barbie doll. Tan, tall, hourglass body I'd go for, big green eyes, some freckles, light brown long hair, and a pretty smile. Damn she a cutie too. Where these girls come from?

Sexy girl turns and looks at my Dad, then gets excited and gives him a hug. She sure likes to hug and shit. I wish she hug on me.

My dad speaks to the Sexy Girl. " Girl, you done got big you and sister! How you been?!" He says smiling.

" I've been good Mr. Mann, just came out of wrestling practice cause I am a beast like that." She says.

Damn she a wrestler, that's different I never met a girl wrestles before. I wonder what she could teach me I think to myself as I look at her ass, which as pretty big on her tiny little self. Wish I could feel on that too. Damn, this little girl got me thinking some shit.

"Oh Ha! Is that so, wrestling huh? Go on sister solder! Someday you'll be as fly as me" My dad says to her looking up, I noticed her looking at him with a 'nigga please look' like me, I grin at her facial expression.

" Ha! You so funny, like your hairline." She says and we crack up, damn little mama got fire too.

" Oh you got jokes, come here!" My dad tells her reaching out to grab her, she lets out a tiny squeal and hides behind the lady I'm going to assume is her mom. Awe she's so cute, I'd protect her.

She turns and looks at my brother and steps from behind her mom and says hello to Kevin. He tells her wassup and that's when she turns and noticed me. Finally.

Wait, damn? Shit she noticed me but I smell like shit. I just came out of practice I don't want her to think I'm a pig. Damn, I should of sprayed some cologne on. I just won't look at her then she'll won't speak to me.

I'm right because I watch out the corner of my eye as she looks at my sister with a confused face.

" Oh Ny'dia this my big bro Dorian. Bro this my girl Ny'dia, her sister Imani, her mom Ms. Bates and her mom Mrs. Bates." Vicky introducing all of us.

She looks at me and tries to speak to me but I just give her a nod and look at the greeting cards hoping she don't smell me. Eventually she and viv step away from us to go chop it up and pops having a conversation with her family. I can't help as they step away to stare at Ny'dia's ass. Damn, it's nice not super big but not flat. Ny'dia that's different but I like it and I think I like her.


I like Chapter Two, I think seeing from Dorian's POV was interesting.

He's a little player but he's defiantly looking at Ny'dia.

Hopefully you guys like it!

Please comment and like!!

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