In Love With Your Destruction

She never noticed him
He had his eye on her.
She fell for him.
He broke her.
Fifteenth year old Ny'dia grew up in a life of hardships and never knowing not what a bad day was. She had finally been able to overcome her depression and suicidal ways and become the happy person she dream to be: playing sports, having friends, great grades. Even though at home she face more chaos than any teen could handle. But she able to balance it all until she meets Dorian Mann. A buff, cocky player with a dark past and dark mind who sets his sights on Ny'dia. They fall in love in all the wrong ways but when he violates her in the cruelest way and breaks her trust. Will she be able to forgive him and move on or will she try to destroy the very pain he caused her?


2. Chapter 1

Ny'dia's Pov

" Hurry Ny'dia, I want to drop by Walmart before I get tired." My mother told me as I closed the car door behind me and got into the back seat.

" Hey, eww..." My little sister Imani says, I glare into her deep green eyes that stand out of her tan light skin. My sister is gorgeous but mean: she has long brown-blond hair with natural highlights, full pinks lips that curve like our mother's, light tan skin, pink freckles under her eyes, small nose, long blondish brown lashes, standing at 5'6 towering over me, and a body to kill for. She's only fourteen and she still looks older than me and I was born first.

"Aye..shut up." I say to her grinning as I rub behind the ear of my dog Milk, a all black silky lab-chihuahua mix I've had since we moved out to this little town Red Valley, California. She pushes her head against my hand in a silence way of letting me know she wants me to pet her more.

" No arguing, how was practice Ny'dia?" My mother Sandie tells my sister and me. My mom is beautiful: she stands 5'3 sadly still taller than me, with long beautiful dark brown hair to under her breasts, she's only 36 but she still looks likes she in her late 20's. She has the light brown eyes, full pink lips as my sister, dark long lashes, and freckles across her face, small nose, light tan skin being more bronze. Not a stick figure by any means but due to having two children a year apart being slight on the heavy side yet carries it well. My mom is beautiful.

" It was great! We learn this cool new move, the cross face..." I trail off describing to her what happened at wrestling practice. I am a wrestler, yeah cool right? At my school, we have a co-ed team I started as a freshman but didn't go so well. But I'm back at it and going to be the shiz-nit!!!!So I am a little corny. Let me tell you about myself.

My name is Ny'dia Morgon. I won't tell you my middle name because I hate it. I was born on New Years day so I'm always on break on my birthday! Yet my sister came a few days after my the next year so that sucks. I am a really outgoing, charming in my belief but I had one heck of a freshman year so I tend to keep to myself at school. I am fourteen years old and I look more like ten in my opinion. I stand at 5'1, 106 lbs yet I eat like I am a heavy weight. Love to get my dinner on thoughhhhh! I am as well as my family, light skinned more like yellow bone. If you haven't guess yet. My family mix racial: sister Irish and black due to her dad being Irish and black hint the eyes. My mom is Creole, Native American, Black, and White. And I am German due to my Dad, and Black, obviously everything else of my mom but I mainly identify being Black. But everyone thinks I look like a white girl, haters. I have long black hair to the middle of my back but I keep up and washed all the time due to practice being sweaty. I have brown freckles across my face, full pink lips, a button nose I broken a few times due to sports but still cuter than most. Long black lashes, thick great eyebrows, small ears that I hate for others to point out, and my favorite part: deep brown big eyes that I love to outline with eyeliner when I can wear make up which is not today. My body on the other hand, little underdeveloped. I have a petite, small frame with a small bust, flat toned tummy but thick thighs, legs, and a nicely sized ass my mom calls it big I prefer nicely sized! SO I'M NOT UGLY, but super adorable I'm just saying.

" Alright, so were going to go in for a minute. Y'all want to come with us? " My mother asked my sister and me.

"Y'all come on ahead inside." Demands my grandmother.

My grandmother is awesome: she stands 4'11. Yeah we're some midgets except Imani. My grandmother is Native Indian and white, she confuses me because she acts like a black grandma but yet she talks more like a white person. When she cusses she blows my mind, saying stuff like " block head nigga...stupid muthofucka copbelly bitch.." I never understand. Her family from the south but she raised her in California and she's got quite the personality. She helped raised my sister and me with my mom when we all move together so my mom can take care of my grandparents who are very elder and need someone to help them. Sadly being the youngest out of seven children, my mom was the only one willing to help them while the others only come to complain about their pitfall marriages.

"Yeah, we'll come in." I say my mom eyes my shorts with a distasteful look.

She hates when I wear super short shorts, but it's Summer in California and I grab these on my way to practice so there wasn't much care. I wearing a blue short sleeve shirt, my shorts, and my favorite converses, with my hair up. I'm not trying to impress nobody I laugh to myself.

We all get out the car, leaving Milk in with the windows cracked so she can get some air. We walk up to Walmart past the doors and my mom grabs a cart from the cart area right at the entrance. My grandmother and her transition into a conversation my sister and me have no care for as we walk behind them having our own conversation.

"So you suck" says Imani.

" Why do I suck" I say.

" I could be at home sleeping but we had to come get you. Asshole." I stare at her amused.

"Dude she was going to make you get up anyway, you sleep all day. You could of been dead, this way we making sure the blood in your body still flowing. You hibernate too much." I say grinning.

" I do not hibernate. I get beauty sleep. Something you should try. Maybe then you'll look as good as me Asshole." She says grinning.

I just shake my head laughing at her ass. I love my sister but she weird as fuck sometimes.

We go through all the aisles getting the things we need and some shit Imani and me just pick up because we saw it. My sister and me were coming out the arts and craft section because we saw our the back of our mother or we hoped was our mom turn into another aisle. Following we saw she was in the the greeting cards aisle with our grandma, hugging a man and having a conversation with. I look to the left and saw it was my best friend Vicky! I ran down and hugged her big boned yellow ass, I hadn't seen her since our eight grade middle school dance! This bitch!

" Vicky!!I hadn't seen you in forever!" I say grinning.

Vicky and me go way back. She was one of the first people I became friends with in the sixth grade when I moved out here. We went to the same middle school and kicked it everyday. This squad here: she is as real as they come that's why we always been best friends. I lost touch with her though after the eight grade dance. She's a beautiful girl: been a big girl for as long as a I have known. She has massive boobs and big fat ass, but unlike most girls out here she covers it all up with layers because she doesn't want to put herself out there. Like me she's yellow skinned and has dark kinky hair but it looks nice on here. With dark eyes and juicy big lips, nice eyebrows, a plump face I love her cheeks, long black lashes and a great smile at 5'3. This my homie lol.

" Girl I ain't seen you in forever, how you been!? Aye Imani!" She says to me grinning and acknowledging my sister who is also pleased to see Vicky and replies back to her.

Vicky and me talk and catch up and then I remember her pops, Mr. Mann, next to her and I got excited again and jump up and hug him. Mr. Mann is this huge muscular man who my mom has been with friends with just as long as I have been friends with Vicky and like me and her they lost touch as well. He is a dark chocolate man, more on the shorter side at 5'10 but easily weighs 245 lbs of muscle: the dude is big. Dressed to impressed as usual he gives me a big hug and compliments on how big I've gotten since he last seen me as a scrawny ass kid, now just a short toned one.

" Girl, you done got big you and sister! How you been?!" He says smiling.

" I've been good Mr. Mann, just came out of wrestling practice cause I am a beast like that." I say amusingly.

"Oh Ha! Is that so, wrestling huh? Go on sister solder! Someday you'll be as fly as me" He says looking up, I stare at him bemuse. I miss this man.

" Ha! You so funny, like your hairline." I say slaying him and Viv, my mom, grandma, and my sister laughs.

" Oh you got jokes, come here!" He says I run behind my mom hiding laughing.

I look over and I see Vicky's brother Kevin and say hi to him.

"What's up" He says to me.

This boy got big, he taller than me. But still skinny as hell and his voice done drop an octave or two Lord puberty and kids these days. He's a light skinned replica of Viv with the same lips and I see trying to be cool. Good kid though.

Next to him I see someone I have never seen before.

Standing next to Kevin, is this big tall black guy that's built like a brick house. Like this dude had muscles: his biceps were bigger than my neck. Okay maybe I am exaggerating but he was big as fuck. Dressed in all red: standard RV football shorts and a sleeveless red tank I noticed he goes to my school but yet I've never seen before. Although I don't notice much so never mind. He has the skin of smooth chocolate and deep chocolate eyes, strong jawline and a thick neck. Thick thighs, thick ass which I later saw, a massive chest, clean fade, and juicy soft full lips. He was sexy ain't going lie.

I look at Vicky for an explanation to the big nigga looking everywhere but me.

" Oh Ny'dia this my big bro Dorian. Bro this my girl Ny'dia, her sister Imani, her mom Ms. Bates and her mom Mrs. Bates." Vicky introducing all of us.

Big nigga Dorian nods and says hello to all of us and then goes back to looking at the greeting cards.

My family and the Mr. Mann files into a conversation while I pull Viv always to have a conversation with her catching up. We talk about all the buzz of what's been with us and our friends from middle school. I found out our little quad going to RV with me but she going to a new high school in a neighboring town. It's cool we exchange numbers seeing with our parents we'll be seeing more of each other.I also found her parents split got a divorce. She say it's hard but it's getting better she travels between homes. Her pops got this place in a condominium down the street from my school so I planned to visit my homie soon. Our conversation then turns to her brother.

" So you wanna tell me why I have never met your brother? Not that it's my business but um yeah" I say.

" Oh yeah, Dorian by other brother, we'll he only two months older. He has a different mom. Since dad got his own spot, he let Dorian come out here and go to school. He didn't wanna live with him mom anymore and dad don't mind. You know he going to play football at y'all school?"

" Oh that's cool, another football player." I say.

I'm not a big fan of football players since I had a problem with one last year so I defiantly won't be getting close to Dorian.

"Hey I got a question, what's with your brother? He slow or something? Like he tarring pretty damn hard at them greeting cars my nigga.I mean they look nice but uhh. He got poor social skills or something?" I say.

I mean he probably just quiet I think to myself then I turn and look at him. This nigga face inches from the card like damn they only a dollar just buy one. I narrowly miss what Viv says.

" he just-"

I cut her off. " Sorry girl I totally miss all what you said." I laugh

"Nigga you never pay attention." She sighs laughing.

" I said my brother cool it's just he don't know you and he just got out of practice so he thinks he smells. I think he likes you though." She says grinning.

I look at her like something was wrong with her. I don't need anymore football players liking me any type of way. I learn my lesson I'm cool Jack I think to myself.

" What you mean like me? Bruhhhh don't get no ideas. That your brother I don't do that plus he creeping me out!"

" Naw I think y'all be cute, he usually dates hoes but the last girl was pretty. I know I got pretty friends. OMG if y'all date that be so cute: my best friend and my brother..."

She rambles while I look at her crazy. No way in hell I'm dating her brother: 1) that nigga big scares me 2) he's huge I prefer guys that don't look like gym rats and 3) he is her brother! Like just can't happened!

" Viv no! That's your brother and I couldn't date nobody like him, he looks like a player and you just basically told me. I'm cool."

I say and tun around right at the moment he does. Our eyes connect and I swear I saw a little smirk on his face right as he turn around and talk to Kevin. Did that nigga just smirk at me?


First chapter a little boring but I think it's a good start!:D

Please like and comment, nothing too negative please!

Excuse all poor grammar and grammatical errors!

And no I do not define "being slow" as anything associated to retardation, autism, or any other debilitating or handicapped illness!


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